From Sara:

I had an interesting experience in matching energy this weekend and I thought I would share.

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I decided recently that I was ready to add another big dog to my household. My dog Ginger died in September, and it really felt like it was time. I asked Ginger to help me find a new dog who would be a good successor to her reign. A few days later, I felt the urge to look around on Petfinder and saw a dog who looked a lot like Ginger did, but was much bigger. His description said that he was good with other dogs and liked cats, so he really sounded like a good fit to my multi-pet household.

I contacted the rescue group and they were excited about my adopting him from the start. They wanted to bring him over in about a week, so I had time to prepare. I spent a lot of time talking to all the animals and getting ready and I felt a real sense of calm about it.

On Saturday, two women from the rescue group brought Geordie the Chow/Shepherd mix to my house. From the start, he was an absolute sweetheart. The two very nice and very well-meaning women started giving my mom and me all sorts of instruction on how to deal with all the dogs together, and how to quickly stop any aggressive behavior, and kept focusing on the fact that he was so much bigger than my little dogs and that he could react really quickly and hurt them.

After the women left, I watched all the dog interactions like a hawk. I kept trying to keep the dogs from getting wound up and didn’t even notice that I was causing all the tension until I realized all the dogs were looking at me like I had lost it. I had totally stopped trusting them and trusting me. So I finally laughed at myself and decided to trust that this dog wouldn’t have even come into my life if he hadn’t been right for me or my household.

Since then, everything has gone really well. Jordy is a real softy who loves to be hugged. He has no problem with little dogs being pushy with him. He has been perfectly behaved with the cats and hasn’t even tried to chase them. He even got my cranky little dog to play with him last night. One of the ladies from the rescue group called and asked if we wanted to make the adoption official and my mom said they would have to pry him out of her hands if they wanted him back.

Being so stressed and freaked out really affected my body and made me realize that operating from the lower levels just doesn’t work in any way anymore. In the past, I would have been freaked out about all of this for weeks. I’m really glad I get to live differently now.

I really love this story from Sara and look at that dog’s beautiful eyes!!!

Eloheim speaks about Matching Energy quite frequently. Here is a Morning Message that includes it: