I never intended this series to be strictly chronological and it’s a good thing because today I’m jumping forward to the middle of our trip even though this is only my second post!

If I had an overall mantra for this journey it would have been, “I don’t know what’s going on.” (IDKWGO for short)

I must have said that or thought that a thousand times!




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Many of you are familiar with Eloheim’s tool: I don’t know anything or as I posted above: I don’t know everything.

I don’t know what’s going on is something totally new. At least for me.

I don’t know anything has always been a mental tool for me. It helps me broaden the number of thoughts I permit myself to think.

I don’t know what’s going on was a full body experience!

Don’t speak the language.
Can’t read the signs.
Don’t know where I’m sleeping next.
Have no idea what I’m going to eat or when.
Don’t know where we are going.
Don’t know who is picking us up.
Don’t know why I’m on this bus!!!!!

Ok, that last one probably needs some explanation.

We flew to Turkey after our time in Austria. The lovely Joe took us to the airport and figured out what line we should stand in (remember, IDKWGO) because he could read the signs and talk to people in German.

As it was Ramadan while were were traveling, many families were also traveling, thus many screaming babies on the fully packed flight! I put in my ear plugs and tried to relax into uncertainty. I did this by saying, “I am willing” over and over again. I started feeling the energies of the region on the plane and it was REALLY intense for me. More on this in a separate post.





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The entire Turkey section of our journey was so “up in the air” (airplane humor for you). To start with, we were to arrive at Dalaman airport after dark, find a bus, ride it 45 minutes making sure we had the driver let us off at the right stop, and then find a way to call our host to pick us up for the car ride to the house. All of this after about 11 hours of travel.

Just before we left for the airport I received an email saying that two guys might pick us up, but they might not, so IDKWGO.

The flight from Istanbul to Dalaman was late because there was a storm in Istanbul. Sitting in the plane waiting to leave we watched the entire sky light up due to lightening. It was quite a show. I wondered what it was like to fly through a storm and settled on IDKWGO again. Mary reminded me that planes get struck by lighting all the time. I threw in a few “I am willings” and settled in for take off.

Istanbul earlier in the day

The flight was uneventful, other than the light show, and short. We soon landed at Dalaman. ::giggle:: I’m having memory giggles.

The plane lands at Dalaman, hits the brakes, and makes a sharp turn to the left. It was like a burn out landing. Wish I had some clever gif for you, but you will have to use your imagination. We started laughing so hard.

Well fed and rested people don’t find things like that funny. At some point IDKWGO becomes a comedy show and we had found that point. Or it could have been that we had sugar for dinner. Wait! I forgot dinner on the plane!

Joe’s lovely wife Sofia had packed us a togo (takeaway) bag with pasta salad and all sorts of goodies. We were on our second meal out the bag and anything with nutritional value was long gone! This is the dinner we shared. There were peanuts from California, a very messy chocolate croissant, various cookies, and left over channeling chocolate.

Perhaps we should have had the Turkish version of MacDonalds? NOT A CHANCE, but here is a photo of the options.

It’s about 2 Turkish Lire to a dollar, so cut those prices in half if you are used to US money.

Thus fueled, a crazy landing and no clear plans made all kinds of good sense. Thing was, I needed a cell phone. Now, there is a WHOLE story about the cell phone situation that I think Mary should tell, but I will just leave it at, although we had three phones between us, we couldn’t make a call.

As we were laughing from the landing, the lady in front of us said, IN ENGLISH “First landing at Dalaman?”

I replied with, “Do you have a mobile phone?”

Now, I may have said something else, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t even say hello! I was like ENGLIGH ENGLIGH ENGLISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH!!!!!!!!!! Need phone!!!!!!!!!!! That was my sugar crazed brain and IDKWGO meeting someone for the first time.

She was so sweet and offered to text our host, Fathi, for us.

Now, if IDKWGO is loud in the plane it goes into full effect once we get off because….well who knows what’s going on?

I’m chatting with the cell phone lady from Spain and walking with everyone else toward what I imagine to be baggage claim all the while hoping my bags are actually there and thinking about this bus we are supposed to ride or maybe that we will be picked up but we are 45 minutes late so maybe not and BAMM – I see my name on a list out of the corner of my eye.

Now, that’s just full on impossible. Seriously, this random dude is holding a random list and I’m talking to the Spain lady and trying to read signs which are UP and I’m tired and full of sugar and somehow I see my name, and Mary’s name on a list which is DOWN.

I say, “Why is my name on this list?”

Random dude says, “Get on the bus.”

Say it with me: IDKWGO.

Fortunately, the Spain lady’s name is also on the list and after conferring with her group and generally being confused we all decided to go sit on the bus.

Here is were the IDKWGO really came into full focus. The bus we were on was blue. The bus to the town where we were supposed to go is blue. Is this the bus to the town? What about our “maybe” ride? Did he make us a reservation for this bus and that’s why we were on a list?

The Spain lady had no clue, we had no idea where our luggage was, it was hot, we were tired, and everyone who spoke English was just as confused as us.

We sat there for awhile. It felt like 20 minutes or more but that’s a total guess.

Meanwhile, we received word via the Spain lady’s mobile that Fathi was waiting for us so we didn’t need to find the other blue bus!

Finally, it became mostly clear. We had arrived at the Domestic terminal (in from Istanbul) yet were International travelers (started in Munich Germany) so the bus was to take us to the International terminal to get our bags, do passport control, and clear customs.

We did all that. I blew kisses to Spain lady (THANKS AGAIN!) Mary said goodbye to the other confused English speakers and we started walking the direction everyone else was walking.

Now, the walking the direction everyone else is walking almost always works….until it doesn’t….this time it worked.

We got outside and saw a man holding a sign that said VERONICA RONTOR. Wow, no one has ever held a sign with my name on it before! Turns out he had never held a sign with someones name on it before either!

I was so thankful that we had a ride, I almost started to cry and then remembered I needed to pee and that became a priority.

In the toilet (which is what they call the bathroom – always feels odd to me) I saw this sticker.

Say it with me again, IDKWGO. I have no idea what this is supposed to indicate!!!! This was INSIDE the stall mind you….

The ride to the house was fast and other than driving down the center line of a two-lane road at high speeds, uneventful.

We had arrived in Turkey!!!

A bit more about IDKWGO. It might seem like I was a bundle of nerves and stress with all this crazy, yet that wasn’t the case. I felt calm and neutral and mostly just accepted confusion as a given.

I used to be a serious control freak and would never have traveled with such a vague plan and would never have been calm and would have made everyone miserable with my insecurity.

This time, I found peace in IDKWGO. I found it to be an opportunity for fascination and reflection. It gave me the opportunity to be in my own journey, my own energy, my own thoughts in a way that I have never felt before.

I embrace IDKWGO!!!!! It will be really fascinating to see how that applies in my life now that I am back in the States and as I move along in my journey.

We held 12 hours of channeling sessions – 4 sessions in Austria and 3 in Turkey
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