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March, 2016

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Eloheim Teaches Levels 1-4

Learn How To Create Your Reality

Eloheim Conference Call

A discussion of the Levels of Creating using the card deck. Watch the video if you can as there is a slide show. The morning began with news that Fi had died. She was one of our UK Eloheimers. It threw my preparations for the call off and left me in a reflective place as the call began.

This reflective place led to a fascinating review and exploration of the Levels teaching.

Eloheim was surprisingly emotional during the discussion of Level 3.

It was a powerful reminder of how important the Levels teaching is.

You can order the card deck here.

70 minute audio/video
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February, 2016

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You ARE a creator!

conscious creator

Get tools to help you create consciously. Click here

Ready to take it further? Learn about the Levels of Creating. Click here

September, 2014

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Life with Eloheim ~ Getting Creative 2014-12

Last Christmas, I was in Seattle visiting a friend. Eloheim had been talking about creating a “game” to help people understand just how Creating Your Reality actually works. As I was lazing about on the couch, I got clarity on how we could proceed. I asked my friend for some printer paper and a pair of scissors.

I cut the paper up and started writing on it.

Turned out like this:

Once I was home and after a few fits and starts, Kerri James (epic graphic designer and super cool chic!) and I got down to business. We wanted to finish this project before I left for Europe in July 2014.

We worked for weeks. So many decisions to make! Colors, shapes, fonts, text, box size, card size, number of cards and on and on and on. We were up against the Europe deadline and the printer’s deadlines and the shipping time needed!

It was intense and so much fun all at the same time. The last three days were a little nutty. I worked 40 hours in three days (including a 17 hour stretch that last day).

Then it was done.

I still get rather emotional when I think about it. Continue Reading…

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We held a Round Table conversation with Eloheim about the deck
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August, 2014

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You CAN Actually, Really, Yep Indeed, CREATE YOUR REALITY

Received by email.

I just got my create reality cards in the mail and I’m playing with them right now! So exciting!

It’s already working.

I’m watching a Level 2 belief, “I’m too fat to teach yoga at Studio X,” change to Level 3 “Because I have created these extra pounds. I have failed myself and I won’t get hired,” change to Level 4 “I’m tempted to be mean to myself about my weight, but I am going to choose differently.” WOW!!

I replied asking if I could quote her and received this response:

Yes absolutely you can quote me and you can even add my progress Level 5 “Look how interesting my creation is – how can I work with this?”

This entire process happened within a matter of minutes!

Order your deck today! Continue Reading…

July, 2014

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Levels of Creating ~ Eloheim’s Teachings in ONE Amazing Kit!

Learn How To Create Your Reality


I have been channeling Eloheim for twelve years.

For the first nine years, I feel I was getting ready to channel this material.

For the next three years, I channeled this specific material.

For the last six months, I have been birthing this material into the physical.

It’s incredibly powerful and I’m thrilled to share it with you!
~ Veronica

This is a video of me seeing it for the first time!

Order at http://www.levelsofcreating.com

The Levels of Creating offer step-by-step instruction

  • Heal the pain of your past
  • Improve your relationships
  • Clarify decision making
  • Open to abundance
  • Feel better at work
  • Truly enjoy your life
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    January, 2014

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    Our wishes for you for 2014 ~ 2013-12-11

    This was a powerful session. Each Council member spoke about what they wish for us for 2014. I made a longer YouTube than I typically do filled with highlights. You can order the full session below.


    Guardians: The new year is a good time to take inventory. What will you carry into 2014, and what do you intend to leave behind? It’s OK to be uncertain about what comes next, or even about what ‘now’ is. What needs to be avoided is filling uncertainty with habits and familiar suffering. Experience what IS when those things aren’t there.

    2014 will be an incline year – a year where you feel the change, as you work through your issues. “I want to see things happen. I want to walk upwards. I want to see and feel transformation occurring”. As on a treadmill, you want some resistance so that you have evolution. Seek new things and abide in the discomfort of change. See what IS right now, then choose your reaction. 2014 will have upheavals but don’t fixate on the negative things happening. You can at least be neutral. Positive things need to be counted as well. Factor in the love, the happiness and the good things! In 2014, the goal of the Council is for you to feel “Oh, I’m uncertain” and be untriggered by it. That will give us permission to explore the fractal nature of the moment, and how much more there is. But it has to start from your being in level 6 (‘what trigger?’) about general uncertainty. If you can stay in level 6 about uncertainty more often than not, we will have that open space to explore. Watch where you are in the levels. Homework: See what your relationship to uncertainty is – and how it evolves over the next three weeks. You can use the notebook tool to mine your reactions.
    Continue Reading…

    December, 2011

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    Quantum Mechanics and the Spiritual Journey ~ 12-14-2011

    In this fascinating and profound session Eloheim explained how their nine years of teachings relate to Quantum mechanics. A Nova program which highlights scientific discoveries on quantum mechanics is available here http://video.pbs.org/video/2167398185/

    The session began with the Guardians and the Visionaries discussing the importance of attentiveness and how it ties into Eloheim’s discussion. The current focus of The Council is to help us integrate the energetics Fred is facilitating, the alternative levels we can access, the new ways that we can experience ourselves , and living from the truth of oneness in the 3D reality.

    Eloheim went on to describe how the fact “we are all one” is provable in quantum mechanics though can only be directly experienced through the spiritual journey as the brain is a limited tool for the direct experience of quantum state of being.

    You are consciously experiencing quantum mechanics through emanation, script holding, freewill, and creating your reality.

    Here are some interesting highlights from Eloheim on the topic:

    Because “certainty” does not exist at the particle level the quantum world gives us the opportunity to explore the unknowable.

    Particles know they are one. When two particles decide to entangle and act out their oneness, if one particle changes the other will change as well no matter how apart they are physically.

    That means if a person realizes she/he is all one with everything, then her/his decisions affect ALL. Knowing this fact about the nature of the particles can help us to be open for the experience of Oneness as a State of Being.

    This is “spooky action at a distance” at work. As we realize oneness, we can create beyond the idea of script holding.

    Freewill is the act of observation. Just by observing (realizing) the resultant state of what we desire, it can exist in our reality.

    Further they encouraged us to explore level one experiences in fascination so that we can observe it from higher levels and have direct impact on our creations as we change the way we observe them.

    This Session is very insightful for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of creating reality.


    Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


    Price: $8.99

    May, 2011

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    Ego, Boundaries, Creating Your Reality, Relationships ~ 5-4-2011

    Hello everyone!
    We had a powerful meeting on May 4, 2011 and I am happy to report that I felt fine the next day! Eloheim started the meeting by setting a boundary.

    WE need to have more focus from you guys in order to take you though the door you have opened.

    This theme of boundary setting was continued throughout the meeting. If you are looking for support in setting boundaries, this is the meeting for you! The Girls were especially powerful on the subject of boundaries.

    You show people how to love you by the way you love yourself first!

    The Guardians and the Visionaries talked about the energy of, “I am willing.” Fred talked about the energies of the planet Venus – It’s the energy of self-love. The Warrior spoke about this lifetime being an “opportunity like none other” for us to focus on something new. The Matriarch closed the meeting.

    This was also the first time I can remember Eloheim talking about Ego. I included that portion of the meeting in this week’s YouTube video.


    Audio from each of our five meetings held in May, 2011


    Price: $8.99

    The Homo Spiritus Sessions, Vol. 2
    The Homo Spiritus Sessions, Vol. 2 is now available as an ebook.

    The spiritual journey is a natural process of expansion (growth) and contraction (contemplation). Through this process, you discover the truth of you and learn to emanate that truth into the world. Empower yourself by discerning the difference between vulnerability and weakness. Evolve your relationship to the survival instinct; don’t let fear and habits tell you who you are!

    Volume two of the Homo Spiritus Sessions includes the transcript of the July 14, 2010 meeting and includes the following tools:
    Don’t be mean to yourself; How ridiculous does it have to get?; Money mantra; Neutral observation; Preferences/Judgments; Short, factual statements; Vulnerability vs. Weakness; What is, IS; Where am I lying to myself?; You can’t have change without change; You to you (U2U).

    Volume two also includes 108 definitions of terms and concepts including the following new terms:
    Aura; Core Emotion; Heart–power chakra combination; Lateral pass; Mt. Everest; On the bus; Your internal world creates your external journey.

    The Homo Spiritus Sessions series offers channeled messages from Eloheim and The Council.

    The Council is comprised of seven different groups: The Guardians, The Girls, The Visionaries, The Matriarch, The Eloheim, The Warrior, and Fred. During a channeling session, each of The Council members take turns sharing their teachings. Each Council member has a distinct personality, style of delivery, and focus.

    The Council is best known for their multitude of practical tools, which support our journey out of the fear-based operating system into the consciousness-based operating system. These tools are developed during private sessions and public gatherings.

    Each book in the Homo Spiritus Sessions series consists of the transcript of one of our public sessions, enriched with supporting material. The supporting material includes information about Eloheim and The Council, descriptions of tools referenced in the session, and over 100 definitions of terms and concepts.

    Each of the Homo Spiritus Sessions books can stand alone, but taken together will allow the reader to follow along with the progression of the teachings including the introduction, in-depth explanation, and evolution of The Council’s tools.

    When you order the eBook from my website, you will receive it in two different formats: PDF and EPUB. I prefer to read the book as an EPUB. You can download Adobe Digital Editions for free and use it to read the EPUB version. Follow this link for more details:
    http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/. If you are happy reading as a PDF, then you don’t need Adobe Digital Editions. Either way, you get the same book.

    The Homo Spiritus Sessions, Vol. 2 eBook – $2.99

    The paperback will be available later this year.

    March, 2011

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    It’s All Here Because YOU Put it Here! 3-20-2011

    Hello everyone,
    WOW! What a powerful Q&A we had on March 20, 2011. It was amazing how the questions, which were submitted at the beginning of the meeting, all followed the same theme: How am I denying my epicness? If you feel like you are not living your potential or if you are intimidated by your power, this is the meeting for you!

    For the YouTube, I selected Eloheim’s closing thoughts about: It’s all here because you put it here.


    Audio from each of our six meetings held in March, 2011


    Price: $9.99

    Questions answered during this Q&A:
    It feels like an earthquake followed by a tsunami has occurred in my life over the past two weeks, preceded by all sorts of similar “natural disasters” over the past several years. Although I sense how all of this is happening “for” me, I do wonder when and how I will create new forms of stability in my life – all the basics are needed: job, new friends, new “family”, love relationship – I need it all – brand new…what existed before, has been “washed” away. My primary concern is a job, providing financial stability. I’ve had some time off due to an illness, and am ready to jump back in and rejoin the working world. I’ve been doing some leg work since the end of last year in reconnecting with people I know in my former industry. Am I on the right track and doing the right things? I feel sort of lost…..Any insights?

    I am ONCE AGAIN in a state of confusion around my body-image issues.
    Perhaps because I’ve had the issues all my life, or maybe because they are some of my “final” issues on my “list,” they feel harder for me to be clear about. I ask for insight and honestly feel like I can’t feel any coming in. It’s like I can’t see the forest for the trees. When it comes to these big, overarching issues, can you give me advice on how to work through them? I have thought about them my entire life, so now I fear that any insight that might come through will just feel like more thinking.

    I have a mean old story running through my life which says, “Skip the journey and get to the happy life you should have had all along”. With that kind of bashing and limitation I will never get to happy. Please, will you talk to me, again, about the value of the journey?

    I have been bumping into a lot of external “You Can’t Do That” the past few weeks. Although I am aware that it is a reflection of my inner journey, I am uncertain if this is my hump that I need to pass thru; a compare U2U opportunity, or is it a sign that I need to work on this energy more in order to move forward?

    I want to discuss something that happened day before yesterday at some shop.
    (and this happened many many times before too). I bought lot of stuff in that shop and at the counter, while they are bagging them, that person licks his finger and opens the bag.
    And that’s it. I come home; I do not feel like using anything that I bought.
    I feel his spit everywhere. Even washing does not take away my feeling.
    Many times in the past i returned them all. Now also I am thinking of doing the same. I just don’t know what to do. What is my recourse? Why just ‘washing them’ is not enough for me?

    I’m working on my short list. I’ve been doing the toe2toe thing and taking responsibility,
    but not getting any insight. Do you have any?

    As far back as I can remember I have had a “problem” (quote-unquote) with sleep in regards to the amount I need before I feel fully rested. It seems that I “need” more than I am ever able to attain. For example, I find it difficult to wake up to alarms, and when I do not set an alarm, I may sleep a good 12 or more hours before finally waking up late into the afternoon. Lately this has been presenting a problem with both my personal and professional lives, and I was wondering if you could provide any insight or advice on this matter.

    People say everybody is born with a particular talent…is this true? If so can you look at someone’s energy and see a potential talent that is being untapped or unknown by the person?
    Can you look at me and see if there is a talent there I am not aware of?

    Much has changed since last month so I just wanted to get your opinion on where I am and where I might be resistive currently, like I have a new pain in my right forearm.

    At this time my core emotion is in every aspect of my life. My mood swings often in wide array from happy to depressing. It is a lot on my plate these days which is overwhelming at times. I’d like to get an advice from you. Am I moving too fast? I’m afraid of not measuring up? Or is it anything else I am not aware of? What I noticed is I can feel almost paralyzed when not knowing what to do while I should make an instant decision and act on it.

    I had a wonderful creation at work – someone I’ve had trouble with at work with is leaving. Instead of living in the joy of the creation I’m annoyed – annoyed that she got what she wanted, annoyed that she’s going to make more money, blah, blah, blah. Is that just me choosing to live in grumpiness?

    My husband has what can only be described as chronic sinusitis. As expected it gets worse under stress/worry. I think it started around age 12 and a situation involving his dad, and then escalated during the breakup of his first marriage/family (2 yrs before we met).
    Any insights into what is really causing this and how to make this more easeful?



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