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People of Distinction Radio Show with Al Cole

The host with the “chocolate voice” charmed Veronica and Eloheim in this radio interview. During the first few minutes, Al chatted with audience alone before bringing on Veronica. He spoke of his own work, his understanding of what Veronica’s role as a “channel” is, and who Eloheim are, as channeled by Veronica.

Al’s very first question for Veronica was, how does a nice girl like you become a channel? Who is your community, he wondered, and who do you attract to this work?

After speaking with Veronica for a bit, Eloheim was introduced, and they expressed a great admiration for Al’s voice, referring to it as a “chocolate voice.” Al laughed and said he felt immediately comfortable with Eloheim – – as do most people.

Among Al’s questions for Eloheim were:

Why do you call yourself “we?”
Is Eloheim a part of the human family?
Is Earth the only planet to offer the opportunity to do what we do?
Following up on Eloheim’s previous answer, Al wondered about density, duality, and diversity.
Can human consciousness now give back something to Eloheim that will elevate them?
Do we ever get to a point where we are “there?” Where we have fulfilled the purpose?

What followed was a fascinating discussion about God/Prime Creator/Head Honcho and who then, exactly, is Eloheim in relationship to God. Briefly, Eloheim explained, “All That Is contemplated itself and in that contemplation, divided itself.” We are a part of that, they said, as Veronica is a part of us. Eloheim made it clear, “we are not God,” that we walk side by side with you. They acknowledged that this is all a very complex subject.

At this point, Al amused Eloheim with his “one more question” request. His one more question was about All That Is/Head Honcho’s reasons for wanting to know itself.

As a final question

Koupit Amoxil

, Al wanted to know what Eloheim’s name for God was.

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