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This interview is great and wasn’t really easy to access online so you probably didn’t hear it unless you listened on your radio in New York!
In the Spirit Radio Interview with Veronica March 24

, 2016

You Are a Chooser

This was a slower paced, thoughtful interview that introduced Veronica and Eloheim to the Upstate NY audience. The host shared a wonderful give and take conversation with Veronica as they discussed Eloheim’s body of work and how it affects people’s lives.

His questions ranged the gamut from Who is Eloheim? to What is the Soul? to What is the goal of the human being?

Veronica, as usual, added her own warmth and knowledge to the interview as she talked about the soul having a different perspective and how we are here to do more than cope with life. She emphasized that we are choosers in this life, and that every moment requires a choice of how to act and react, think and believe. Most importantly, we are here to explore uncertainty for our own personal growth.