Last night I did a channeling for myself. I don’t do them very often; last night it was needed.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of body oddness since I returned from my time in Europe. The energy of Turkey (Middle East) was very intense for me.

We were in a lovely home, cared for by LOVELY people, and so close to the sea! We ate amazing food and had great weather. All of the things that one might think about needing when traveling were taken care of.

Still, it’s the Middle East. It’s a region that has been in conflict off and on for centuries. It was intense.

I felt it on the plane. Yeah, THAT intense.

On the plane ride there, I could feel the energy getting more and more heavy.

Now, in Sonoma, I spend a lot of time alone. The energy is very uncluttered which gives me the freedom to explore my own experience without having to wade through a lot of history and other people’s stuff.

Contrasting my normal energetic experience with that of Turkey was night and day.

On the plane ride, I kept asking Eloheim, “Why am I going to Turkey?” and they would reply, “It’s important.” I didn’t know what that meant, but that’s what they kept saying.

Now, I understand more. It was important for me to experience the energy of the Middle East first hand. Some might feel like Southern Turkey isn’t the “real” Middle East and I would reply, “It is when you’re me.” Remember, I felt the energy of the region from the plane!

It probably was the kindest way I could have created to feel the energy of the region first hand.

The response to the in person sessions and the recordings has been tremendous. People are getting SO much from them. Here are some comments I have received.

Here’s a Matriarch tidbit that occurred during the Saturday session of the Turkey retreat, and I just had to grab pen and paper and replay it so I could transcribe it.

“…Don’t lose your vision for yourself as you explore your vision for all.
…Make sure you’re healthy within yourself before you try to heal others.
…Make sure that you’re offering the truth of you to you, before you try to give it to another.
…Only by starting as a healed person do you offer authentic healing to another.”

Wow. Really great stuff….. Thank you Veronica and all!

I also had the thought during the Turkey retreat video watching that the teachings and tools of Eloheim and The Council could truly be used as a part of trainings for those wanting to help with reconciliation and peace processes in various regions of the world….that’s a part of what was discussed because of the interests of those who showed up, and I could really see that happening! Very exciting!

From a person who traveled to Bogota Colombia speaking about meeting up with a Jesuit priest and speaking of peace:

This country is in the midst of big changes – glimpses of peace for the first time in many many decades, if ever. “How do they forgive all the atrocities committed, both by leftist guerrillas as well as right wing military?” is a question he asked. How do we now shift the collective narrative towards reconciliation and peace? This has been my life’s work. So we are meeting again an evening soon to discuss more.

The incredibly wise guidance of Eloheim and the Council in Turkey are present here with me – how to honor the traumas that this country has experienced and at the same time, focus on the gifts to be rediscovered and restored. So grateful for Veronica and all that
I received in Turkey

The Turkey retreat has resonated so much with me.


i feel so informed now & gratefully receive the insights & tools given.
i recognize these energetics that have also been/are in my lives:

” trying to carry high vibrations in a heavy place”
” how do you break through suffering”
“suffer well”
warnings, always warnings!
“trying to swim up stream.”

Yeah Eloheim, it was important…..

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The part of the experience that stood out for me so loudly was the realization that people are living without hope. It’s quite difficult for me to even write about it. I’ve broken down in tears many times as I recall how it felt to hear that and how it feels to really KNOW that truth.

My body has been taking the brunt of this and last night I had to get some Eloheim insight on the whole thing.

Now, you might wonder why I don’t just ask Eloheim about this as I’m sitting on the couch or laying in bed. I could, however, it’s quite challenging to focus on hearing Eloheim when I have to also navigate my body feeling strange, being triggered, and having lots of questions.

When I channel for myself, I can push myself far to the side (much further than when I do a session for anyone else) and quiet all of my Veronica stuff in a different way than I can do when I am chatting with Eloheim internally.

For a reason that I remain unclear on, I typically wait a really long time before I have one of these Eloheim sessions for myself….I think I will change that behavior.

Some highlights from our session:

You brought home a new perspective on what matters.

You are integrating a different role.

You felt energies you’ve never felt in this body and energies you’ve never felt when you’ve been this sensitive, this open, and been in a position when you have to open even further. This is not something that should feel integrated immediately. It could take a year. It’s a definite step up.

The invitation at this point is to recognize the body sensations not as betrayal, but as informing you of places and energies and emotions and feelings and navigational signposts to tell you where you need to pay attention to the energy moving in your system and your emanational field.

Interpreting this as overwhelm of the sort that you felt before you learned how to handle your sensitivities limits the scope of the revelation that is possible. Allow this to be information rather than a signpost for fear.

If we are really working with the all of the planet and we are really working with the all of the human experience, we needed a bit more information. For us, this whole process of working together for 12 years has gotten us to the point where you can feel comfortable enough to walk into an energetic environment like that, sit down and say, ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen and that’s ok.”

That happened, without hesitation, there was some anxiety, but there was never hesitation. That’s extraordinary. That’s what we are looking for. The ability to take the work into a different place and energetically affect a deeper part of the collective consciousness.

They also focused a lot on making sure that I don’t have any preconceived notions about the experience. They encouraged me to say, “I’m still integrating what happened” as a way to say keep preconceived notions out of the picture.

It’s an opportunity to say, “I don’t have to have it be any way other that what I am experiencing right now and what I’m experiencing is my truth.”

When all baggage, and static, and preconceived notions, and the survival instinct, and authority figures, and the unhealed core emotion are all not actors, then what remains is the closest to the truth that you can get to at this moment. Be cautions that what remains is not perceived as boring without all that input (Level 6).

The tightrope to walk is: The old stimulus is absent, boredom is not a legitimate response, set aside preconceived notions and hold in uncertainty without it being regarded as danger.

That’s the step I’m on. Will you join me?


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