Dorothy has been following the Eloheim teachings for years and has just launched her new website!

“Dreams are the voice of your soul. What message are you being shown when you dream? Find out what your dreams mean by visiting my site and booking a session. Looking for a unusual gift this holiday season? You can give an Interpretation as a gift to a loved one!” Dorothy Gail, Dream Catcher Interpretations

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I had some questions for Dorothy! Do you have some? Post them in the comments!

What drew you to dream analysis?
I have always been a prolific dreamer. One of the first spiritual sites I found had a dream analysis board so I posted one of mine. The lady who opened and ran the group was very psychic and I learned a lot from her about my gifts and abilities and this was one area that just immediately clicked with me. Her interpretations and generosity about answering questions opened my eyes even further as to how much more to life there is than what is in front of our physical eyes. After just a few dream interpretations, I would tell the dream and my interpretation and she would laugh and tell me I didn´t need her, that I understood them.

That and the fact that I had been studying tarot and symbols made all the difference to me in how I viewed my dreams. Symbols and animal totems and dream analysis all fascinated me. Instead of being freaked out about my dreams, they became interesting and changed how I viewed what was going on in my waking life.

What can dreams tell us about our waking life?

Complicated answer. They tell us things our waking consciousness is not seeing, hearing, or paying attention to. They tell us what needs looking at and tweaking. They highlight what our fears and griefs are, and even become a “good job,” pat-on-the-back, feel-good message.

Does the point at which we wake during a dream have significance?
It´s my personal belief that when we wake during a dream, it´s a point of significance. Pay attention. I have literally woke gasping at the words I just heard in a dream. They were on target and important. Those are the ones that I have remembered clearly, without effort.

Why do some dreams seem so real and others are more foggy?
Mine are always clear scenes so I’m not sure. But if you associate vagueness with scene hopping or noncontinuity, then it may seem vague. Dreams jump around a lot. However, I believe it takes practice to remember the dreams so perhaps they seem foggy due to lack of memory of details. Practicing noticing details around you in the daytime will help you to notice them in the dreams. And I wonder if the foggy ones may sometimes be more fear based dreams? Fears, as we know, are so generalized, it’s often hard to pinpoint why we are afraid.

Why do some dreams stick with us and others are lost as soon as we wake?
That depends on how much and how fast your waking mind takes over. It also depends on your personality, does it want to jump up or move as soon as you wake, ready to begin your day, or do you wake gently? As adults we tend to immediately start thinking as soon as we become conscious. Children have the ability to hold on and remember dreams easier, they don’t have all the responsibilities that come with adulthood, which seem to kickstart the brain into busy mode in the mornings, causing us to lose our dream images quickly.

Why do dreams reoccur?
Dreams reoccur until we get the message trying to come through. Or until we resolve the issue by either looking right into the face of it or changing some aspect of our response to it.

Lately I’ve been experiencing dreams within dreams. I “wake up” but I’m actually dreaming in another dream! This never used to happen and I wonder what insights you have about this.

That is so cool! Lucid dreams are dreams where we wake up in a dream. We are aware we are dreaming. In those cases, we get to partner and co-create the dreams. We are aware we are dreaming, yet are very much part of the dream and making choices as to how it goes.

Another theory is that you may be compartmentalizing something or examining it, placing it just a little bit further away from you for various reasons, ie comfort, easier to look at objectively.

Lastly, I believe that as we raise our vibrations, we are more aware that life IS a dream, thus these particular dreams- are we the dreamer or the dreamt? Or both?

Sometimes a dream is so fun that when I wake up I want to go back to that dream again. Any tips on how to do that?

I would suggest laying completely still and picturing the scene you want to revisit. No thinking allowed. As you slowly breathe into it you will find yourself sliding back. It takes practice. I have done this accidentally as I pondered a scene and found myself dreaming it again, carrying the “story” further.

I’ve heard that some people have experienced shared dreaming. Is this a real thing?

That is something I have not heard of directly nor had any personal experience with but I don’t see why more than one person can’t tap into the same bit of universal consciousness at the same time. Especially if the people are closely connected somehow. That also seems to correspond with inventors dreaming the same invention at the same time in different parts of the world, ie flying machines.

What offerings do you have on your new website?
I am offering two types of dream interpretations, one a short version asking the client to use less than 150 words to describe their dream, and a longer version with more details that will allow a more in-depth analysis of the dream.

I am also offering a card reading from the Wolf Song deck, the theme of which is based upon Change. You can add a one-card draw after your dream reading which will bring an animal forth with an additional message relevant to your dream and your life.

Or you can separately order a 4-Card reading which will discuss what you need to know about the changes in your life and offer you some guidance with that.

Dream Interpretations:

One Full Dream Interpretation……………………………………….$70.00 USD
Short Interpretation (less than 150 words)…………………….$40.00 USD
Bonus One Card Wolf Song Draw………………………….add $ 8.00 USD

Wolf Song Card Readings:
One Card Draw…………………………………………………………..$15.00
Four Card Full Reading………………………………………………$45.00

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Do you have questions for Dorothy? Post them in the comments!