This morning I watched a video on my Facebook wall.

That’s the spiritual journey right there. Set to beautiful music even.

I feel like I have been doing just that, to myself, for 25 years.

The removal of baggage* and static**, the choices, the presence, the neutrality, the transformation, the expansion, the consistency. The master lets go of clay that, although useful, is not useful in THAT place. The limitation of the original form is released by taking the risk of seeking something new.

More and more I realized that it’s all about allowance. When I was very young, that allowance looked like “let go and let God.”

At some point, it morphed into “go with the flow,” which really meant do what everyone else is doing.

Those paths now give me the willies!

Now, it’s an allowance of the now to be all.

That sounds way woo-woo to me, so I best add some more words in here.

For so long it was about “outcome” and “success” and “getting ahead” and “having the answers.”

An exhausting road to walk.

Allowance. Look at the clay move in that video. Sure, the ceramist guides the process, yet it’s not controlled. A trajectory (to use an Eloheim term) is set and the clay responds.

Sometimes you get an unexpected result.

Start at 1:10

I thought this comment by the ceramist was rather fascinating:

you can see in the video that weak spot in the clay early on; however, my ego wanted to just keep pushing it and tried a few times to strengthen that spot. That final shaping bending the lip out and bellying out the pot was asking way too much of that ripply weak spot. I throw 40 pounds of clay no problem, so it’s just one of those times I didn’t listen to my clay.

“I didn’t listen to my clay.” Wow, isn’t that a fascinating turn of phrase.

Allowance. Allowing the fact of right now to reveal itself. So often it’s obscured by fear, worry, anxiety, what ifs, wish it was differents, familiar suffering, concern about what others think, unwillingness to consider something new, desire for certainty, wishing there was a “do over” button, fixation on the behavior of others, distress about the plight of the human, wondering why the hell this is even happening….

I find it a fascinating challenge to be in allowance. Eloheim has pointed out the way that I avoid it.

I use the “I can’t afford it” path.

Everything begins with an evaluation of the cost and/or affordability. I use that as my first filter.

“Want to go to _________?”

My mind goes to: I can’t afford it or I would rather pay down my credit card as the immediate answer. The yes or no about the invitation to an experience is never actually considered before I make up my mind!

It’s challenging to admit this; yet I refuse to allow it to continue.

Eloheim has said to me (many times):

This isn’t the lifetime for you to experience being a successful shopkeeper or corporate CEO, that’s not what this lifetime is about. This lifetime is about consciously choosing evolution, embodying the soul’s perspective while in human form, and exploring a brand new way to be human. The highest achievement of this life is not ‘paid off credit cards,’ it’s living with as little baggage* and static** as possible and discovering the new frontiers that are available to you when you do.”

That’s what I see happening in the first video I posted. The artist removes the bits that are no longer needed and creates something all together new in the process.

I’m a ruthless hunter of baggage and static in my life. I know that they are all that keeps infinite possibilities from becoming infinite choices.

An Ja made this great graphic illuminating how baggage and static obscure our ability to access possibilities.

Eloheim’s teachings on the Levels of Creating are the most powerful way I have ever discovered to remove baggage and static.

There is a big challenge in this allowance thing. It’s not so much the letting go of the preconceived notions about what success looks like or even finding peace with “I don’t know what’s going on” and “I don’t know anything,” it’s sitting with, and not shying away from, something I have avoided looking straight in the face.

It’s not distracting myself from what the now has to offer. Not allowing thoughts about other nows and other projects to get in the way of what I am currently experiencing. Not allowing habit to rule.

There’s a really special habit that pops up as a last line of defense. That’s “this is boring.” A close second is, “I’m lonely.”

Both of those offer their services whenever I focus deeply on this moment.

Eloheim has told us that we are truly uncomfortable in the moment because the Survival Instinct isn’t comfortable there. The SI wants to be preparing for what might kill us (future) or remembering what didn’t kill us (past). The moment is very challenging to the SI because no planning is happening and all “threats” are only able to be dealt with as they occur.

The irony being that billions upon billions upon billions of moments can pass with no threat at all. Yet, the SI would have us spend those billions of moments preparing, thus imagining threat, where none actually exists.


When I manage it, I feel the fractal nature of the moment and I sense the infinite possibilities open within me.

I’m a work in progress and this is my work.

What baggage and static are you dropping today?


The past, future, cultural pressures, DNA pressures, habits, triggers, and other static that get in the way of you experiencing the moment.

Unconscious reactions and thoughts; coping mechanisms, masks, lies, baggage, dishonesty, hiding from your authentic expression or the completeness of you; anything that interrupts your ability to stay in the authentic truth of the moment. The mind, the survival instinct, the body, and fear all generate static to keep you small. Static includes all the reasons you have sold yourself on which you use to avoid presenting the truth of you to the world. It will crop up more intensely as you start to recognize the greatness and the vastness of your true self. Living consciously is the path to clearing static.

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