I’m very sensitive to the energy of places.

I’m also sensitive to the energy of people; I’ve put in a lot of effort to “turn off” that sensitivity as it gets really overwhelming. The energy of places is somehow different for me.

I’ve often experienced riding in a car and “knowing” I’ve been in a place before I “see” that I’ve been in that place before.

I could live just about anywhere there is an Internet connection, yet I’ve made my home for 14 years in a small town called Sonoma, CA. I’m blessed to live in a cottage, on the top of a mountain (which, now that I’ve seen the alps is really a large hill), with two cats and a lot of quiet.

The energy of this place is right for me.

Being so sensitive to the energy of a place makes me always shake my head that I am rather lazy about vacuuming the floors. Nothing changes the energy in the house faster than vacuuming yet I tend to put it off. That and changing the sheets on the bed! Fresh sheets are magically different than those that have been slept in, yet I wait on that luxury as well.

Traveling with Eloheim last month gave me lots of chances to feel the energy of different places and to see what affected and shifted that energy.

My summary:
KIDS shift energy!

Austria was our first Eloheim retreat attended by families. The kids didn’t come to the channeling events, but they were EVERYwhere else.

I don’t have a lot of experience with children. I come from a small family and my limited experiences with babysitting were all with older kids. I never felt like being a mom was my journey in this lifetime.

Until I started my cello lessons (4 years ago!) I hadn’t spent any time with young kids at all. My teacher has a boy and a girl ( 2 and 4 ) who delight and amaze me. They also have taught me a lot.

Kids come in all sizes.

Kids bring toys.

Kids make meals fun.

Oh sure, they scream and cry and push boundaries and run and do all that too.
That’s when you call in Auntie Mary.

We all had a lot of stuff to take to Lech. Kids included.

Who is the kid here?

Or here?

Or here?

It wasn’t until I got to Turkey that I felt how much the kids in Austria had supported the work that the parents were doing. The kids moved the energy. Sure, sometimes they moved it to crazy-making-places, but they moved it.

In Turkey, the energy felt like a stew on slow boil. It could heat or cool. Those were the options.

In Austria, the kids brought something completely different. It was like popping popcorn. Heat and sizzle and suddenly POP! or not. You never know where the energy will go next. You never know the shape it will take. You never know where you will find a kernel or two: on the floor, in your hair, down your shirt!

This work with Eloheim can be rather serious. We look at deep issues and we encourage evolution. Having the kids around grounded us in the reality of Earth life while we reached for the transformation we desired. I loved it all.

Look at these shiny people!

Spending so much time with families (in Germany before we headed to Austria and in Austria) brought out a lot of information about parenting during the channeling sessions. If you have ever wanted to hear Eloheim talk about being a parent, here’s your chance.

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All seven sessions held in Europe (four in Austria, three in Turkey). Watch ON DEMAND right here on my site!

This was the best time of my current life… surrounded by the most loving and open people, the opportunity to dive deep into my own truth with Eloheim’s help… basking in the different energies of The Council members and being able to experience “miraculous” energetic shifts in my human body due to the sacred space this fabulous group created and held through the entire retreat … THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!! ~ A.L. Germany


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When I returned home to Sonoma, I was very sensitive to the cats. I had never gone away for 15 days before and I didn’t know what I was coming home to. Would I be shunned? Would I be cleaning up cat messes?

Honestly, those were the two options I was considering….

When I got home, Redwood was in the house and greeted me. Things looked normal and I didn’t smell any bad smells (HOORAY!)

I looked out the back window and saw Missy Miss in her cat bed tower thingy. I tapped on the glass and her head popped up. I wish I had a photo of the look on her face! It was, “OMG YOU ARE HERE!”

She lived in several not so nice places before she came to live with me four years ago and I suspect she suspected the worst when I didn’t show up FIFTEEN days in a row.

For two days, she wouldn’t let me out of her sight.

The time away made me very aware of how the cats affect the energy of a space. They have their own door and come and go as they wish. I could really feel how the energy in the house shifted when they walked through the cat door. I’ve never felt their emanation so strongly before, yet the time away made it really “loud” for me.

This really made me appreciate them so much more (how is that even possible?) and pay attention to their energy.

When they “get in the way” of me working, I stop and consider what the energies are actually doing.

Redwood helping me with a private session by tipping over the phone.

Habitually interacting with my surroundings numbs me to what they are offering. I’m committed to holding on to this new awareness and deepening it as I’m able.

You don’t have to be a channel or a psychic to pay attention to the energy around you. How do you feel when you walk into a place? Does it taste/smell/look different than other places? Start with the senses you use every day and begin comparing how situations differ.

Take that extra step to ask, “In what way do I feel the same or different than I did in the parking lot?” as you go in a new store or restaurant. List the obvious stuff first: cooler/warmer, rain/no rain, loud/quiet and build from there.

When you visit friends, notice how Bob’s house is different that Julie’s house. Not just the furnishings, but how you feel there. You can use the, “This couch is softer,” type observations and build to things like, “Food always tastes better when I’m visiting here.”

Start a dialog with your sensory system. What did you notice today?

Use this link to order all TWELVE hours of our sessions in Europe!
All seven sessions held in Europe (four in Austria, three in Turkey). Watch ON DEMAND right here on my site!

Price: $39.99

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