Last Christmas, I was in Seattle visiting a friend. Eloheim had been talking about creating a “game” to help people understand just how Creating Your Reality actually works. As I was lazing about on the couch, I got clarity on how we could proceed. I asked my friend for some printer paper and a pair of scissors.

I cut the paper up and started writing on it.

Turned out like this:

Once I was home and after a few fits and starts, Kerri James (epic graphic designer and super cool chic!) and I got down to business. We wanted to finish this project before I left for Europe in July 2014.

We worked for weeks. So many decisions to make! Colors, shapes, fonts, text, box size, card size, number of cards and on and on and on. We were up against the Europe deadline and the printer’s deadlines and the shipping time needed!

It was intense and so much fun all at the same time. The last three days were a little nutty. I worked 40 hours in three days (including a 17 hour stretch that last day).

Then it was done.

I still get rather emotional when I think about it.

When I started this project, I had a lot of insecurity about my writing abilities. I know that might sound a little odd considering I have published 26 books.

However, it’s still true. I never considered myself a writer; I always looked at it as if I was passing along Eloheim’s stuff.

The Create Your Reality deck was a whole different animal! The space limitations required me to condense and condense and condense the wording that Eloheim had offered during our sessions all while maintaining the meaning AND most importantly the energetic of the teachings.

After a few weeks of that, I found the way to merge with Eloheim and to write together. The first time I did this lasted about two hours. The sun went down as I was writing and when I snapped out of it, it was fully dark in the house aside from the computer monitor. I remember standing up and nearly falling over. I had no idea why I felt so odd. Eloheim urgently said, “Treat your body as if you have been channeling for two hours!” It was then I realized what we had been up to! I went into post-channel care and all was well. We did a few sessions like that. Super productive and still unfamiliar enough to feel a bit odd.

It feels so very different from spoken channeling, yet how I feel inside of me as it’s happening is quite similar. There is just more knowledge and knowing floating around in me waiting to be acknowledged and worked with.

It opens up opportunities for Eloheim and I to work together in new ways that I’m just beginning to explore. So very cool!

Here is some feedback about the deck:

My husband and I “played” this game last night and found it nothing short of AMAZING!

In a very short time I had moved a BIG issue i was struggling with from a Level 1 to a Level 5.

This deck of cards is made to change lives and boy does it work! I am ready and willing to move forward in my life, clearing out all the stuff that doesn’t work anymore and I could not do it without the help of this “Learn how to Create Your Reality” deck.

i simply love this game. normally i’m not a games-person. but i’m really addicted to this one. it is more than a game by the way. it has the potential to change your life and how you perceive your life. whenever i feel stuck i turn to the game and within a short period of time it helps me climb out of suffering and feeling like a victim. i love it very much (and i’m blown away by the beautiful design). the explanation on how to use it is very clear and short. lovely! it’s easy to get started. this game is extremely helpful and i can highly recommend it to everyone who wants to live consciously!

This is no game, though it can be fun. It is a distillation of potentially many years worth of study into a package, just larger than your average tarot deck, that can change lives. I get to recognize the level at which I am operating around an issue and then there are the tools to help lift me to an entire new way of seeing that same issue, with more insight and clarity than I previously possessed. This is a shortcut to individual and collective evolution of humanity, in an easy to understand and beautiful presentation, for which I am grateful.

Here’s what I think:

IMG_2634I have been channeling Eloheim for twelve years.

For the first nine years, I feel I was getting ready to channel this material.

For the next three years, I channeled this specific material.

For the last six months, I have been birthing this material into the physical.

It’s incredibly powerful and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

~ Veronica

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This is a video of me seeing the deck for the first time

An interview about the creation of this deck!


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