“We know you….when you sit in front of us, and you say ‘I am willing’ you are not saying ‘I am willing’ to something unknown, you are saying ‘I am willing’ to a friend. You are saying ‘I am willing’ to someone who trusts YOU.” ~ Eloheim, first night 2014 retreat

We had an AMAZING TIME at our 2014 retreat with Eloheim and The Council!

See photos here.

Watch the video and/or download the audio!!! ELEVEN HOURS OF CHANNELING and bonus recordings!

The set includes the following:
Monday channeling – 1:50
Tuesday channeling – 2:16
Wednesday channeling – 2:40
Thursday channeling – 2:41
Closing circle – 50 minutes (no channeling during closing circle)
Extra channeling, mini sessions for locals after the retreat ended – 1:39
Talent show – 1:30
Skit – 17 minutes

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Price: $29.99
On the last day of channeling at the retreat, I needed to use the restroom. Well, actually MG told Eloheim to go pee is a more accurate recounting of the moment.

This meant that E had to walk to the bathroom and thus encountered stairs for the first time in our journey together. The way down the stairs looked something like, John tells E what to do, E steps down one step and screams with laughter, REPEAT six times.

This is the video of the exit from the bathroom stall, the mayhem with the water at the hand washing sink, the ascent of the stairs and the walk back to the meeting room.

Over ONE-THIRD of the people who attended this year’s retreat have ALREADY signed up for the next one. Is this the year YOU join us? Learn more here.

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“You really do want to be seen, you want to be known, you want to be heard, you want to be validated, you want to be noticed, and you want people to get you….All of you want authentic connection and community because you remember your non-physical state. You may not remember it with memories, but you remember it with feelings, you remember it with energy, you remember it with consciousness and in your non-physical state you are very connected to each other.” ~ Visionaries, day one 2014 retreat

We were at Eloheim Retreat Tuesday. Wow what a powerful experience – have been for 3 years now and the energy this year for me was much more energetically collaborative as a community – a “collective” learning experience all respecting each person’s unique journey. It is true there is incredible opportunity to learn from each person’s vulnerability and contribution.

I don’t have words for my session today. At least not yet. I could still cry at the mere thought of it…as always, blown away by what went on. Thank you again everyone, Veronica, and Eloheim. My tribe. I have the best family.

I am a little sad that the retreat is nearly over. The comraderie and joi de vivre have been palpable. I feel loved and accepted just the way that I am and just the way that I am not. I’ve been reminded of my true nature as love. The words of E are still percolating their way through me. Powerful indeed!