Christian from Austria offers his perspective on using the Levels of Creating.

There is something I’m in the process of learning in my life, and I felt the urge to share it with my dear Eloheimers here, since I feel the possibility it might be insight-inducing for someone else as well, who knows.

Lately I’ve been pondering the Levels a lot, not only, but also, because of the Levels of Creations deck Veronica has, well, created.

More and more I believe that the Levels– and their application- is really the key to it all. Connected to the Levels are the Tools in my understanding; the way I see it, one requires the other. But let’s take a look at the term “tool”: when do we usually apply a “tool”, as in the mechanical device, in our daily lives? When something is broken, I would say.

That brings me to the first meeting that happened after Veronica returned from Europe. A lady, I believe it was Randy (I might not remember that correctly), talked to E, and the subject matter of the First Choice tool came up. I remember it impressed me a great deal when E spoke along the lines:

You applied the first choice tool after you realized you couldn’t fix the situation any other way. So, it wasn’t exactly the FIRST choice, isn’t it true? We wish for all of you that the First choice tool isn’t a fallback just-in-case, but actually the FIRST choice.

I could very well relate to what sounded to me like a slight scolding at first: the tools were for me, for a long time, the thing I did when the situation went “tits up”, as you Americans have it in your vocabulary I imagine I’m not the only one in that regard. So there is a situation we all here can relate to in some way, I like to imagine. This is what leads me to an extended view on the Levels as it came to me lately.

While it is obvious to apply the Levels in unpleasant situations, I wonder how often I did it in the opposite cases. Our life here on Earth is based on duality, in “good” and “bad”. As long as we have physical bodies, there are always two sides to every experience, the way I see it. It IS Level 1, after all, the Level all the others build up on.

As a little experiment I chose a scenario, most, if not all, people here can relate from experience, I imagine. It is the beginning of a romantic relationship…and its end. Duality, you see?

I invite you to join me in re-imaging a place every person has been, in this lifetime or another (I trust you to be able to tap into that). I’m with my lover, a person very dear and close to my heart. Being with that person seems to be the most desirable thing in the world, this person makes my and your heart “sing”…you get the idea. And this very person looks me deep in the eyes and says “I love you!” Isn’t that the best possible moment in human experience?

Now imagine something else, something further on this, or another, timeline. After having been with that person for years of marriage, or simply partnership, everything has changed in the meantime. Love has been replaced by indifference, bitterness, and finally even hate. That same person looks me in the eyes again, but nothing of that heartfelt emotion is there; it’s all replaced by scorn and coldness. And this person now snarls the words “…I hate you!” with all the contempt it can muster.

We have here two very contrasting situations and experiences. And now let’s move through the levels according to each of them, step by step.

A break-up in such a bitter way has been often enough a threatening situation, with the end of a supporting partnership entailing consequences like death by starvation; something not as prevalent in modern days of grocery stores, but there were enough lifetimes were that wasn’t an option, and people still experience economical hardships through divorces, let alone the emotional stress.

In Level 1 I would call this “bad”, and I would probably not be the only one. Just like the opposite scenario- the romantic start- would be considered “good”. With the negative scenario it is easy to see where Level 2, victimhood, comes into play. But I wondered if I would see Level 2 as well in the “better” scenario? To draw some comparisons: both situations mean emotional upheaval and changes in the personal life, dictated by outside factors. Both can cause all kinds of strong physical reactions. And both have the temptation of letting that person “tell us how to feel and who we are”, a phrase by E I found always remarkable. Because that implies victimhood, if one isn’t aware that he or she IS creating the reaction, that he or she IS responsible for their emotions. So, are these two seemingly opposite scenarios really so different? Our reactions are quite similar, often enough, it seems to me.

If there is the desire for more consciousness, than a person would want to move on from Level 2 to Level 3. “I created it, and it sucks” is the colorful phrase coined by E. If applied to the “better” situation, it could sound like “I created it, and it’s great”. Doesn’t that sound interesting? To me it does.

What is usually connected to Level 3 is the hamster wheel mind of “Why did I create this?”

I wonder how many people ask themselves this question in “positive scenarios”, or do it only in “negative” ones?

I rarely haven’t, is what I can say. I know that “positive” experiences in the past often felt to me like it was some kind of “gift” that came from a mysterious source, instead of saying “yep, I created it”. Isn’t that also called “owning one’s truth”, in good just as in bad times?

The path of consciousness, according to the teachings of E, offers moving on to Level 4, “I create my reactions to my experiences”. Which implies to ultimately moving out not only of victimhood, but also of questioning that leads nowhere.

I have seen many examples of the applying of this tool to “negative” situations within our tribe, but I wonder if it could benefit us in “positive” experiences as well. Level 4 also contains “choosing and choosing again”, which could apply in things like: this person loves me, apparently, but do I love this person as well? Do I act out of habit, or obligation? Can I wake up every day and chose again to be with this person? Only because someone is friendly to me, do I have to reciprocate it? After all, we can choose our reactions to our creations, and while there isn’t anything wrong with replying kindness, I want to remind myself that, Level 4 and above, it IS a conscious choice.

One could move on to Level 5, “This experience is mine!”, which means pulling the experience close and get everything out of it, not shying away from it. In “positive” situations it could mean not avoiding closeness, to dare being vulnerable and not hiding emotions and feelings. People who feel loved and cared for, and yet have trouble opening up the same way they experience it from others, might find help in Level 5 tools to retort affection and even love with the fierceness, or rather bravery, like the Warrior. I definitely see a lot of potential in that area for myself.

Level 6, then, means “What Trigger?”, where we don’t let the experience provoke knee-jerk reactions and emotional fire-hosing anymore out of us. Applied to “positive” experiences, I can imagine it means the end of being “crazily in love”, of having “butterflies in the stomach”, as fun as those feelings might be. A person spending his or her life mostly in Level 6 is grounded in itself, isn’t controlled by adrenaline or fear to any further extent anymore, and everything is seen as source for growth.

At this point, I can very well imagine that such a person faces “negative” and “positive” experiences with the same stance. It is also a point where I want to remind myself that “neutral” isn’t “numb”, as E said so many times. Letting go of all the drama that is going on for the majority of people in the world is a big departure, and brings not only a deep quietness into one’s life, but also a sense of solitude, since most people can’t comprehend such a way of living from their world view. But isn’t it wonderfully new, and isn’t it different? And don’t we as souls love things that are different?

There is a reason I think it is significant to apply the Levels and the connected tools to as many situations as possible, the “good” ones, and the “bad” ones: every one of us creates the next moment from this moment. I also don’t believe that “Create your Reality” is suitable as a part-time job

I actually had the situation where someone asked me along the lines “Can’t you just enjoy things? What’s all this talk of being ‘conscious’ about everything?’ ” Back then I wasn’t able to reach that person, which is OK as well; but I can tell you people here that the “usual way of enjoyment” may be fading away more and more on this path, but an entirely new world is opening up, which more than makes up for this “loss”. Because, out there is a world where “no one has been before”, and it is waiting for us to discover it.

Thank you Christian for sharing your experiences and thoughts about the Levels.


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I just got my create reality cards in the mail and I’m playing with them right now! So exciting!

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