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August, 2016

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Learn How to be an Energetic Leader

Learn how to be an energetic leader. Listen to my interview with John Burgos and learn more! Live through 10am Pacific Monday August 8th.

June, 2016

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Eloheim Interview on In The Spirit

In The Spirit Radio with Gary Goldberg

2nd Interview with Veronica and Eloheim

In this follow-up interview, Gary began by asking Veronica, “Who is Eloheim?” He wondered, how did Veronica contact them or did they contact her? Veronica shared her experience and went on to explain to Gary and the audience that Eloheim’s role is to facilitate us living the full potential of humanity. She emphasized the non-woowoo aspect of Eloheim’s teachings and confirmed that humanity is in a huge evolutionary moment, evidenced by the explosion of the internet.

Gary read an excerpt from one of Veronica’s books and that led into a great discussion on victimhood and choices with Veronica.

Eloheim, in turn, talked about operating from our clarity and the centered self. Gary asked Eloheim about tapping into the global consciousness and Eloheim went into depth about diversity, evolution, and the development of “superhero” powers like telepathy.

“Society is evolving,” no matter what the mainstream media tells you, says Eloheim.

You’ll definitely enjoy this intriguing interview with Veronica and Eloheim!

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LIVE on Beyond The Ordinary

Our topic is: Stop Matching Energy. Become the Energetic Leader this World Needs!

Eloheim and I are preparing for Tuesday’s call (Tuesday June 7th, 5pm Pacific) with John. We had an amazing time during our first call back in January and I know this one will be POWERFUL.

Eloheim will show you places where you are matching energy with the status quo and teach you how to catch this behavior in yourself. Then, from that clarity, how to transform your world!

Step-by-actionable step!

This call will be full of things you can do NOW! Easy to remember fun to apply tools and tips to start you on the path of profound transformation. Transform your experience of yourself and your relationships.

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May, 2016

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Interview ON DEMAND RealRawYOU

RealRawYou Interview
May 11

, 2016

With delight, host Jeneth Blackert says about Veronica and Eloheim’s work, “This is real, true, modern, cutting edge channeling.”

A fascinating and easy flowing interview! During the interview, Jeneth asked Veronica what Eloheim has access to – the past, the future, energy, information – in regards to helping people. Veronica explained Eloheim’s huge range available and how they use it to help folks be present, make changes, and take actionable steps.

Veronica went on to talk about a few of the numerous tools and teachings that Eloheim offers: Uncertainty, the Survival Instinct, and Favorite Familiar Suffering. In answer to the host’s questions, there was an in-depth discussion about how the body is the last to come on board – after ahas and decisions – as well as triggers, being a Creator or a Victim, the collaboration between the soul and the human, and what Comparing You to You means.

After Jeneth and Veronica shared the package offering, Eloheim joined the interview and had a wonderful question and answer session with the audience:

I’m feeling stuck professionally. Do you have any insight?
Lately, I’m surprised to find myself sensing a little girl in me. She feels like a victim, I don’t feel like that. What is that about?
I’m feeling called to take my business to another level and I’m scared.

Eloheim and Veronica were at their finest in this totally enjoyable interview!

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LIVE May 11th – RealRawYOU

Think back to a low-energy or no-energy day. Your body was telling you something. Did you ask it?

Chances are you did not. Chances are you pushed on while beating yourself up for not getting everything done

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, imagined you were a disappointment to others, or simply revisited past “failures.”

We all seem to have one, ‘Favorite, Familiar Suffering.’ It’s your #1 lie and it’s holding you back!

When facing uncertainty or trigger, we retreat into a type of “fake certainty” by replaying our favorite, familiar sufferings. We get a strange comfort because it’s familiar, yet we suffer because the repetition doesn’t have the power to transform anything; it just offers the same story over and over again.

We all have one, two or three favorite, familiar sufferings we revisit.

It could be concerns about money, relationships, weight and body issues. What’s yours?

You are not here to cope well until you die. You are here to thrive!

On this call, Veronica Torres, the channel for Eloheim, will offer you step-by-simple-step guidance (and fun to use tools) to transform your experience and start living a life you will love. Woo Hoo!

Please join us on May 11th at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT!
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100 Pin: 126308#
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Interview – Energetics of the Soul

energetics with me

Energetics of the Souls with Dana Louis Williams
Activate Your Gifts…Align with the wisdom of your soul!

You are here to be a chooser, to bring as much of your soul into the physical form as you allow, and to explore a free will zone-Earth. ~ wisdom from Eloheim

Each new interview Veronica and Eloheim give offers new insight and awareness to the audience, and this was no exception.

Dana’s interview with Veronica began with Veronica sharing her background story before they moved into a great discussion around the teachings of Eloheim. This, of course, was followed by a super interesting chat with Eloheim, as channeled by Veronica.

Feeling that the lack of a supportive community not only took a toll on her, but affected all of us doing this work, Veronica explained she was led to create an Eloheim community on Facebook, Connect with Eloheim. This is where those working with the teachings can share and and grow together, she said.

In response to a question from Dana, Veronica went into detail about getting messages from our non-physical helpers. It takes awareness and practice to pick up on the messages, she explained. She tells us that not only do we have internet on the computer, but that we also have an internal “galactic internet” available for guidance.

Veronica impressed upon us that Souls are here to learn and grow

, and that the soul is in partnership with the human during this process. Eloheim is here to help us humans to learn to be a full partner with the soul while on Earth.

Dana then asked Veronica to speak more about what’s going on with the planet and what might be coming up for us in the future.

During the final segment, you will be interested to hear how Eloheim answered Dana’s many fascinating and pertinent questions.

April, 2016

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Veronica Interview on In the Spirit

This interview is great and wasn’t really easy to access online so you probably didn’t hear it unless you listened on your radio in New York!
In the Spirit Radio Interview with Veronica March 24

, 2016

You Are a Chooser

This was a slower paced, thoughtful interview that introduced Veronica and Eloheim to the Upstate NY audience. The host shared a wonderful give and take conversation with Veronica as they discussed Eloheim’s body of work and how it affects people’s lives.

His questions ranged the gamut from Who is Eloheim? to What is the Soul? to What is the goal of the human being?

Veronica, as usual, added her own warmth and knowledge to the interview as she talked about the soul having a different perspective and how we are here to do more than cope with life. She emphasized that we are choosers in this life, and that every moment requires a choice of how to act and react, think and believe. Most importantly, we are here to explore uncertainty for our own personal growth.

Interview on People of Distinction AKA The Chocolate Voice Interview

People of Distinction Radio Show with Al Cole

The host with the “chocolate voice” charmed Veronica and Eloheim in this radio interview. During the first few minutes, Al chatted with audience alone before bringing on Veronica. He spoke of his own work, his understanding of what Veronica’s role as a “channel” is, and who Eloheim are, as channeled by Veronica.

Al’s very first question for Veronica was, how does a nice girl like you become a channel? Who is your community, he wondered, and who do you attract to this work?

After speaking with Veronica for a bit, Eloheim was introduced, and they expressed a great admiration for Al’s voice, referring to it as a “chocolate voice.” Al laughed and said he felt immediately comfortable with Eloheim – – as do most people.

Among Al’s questions for Eloheim were:

Why do you call yourself “we?”
Is Eloheim a part of the human family?
Is Earth the only planet to offer the opportunity to do what we do?
Following up on Eloheim’s previous answer, Al wondered about density, duality, and diversity.
Can human consciousness now give back something to Eloheim that will elevate them?
Do we ever get to a point where we are “there?” Where we have fulfilled the purpose?

What followed was a fascinating discussion about God/Prime Creator/Head Honcho and who then, exactly, is Eloheim in relationship to God. Briefly, Eloheim explained, “All That Is contemplated itself and in that contemplation, divided itself.” We are a part of that, they said, as Veronica is a part of us. Eloheim made it clear, “we are not God,” that we walk side by side with you. They acknowledged that this is all a very complex subject.

At this point, Al amused Eloheim with his “one more question” request. His one more question was about All That Is/Head Honcho’s reasons for wanting to know itself.

As a final question

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, Al wanted to know what Eloheim’s name for God was.

Learn more about Al here http://peopleofdistinction.org

March, 2016

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Interview on 11:11 Radio

11:11 Talk Radio with Simra Singh
Messages from Eloheim
March 21, 2016

Who is Eloheim? What is the difference between them and the other spiritual teachers and channelers?

These great questions by Simra jumpstarted an in-depth interview with Veronica and Eloheim.

Veronica revealed the fascinating story of how Council came into her life and into the channeled meetings, and then the host dove into Veronica’s book, Discovering You. Discovering You is book detailing a private session that Eloheim had with a client about healing unhealthy service mentality. It also addresses the conflict between humanity’s survival instinct, whose sole job is to keep us alive, and our desire for evolution and change.

When Eloheim joined the conversation, they discussed some profound questions asked by the host:

How do we emanate our truth in the midst of the apparent darkness, fear, and control going on?
Where is the bridge between our inner connection and the outer world?
What’s the distinction between being an activist with a cause and “standing on your heels” (one of Eloheim’s tools in the book)?
How does perspective and response change when you focus on your center, on your bone marrow, like Veronica previously mentioned that she has done?
What is the distinction between self awareness and self obsession? Can spirituality itself become an obsession?

To hear Eloheim’s responses to these fascinating questions and more

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, click here

Veronica Interview on Authors Talk About It

Authors Talk About It / We’re revealing the secrets behind their books.

Eloheim and Veronica: Discovering You: How To Know Yourself and Live Your Truth

In this short and lively interview minus any commercial breaks, Veronica describes what she does and what “channeling” really means. She also confirms that all of us can communicate with our own nonphysical helpers, aka the infinite and immortal version of ourselves, aka our souls. She shares with the hosts exercises to use in order to facilitate that communication. With great humor, the hosts share some of their own experiences with spirit communication with Veronica.

Veronica also discusses how terminology differs from one person to another and the real need to define what we our words mean to us so we’re better understood by others. She said that all her books have glossaries just for that purpose.

Out of the many books Veronica has written with Eloheim, Discovering You is the only private session Veronica has ever published

, of course with permission from the person who had the session. It is applicable to everyone and the themes are universal, full of tools to help you give the fullest version of yourself to the world.

Check out this lighthearted and fun interview. Veronica is scheduled to channel Eloheim on Authors Talk About It May 31, 2016 at 9am Pacific, so stay tuned for more entertainment from Authors Talk About It.



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