A powerful post from the lifeheartandsoul blog on using Eloheim tools in a major life transition.

Here are some excerpts, click through to read it all.

The loudest instrument in my band that I needed to put down was my old life, in particular, my marriage. It was so loud it took over the whole band so nothing else got heard. It took me years to finally let go of the strong attachment I had to my old life, which, as you all know, wasn’t working for me in any way, shape or form, based upon my obvious lack of passion for it. However, that lack of passion didn’t make letting go any easier. We humans would rather swim in familiar suffering¹ rather than in the pool of uncertainty², and I am no exception.

My next realization came when we didn’t seem to be making any progress or receiving much encouragement towards our intended goal of a B&B, no matter which way we turned. We came to Panama with one specific dream in mind and now it seems that what we want keeps floating out of reach as one obstacle after another ends up in our way.

I discovered my attachment is not to the business or a specific outcome. What I really want in my heart is community. I want to have a real connection with people. I spent most of my life alone, now I want to have companionship and community and the camaraderie of like minded souls. I am seeking the feeling of Oneness we have in spirit.

So I have let go of the B&B outcome* and will let things unfold without expectations. Who knows where I am going to end up?

Now, as this episode began sink in, I had to look at why I attracted this, why I created this**, and what was the message here? It was obvious to me once I calmed down and got out of victimhood that my hair is one of my strong attachments. This episode is about being able to let go of outcomes and assumptions.