Yesterday I took a walk, and the day before that, and the day before that. This is a big deal.

For most people taking a walk three days in a row might require discipline; for me it was a matter of facing a fear.

I’ve had this “hip thing” for two years now. Mostly it shows up when I walk on hard surfaces. The sort of surfaces that you find in grocery stores, streets, airports, and tile floors. The pain can go from a zero to a seven in a few seconds and when it flares up, I can’t really walk. I sort of drag or slide my leg along.

Going for a walk has been scary.

There was that one time that I had to call my neighbor to come pick me up in the car because I couldn’t make it back up the mountain. That pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Walk (at least from my house) = scary.

If you have been following Eloheim for any time at all, you will undoubtedly be wondering, “Which side?”

It’s my left hip: the receiving side, the feeling supported side, the allowing side.

Mary and me at the Mediterranean Sea for the first time (for me)

While we were in Europe, my hip mostly flared up in airports. Long walks, lots of confusion, hard floors, and hip pain. I learned how to sit and stretch in a specific way that alleviated the pain enough to allow me to walk more.

These cobblestones in Greece did me in. The sitting to recover was a fun people watch time.

Mostly, I endured. So, what has changed?

Well that’s a really fascinating question.

The other day (the first of three days) I put on my shoes to walk down to the mailbox and Eloheim said, “Wear your real walking shoes.”

This puzzled me, but (surprise!) I complied. I’ve been told I can be a bit stubborn about such things.

I got to the bottom of the driveway and Eloheim encouraged me to keep walking to the stop sign. There is a stop sign down the hill a ways that makes it almost a mile walk round trip. I haven’t done that walk in a long time and I was nervous.

However, I looked around, got into the moment, and away I went.

Walks are a good time to chat with Eloheim. Now is a good time to share what those chats are like.

When I communicate with E, we don’t use full sentences. We use a combination of words, memories, visuals, and feelings to communicate.

I was just trying to share an example and I realized that this feels REALLY personal. Fascinating!

Anyway, since we are talking about the hip thing, lets use that. I will live blog and conversation between me and E right now.

I say, “About that hip thing….”

E replies with the word “flow” and shows an image of a gold light moving from my left knee up through my hip into the right side of my lower torso (below my belly button).

I focus on the area where the pain is most often found and zoom in on the image to see what details might be discovered.

I see a stop sign and a screaming woman.

E says, “fear of what will be allowed in.”

This opens up memories of many encounters I had in Europe and since where I had a really different relationship to “what was allowed in.” In many cases, I allowed MORE than I typically do, in some cases I allowed NONE, and in other cases I put up a lot of filters.

In all cases, I felt a different sort of ability to CHOOSE what I experienced. Not just choose my reactions, but choose what was permitted to be a stimulus.

In yesterday’s radio show, we talked about Kundalini, but we also talked about all sorts of energy and sensitivities that the body has.

What a helpful conversation! If you have watched the Europe retreat recordings, you have seen the HUGE energy releases some of the participants had. This conversation helped me understand my own energies and the energies I saw others express.

Listen to the show using this player.

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Truth is, after being in so many new situations, I gained a bigger trust in myself.

That trust makes it easier to face “letting it in.” I also trust myself not be allow overwhelm to be “what I let in.”

Back to the E chat.

E says, “In all these situations, YOU were the chooser and didn’t require your energetic and physical system to choose (block) for you.”

This reminds me that as I was walking, I was constantly exploring the muscles of the hip/butt area and saying “relax, relax.” I had never done that before.

E replies, “Because you were not needing to be so vigilant about your surroundings, you could focus on your truth and the truth of the muscles of this area of your body.”

Which reminds me that I didn’t feel any sort of overwhelm while walking. I noticed at the time that I wasn’t feeling the energy of the cars/houses and their people like I typically do.

hmmmmmm….plenty of food for contemplation here.

Conversations with Eloheim are like that. We don’t say, “Bye, talk to you later!” and it’s over. They sort of fade out as I contemplate what they have left me with.

There is also a big responsibility on my side to really focus to get all that they have to offer in a conversation. They are always unveiling more and more layers. It’s easy to distract myself as those layers are being shown. There is always more to allow in if I’m willing and able to face and focus on what is being offered.

One more Walks with Eloheim quote

Life is not a math problem.
You are not looking for “the answer.”
You are exploring.
Allow yourself to be fascinated.


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