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February, 2016

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Sharing Sunday

Ewa shares how Eloheim’s teachings have supported her journey!

I became interested in esoteric subjects years ago when I discovered astrology. I was amazed that it actually worked and my thirst for understanding the workings of the universe began. I read all the books and publications I could find. I attended astrology classes and became very proficient in reading charts which I now read professionally. I had some weird yet wonderful spontaneous experiences like switching my awareness to being present in my son’s body and observing myself talking to him or having a download of all the stories contained in the books on my bookshelf in one instant.There were many other ones defying logic and testing my sanity as having trust in my own knowing and perception took some time to develop. I sought corroboration from many spiritual teachers who were and still are very supportive in validating me. I am very grateful for them all.

By far the most hands on influence on my spiritual journey so far has been working with Veronica Torres who channels Eloheim and the Council.This helped to take my spiritual growth to another level.

I discovered her YouTube videos in 2010 and I have been a subscriber to her monthly online broadcasts since. Last year I attended a live seminar in London which was awesome: experiencing Eloheim’s presence through Veronica’s eyes made me feel loved accepted and truly SEEN like never before.

The last few years my way of living and navigating challenges has undergone a radical change: I am more peaceful, hardly ever triggered and I am excited to expand on my inner work to reach “level 7- It’s all Me! ” If anyone wishes to check out her work feel free to do so . You won’t regret it. The tools for practical application in everyday life really work and I incorporated many in my daily life.

I share some of those Eloheim inspired concepts in my blog http://www.galacticwoman.org/blog/

My favourite tool is to say, “I am tempted to” whenever I feel habitual reaction rising in me. It never fails to keep me centered so that I maintain clarity that is crucial in navigating my life.

I am full of gratitude for Veronica’s dedication in facilitating bringing Eloheim’s wisdom to me. Wisdom I can use.

Thanks for sharing Ewa Lee! I’m so glad we got to meet in person in London!!

January, 2015

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Matching Energy ~ Guest Author Sara

From Sara:

I had an interesting experience in matching energy this weekend and I thought I would share.

I decided recently that I was ready to add another big dog to my household. My dog Ginger died in September, and it really felt like it was time. I asked Ginger to help me find a new dog who would be a good successor to her reign. A few days later, I felt the urge to look around on Petfinder and saw a dog who looked a lot like Ginger did, but was much bigger. His description said that he was good with other dogs and liked cats, so he really sounded like a good fit to my multi-pet household.

I contacted the rescue group and they were excited about my adopting him from the start. They wanted to bring him over in about a week, so I had time to prepare. I spent a lot of time talking to all the animals and getting ready and I felt a real sense of calm about it. Continue Reading…

December, 2014

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How I came to understand Choiceless-choice and see Homo spiritus living is a lot like Tetris!

From Guest Author Dennis:

Recently, I had an insight that has helped me have a much clearer, healthier understanding of the “choicelessness” in “choiceless-choice” and how the Homo-spiritus way of living that it leads to is delightfully a lot like Tetris.

I make a living as a Software Engineer as part of a large team. About a week ago, I felt unusually strongly that it was important to update our software to solve a kind of problem that may arise down the road. I felt intuitively compelled strongly enough that I decided I would take a good chunk of my time over the weekend to implement a good solution. At the time, my best answer for why I felt so strongly compelled was that it was right thing to do and not doing it then would open the door to some shitty potentials (“bad code”) in the near future.

The undeniable, strong impulse felt like what I would call a “choiceless-choice”. I invested the time, got the solution done and was quite happy with the result.

A week later, it turned out that the solution I had come up with ended up being the ideal and elegant solution for yet ANOTHER kind of problem that someone else ended up having to solve. A week previously when I had felt the strong impulse, I was completely oblivious and unaware that what I was doing was going to be an ideal solution to this new kind of issue that came up a week later. Had I known a week previously what I knew now, it would have been UTTERLY OBVIOUS to my human brain that choosing to do what I did was absolutely the right and timely thing to do. Shit, I would have even done it sooner!

So it now dawns on me; The “choiceless” bit of “choiceless-choice” is not about denying or sidelining my minds ability to make an informed choice. Rather, it’s simply an acknowledgment that when the information that the brain would need to clearly make that informed choice exists FORWARD IN TIME or is PRESENTLY UNKNOWN, the brain can’t interact with it in the linear choice-making way it’s used to. The brain hasn’t the ability to use knowledge that exists forward in time to make its choices today. “Choiceless-choice” then is simply what this kind of “choosing” seems to feel like from the perspective of a brain that does not have a time machine. It feels like a “I need to do this … now” disconnected from the clarity of informed choice that would seem to need to precede feeling that way. The information that would make it OBVIOUS to my brain that this is the right choice to make is not yet available to it in time.

Therefore, I see now that “choiceless-choice” is simply the result of experiencing within the framework of time the clarity of a choosing that would have had to take into account information and knowledge that exists in the future or is presently not in conscious awareness. The inpulse we call “choiceless-choice” is the “love-child” of the part of me that experiences in linear-time, and the part of me that is not bound to linear-time.

“Choiceless-choice” then is clearly not a shrinking of my capacity to make choices. In fact, it is a grand expansion of my ability to make choices!

And now then I also realize that the Homo-spiritus living that “choiceless-choice” leads to is a lot like playing Tetris. Continue Reading…

November, 2014

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Dream Analysis

Dorothy has been following the Eloheim teachings for years and has just launched her new website!

“Dreams are the voice of your soul. What message are you being shown when you dream? Find out what your dreams mean by visiting my site and booking a session. Looking for a unusual gift this holiday season? You can give an Interpretation as a gift to a loved one!” Dorothy Gail, Dream Catcher Interpretations


I had some questions for Dorothy! Do you have some? Post them in the comments!

What drew you to dream analysis?
I have always been a prolific dreamer. One of the first spiritual sites I found had a dream analysis board so I posted one of mine. The lady who opened and ran the group was very psychic and I learned a lot from her about my gifts and abilities and this was one area that just immediately clicked with me. Her interpretations and generosity about answering questions opened my eyes even further as to how much more to life there is than what is in front of our physical eyes. After just a few dream interpretations, I would tell the dream and my interpretation and she would laugh and tell me I didn´t need her, that I understood them.

That and the fact that I had been studying tarot and symbols made all the difference to me in how I viewed my dreams. Symbols and animal totems and dream analysis all fascinated me. Instead of being freaked out about my dreams, they became interesting and changed how I viewed what was going on in my waking life.

What can dreams tell us about our waking life?
Continue Reading…

Guest Post: Christian writes of Neutral Observation of Emotions

It’s always a pleasure when Christian from Austria shares his thoughts!

A lot of things are going through my mind in these challenging days, and yet every time I sat down to put them into words, it petered out pretty quickly. What was so clear to me a moment ago was gone the next moment. Maybe it wasn’t meant for being put into words, who knows. On one side I didn’t feel regret about it, since it was meant for me in the first place, and nothing was lost, since the message was received, as I like to imagine. On the other side I love to share, as rarely as I manage to do it nowadays.

What inspired me to actually do it and give my thoughts and experiences a form I can pass on physically was a Facebook post about experiencing emotions neutrally, whatever they are. There are actually a lot of experiences these days I can assign to this issue.

A lot of it has to do with alternate expressions (past/future lifetimes), which have caused a lot of challenges of mine over the last years. They started to come through powerfully in the notorious year of 2012 for me (how cliché), and there was a time when I experienced depression-like symptoms through them that ‘drove’ me near-suicidal (yes, I felt like a victim of them back then).

Thankfully this has changed for the ‘better’ in the meantime, and Veronica’s and Eloheim’s work played a huge role in it for me. That being said, they didn’t go away- quite the opposite. What changed was how I processed them, and I can’t even begin to describe how important the tools offered by E are in it for me.
The thing is they get stronger and stronger, by the day it seems to me sometimes. In a way they increased at the same rate I learned to deal with them- perfect equilibrium, no place for victimhood in me anymore, which is great. Which is also ‘great’ is the personal challenge for me, and sometimes I’m baffled I still manage to function in the society I find myself in. Continue Reading…

August, 2014

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Guest Post: Using the Levels of Creating

Christian from Austria offers his perspective on using the Levels of Creating.

There is something I’m in the process of learning in my life, and I felt the urge to share it with my dear Eloheimers here, since I feel the possibility it might be insight-inducing for someone else as well, who knows.

Lately I’ve been pondering the Levels a lot, not only, but also, because of the Levels of Creations deck Veronica has, well, created.

More and more I believe that the Levels– and their application- is really the key to it all. Connected to the Levels are the Tools in my understanding; the way I see it, one requires the other. But let’s take a look at the term “tool”: when do we usually apply a “tool”, as in the mechanical device, in our daily lives? When something is broken, I would say.

That brings me to the first meeting that happened after Veronica returned from Europe. A lady, I believe it was Randy (I might not remember that correctly), talked to E, and the subject matter of the First Choice tool came up. I remember it impressed me a great deal when E spoke along the lines:

You applied the first choice tool after you realized you couldn’t fix the situation any other way. So, it wasn’t exactly the FIRST choice, isn’t it true? We wish for all of you that the First choice tool isn’t a fallback just-in-case, but actually the FIRST choice.

I could very well relate to what sounded to me like a slight scolding at first: the tools were for me, for a long time, the thing I did when the situation went “tits up”, as you Americans have it in your vocabulary I imagine I’m not the only one in that regard. So there is a situation we all here can relate to in some way, I like to imagine. This is what leads me to an extended view on the Levels as it came to me lately. Continue Reading…

July, 2014

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A powerful post from the lifeheartandsoul blog on using Eloheim tools in a major life transition.

Here are some excerpts, click through to read it all.

The loudest instrument in my band that I needed to put down was my old life, in particular, my marriage. It was so loud it took over the whole band so nothing else got heard. It took me years to finally let go of the strong attachment I had to my old life, which, as you all know, wasn’t working for me in any way, shape or form, based upon my obvious lack of passion for it. However, that lack of passion didn’t make letting go any easier. We humans would rather swim in familiar suffering¹ rather than in the pool of uncertainty², and I am no exception.

My next realization came when we didn’t seem to be making any progress or receiving much encouragement towards our intended goal of a B&B, no matter which way we turned. We came to Panama with one specific dream in mind and now it seems that what we want keeps floating out of reach as one obstacle after another ends up in our way.

I discovered my attachment is not to the business or a specific outcome. What I really want in my heart is community. I want to have a real connection with people. I spent most of my life alone, now I want to have companionship and community and the camaraderie of like minded souls. I am seeking the feeling of Oneness we have in spirit.

So I have let go of the B&B outcome* and will let things unfold without expectations. Who knows where I am going to end up?

Now, as this episode began sink in, I had to look at why I attracted this, why I created this**, and what was the message here? It was obvious to me once I calmed down and got out of victimhood that my hair is one of my strong attachments. This episode is about being able to let go of outcomes and assumptions.


February, 2014

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Triggers: Tools Make All The Difference

Guest post from the Life, Heart and Soul blog:

This week I found myself dealing with an old trigger. It hit me unexpectedly, of course, don’t they usually? And though I believed I had worked through this particular trigger a long while ago, something happened last week that made me realize I needed to take a deeper look at it. Apparently, there was an old pain that still resided in me that needed attention. I had no idea it hadn’t left completely.

At first, I didn’t really understand my strong reaction. It wasn’t until I got over the immediately angry emotion the situational trigger evoked that could I objectively examine it, neutrally examine it so I could see it for what it truly was.

This is an old reaction to an old situation that was triggered by a new event. This is not the current me. This is the me who was hurt years ago in several very similar scenarios reacting with old emotions to the new situation. This is not how Current Me would react. Continue Reading…

December, 2013

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Rebirth from Death

This is from Denise. She is currently doing a private session series with Eloheim.

She began the series just before her father died. This email details her journey using Eloheim and The Council’s teachings through the process.

My father died 3 weeks ago. I loved him so much and looked after him for his last four years. Some people wondered how tedious that ‘occupation’ was for me…I wondered how being with someone so clear-minded and fair-minded, as he was, could ever be anything but a joy.

I am in gratitude he was my father. Out of the infinite possibilities of available parents, I was born to be this man’s daughter. If I could have chosen a father, out of every man on Earth, I would have chosen him.

Here’s the weird part…for me at least. I was not at all sad when he died. I WAS in such gratitude for having known him. His death was a positive experience, not a negative one. I mean, he was dead, there was nothing I could do about that. I chose to be in the moment with what that experience was teaching me…it was teaching me joy, not sadness. (Chose your reaction to your experience). Sorry if that bit sounds like I’m lecturing you…it’s more about me explaining me to me.

You can’t have change without change. Awwwwww. But I didn’t like change.

Death is the greatest changer. Continue Reading…

October, 2013

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Change is not Easy

Reblogged in part from http://lifeheartandsoulblog.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/change-is-not-easy/ Follow the link to read the entire post.

It’s so powerful to read about the impact Eloheim’s teachings have in the lives of those who listen to our sessions.

Change. A subject I have considered for well over two decades. I tried to do little things to satisfy the need, like changed my hair color, went on mini vacations, changed my house decor. While all were fun, none were really what I wanted. It’s like craving chocolate and having everything else in the house but chocolate, all the while trying to ignore what your taste buds really wanted all along. Finally you give up and have the damned chocolate! At least, I do. Should have had it first and saved all the calories lol. Ahh, that’s what I wanted.

What I really want in my life are kind, spiritual people, sunshine, warm weather, water all around me, and the option to explore new experiences without being given grief about it. Freedom to be me. Is that too much to ask? Well, I thought so for years.

This past week, I asked Eloheim a question during their monthly Q&Q concerning all the obstacles and detours that keep popping up as we make our way towards our big change, our move to another country. It has been one hassle after another, paperwork, people, and the most recent thing this past week was about the house we thought we had settled on with the owner, who now is changing her already agreed on parameters.

Here is part of their answer to me: Continue Reading…



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