Ewa shares how Eloheim’s teachings have supported her journey!

I became interested in esoteric subjects years ago when I discovered astrology. I was amazed that it actually worked and my thirst for understanding the workings of the universe began. I read all the books and publications I could find. I attended astrology classes and became very proficient in reading charts which I now read professionally. I had some weird yet wonderful spontaneous experiences like switching my awareness to being present in my son’s body and observing myself talking to him or having a download of all the stories contained in the books on my bookshelf in one instant.There were many other ones defying logic and testing my sanity as having trust in my own knowing and perception took some time to develop. I sought corroboration from many spiritual teachers who were and still are very supportive in validating me. I am very grateful for them all.

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By far the most hands on influence on my spiritual journey so far has been working with Veronica Torres who channels Eloheim and the Council.This helped to take my spiritual growth to another level.

I discovered her YouTube videos in 2010 and I have been a subscriber to her monthly online broadcasts since. Last year I attended a live seminar in London which was awesome: experiencing Eloheim’s presence through Veronica’s eyes made me feel loved accepted and truly SEEN like never before.

The last few years my way of living and navigating challenges has undergone a radical change: I am more peaceful, hardly ever triggered and I am excited to expand on my inner work to reach “level 7- It’s all Me! ” If anyone wishes to check out her work feel free to do so . You won’t regret it. The tools for practical application in everyday life really work and I incorporated many in my daily life.

I share some of those Eloheim inspired concepts in my blog http://www.galacticwoman.org/blog/

My favourite tool is to say, “I am tempted to” whenever I feel habitual reaction rising in me. It never fails to keep me centered so that I maintain clarity that is crucial in navigating my life.

I am full of gratitude for Veronica’s dedication in facilitating bringing Eloheim’s wisdom to me. Wisdom I can use.

Thanks for sharing Ewa Lee! I’m so glad we got to meet in person in London!!