Some of the followers of Eloheim have expressed a desire to help spread the word and want to know the best way to do that. Toward that end, I have the first of some super Easy tasks that will go a long way toward getting the necessary rankings on Google to increase our presence on the Internet.

As an extra, fun incentive, every time you perform an “EZ way to help” (EWTH) task, I will enter your name in a quarterly drawing for an Amazon Kindle.

Simply email with “I did it!” Tell me how many EWTHs you did and I’ll enter your name in the drawing the corresponding number of times. More EWTHs, more chances to win.

Here are today’s EWTH!


Visit this link:
Warrior’s Book Reviews

Under each review you will see the question: “Was this review helpful to you?” Click Yes or No

Please rate any or all of the reviews.

Visit this link:

12-21-2011 Playlist Link

Rate the playlist by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down icon at the top of the page.

That really was EZ, wasn’t it? Be sure to email me so I can enter you in the drawing for the Amazon Kindle!!!

Feel free to share this offer with others!


Amazon has a advertising program called Amazon Associates.

When I refer customers to Amazon, they pay me a percentage of the customer’s purchases.

This is an EASY way to support The Council and it’s super fun to get paid for having friends!

Start with this link when you first go to Amazon. Once you are there, shop normally.