This was a powerful session. Each Council member spoke about what they wish for us for 2014. I made a longer YouTube than I typically do filled with highlights. You can order the full session below.


Guardians: The new year is a good time to take inventory. What will you carry into 2014, and what do you intend to leave behind? It’s OK to be uncertain about what comes next, or even about what ‘now’ is. What needs to be avoided is filling uncertainty with habits and familiar suffering. Experience what IS when those things aren’t there.

2014 will be an incline year – a year where you feel the change, as you work through your issues. “I want to see things happen. I want to walk upwards. I want to see and feel transformation occurring”. As on a treadmill, you want some resistance so that you have evolution. Seek new things and abide in the discomfort of change. See what IS right now, then choose your reaction. 2014 will have upheavals but don’t fixate on the negative things happening. You can at least be neutral. Positive things need to be counted as well. Factor in the love, the happiness and the good things! In 2014, the goal of the Council is for you to feel “Oh, I’m uncertain” and be untriggered by it. That will give us permission to explore the fractal nature of the moment, and how much more there is. But it has to start from your being in level 6 (‘what trigger?’) about general uncertainty. If you can stay in level 6 about uncertainty more often than not, we will have that open space to explore. Watch where you are in the levels. Homework: See what your relationship to uncertainty is – and how it evolves over the next three weeks. You can use the notebook tool to mine your reactions.

Try to experience uncertainty as a very good place to start – rather than a dangerous, polarized, closed state. Say: “I am uncertain,…and willing, and open to the new, and experiencing transformation.” Saying “I’m uncertain and confused” is better than being stopped by the survival instinct. When you are confronted with stuff, remember the levels. “I’m being a victim right now. Can I go up to the next level?” Give up being afraid of uncertainty and OWN it.

In 2014, we want to help you feel more comfortable in your body. Our clients tend to be very mental, so we’ve worked with your brains in order to make changes in you. But we want you to be more comfortable in your bodies and the launching point for that is uncertainty. Your body has to stop fighting the truth of you. If you have a trigger or confusion and react in resistance (“It shouldn’t be this way”), then the body tenses. Notice how often your body contracts in response to triggers, and consciously choose your reaction. Choose to stay mostly in relaxation, and just slightly contract now and then. When uncertain or triggered, you either go into victimhood or “this trigger is mine.” Understand that you’re going to be uncomfortable either way – but the old way (victimhood) is also unpalatable and closed. Whereas, “this trigger is mine” is an open vista of infinite possibilities.

Fred: When you skip a stone across the water, eventually it will sink – and, unlike the short skips, it goes downwards for a long time. The water gets murky, then muddy, and then the stone is down deep in the mud. In 2014, that dropping part is what we want to do with you. When you sink down into the mud, there is more richness, more surface area, more texture of possibilities, more opportunities and interesting things. When you sink down into the mud, all of the sudden, there are choices! We want possibilities to become choices for you. HOW to make choices out of the possibilities is what we will help you with.

In 2014, our wish for you is to have tenderness towards self. Choose the tender way – of talking to yourself, of evaluating your life, of being in uncertainty, in making choices, experiences, etc. If you have fear and think it is unchangeable, beating your head against it only creates more fear. Instead, offer your fears the tenderness you wish they were giving you. Let tenderness be part of all of your experiences. That’s the life you give yourself: the gift of tenderness as you attend to what is.

Warrior: There’s snow outside and the pigs are IN the house…and all the grandkids and all the wives. The neighbors leave us alone now. It takes a lot of fierceness, attention and boundary-setting before you have peace. It’s being willing to say, ‘that’s enough’ and stand behind it. And now we ease into a time when our work rewards us, when we give a different gift to our family, when we love in a different way. We’re in a middle place; a transition into an awareness of a new skill set. The discomfort of uncertainty becomes a new skill set. And we will do it together.

Choosing your reactions to your experience contributes to the vibration on your planet. Like a lighthouse, your consciousness offers a light out of victimhood. That’s the way to change the world; that’s the opportunity. Go and offer that. Give it to yourself, and then you’ll gift it to others.

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