Lately, each meeting has been about the intense exploration of the deeper levels of creation and the mastery of the survival instinct. The Council is explaining how we can move in the world in a new way using freewill as we interact with our creations.

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The Guardians and Visionaries reminded us that there is a WISDOM greater than our mind within each of us which we need to listen to, for the mind tries to limit us. The body will help us in KNOWING that wisdom as we tap into insights from the soul.

Eloheim further discussed in detail (using white board demonstration ) The Levels of Creation. (video below)

Level 1 is – Duality.

Level 2 is – Victim hood, hamster-wheel mind, rat in the maze; feeling like you are a victim of limited choices. Unconscious level two reactions create entanglements – connection to a dynamic/person in an unhealthy way.

Level 3 is – I Create my Reality (and it – usually – sucks.) We often don’t understand why we created it. Level three does offer more to explore.

Level 4 is – I Take Responsibility for my Reactions to my Creations. Knowing that, “I created this and I take responsibility for how I react to it.”

Level 5 is – This Trigger is Mine. “My soul and I collaborated on this experience, and I want all the learning from it.” Taking complete responsibility for the opportunity go deeper into the knowing of yourself. Fascination, which arises from self-love, helps us to abide in the discomfort of uncertainty where we are able to uncover the gift of the trigger. Level 5 is also a resting place where we can become aware of our unconscious entanglements.

Level 6 is – What Trigger? Stimulus occurs, and we don’t perceive it as trigger because we are able to embody “what is, IS.”

Levels 7 through 10 – Include exploration of oneness, mastery of the survival instinct, quantum shifting, control of time, and instantaneous manifestation, with level 10 being the ability to leave the body and come back at will.

In every experience, every moment, we are choosing a level of awareness.

Eloheim explained that next resting place is Level 5, which is abiding in uncertainty as we claim our triggers in self-love and fascination for self exploration. Fixation on outcome puts us in duality and limitation. Uncertainty moves us through the levels of infinite probabilities. All probabilities exist equally, though we tend to observe (interact with) probabilities that don’t trigger the survival instinct and that match our current vibratory level.

The Girls reminded us that we have to abide in self-love in order to experience Level 5 awareness.

Fred encouraged us by expressing their love and confidence in us that though it is NOT easy, we CAN and WILL do it.

The Warrior asked us to bring those triggers which make us the most uncomfortable and fearful really close. He reminded us that the trigger is giving us everything that we need to grow in just the way we wanted to grow, that we are following just the plan that we and our souls wanted to have, and that we should bring the trigger close to us and love the it deeply as it is a part of our wholeness.

The Matriarch encouraged us to take each step with fascination, intention, and attention and to allow our freewill combined with our soul’s perspective to move us towards the direction of our desires.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


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