We had an amazing Q&A to close out the 2013 channeling sessions. We hold a Q&A on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Join us to ask your question. Learn more here.

David asked:
My question is regarding ambivalence about a potential girlfriend. Specifically what spiritual level does “ambivalence” fall in? It does not seem to fall in any of the spiritual levels, unless it is a mild form of duality. I also wonder if it could be associated energy blockage. Last year I thought that a girlfriend might be a good idea. Now, I have changed my mind for lots of good reasons. I am not currently looking for a girlfriend, but if one shows up under the right conditions, I might change my mind. However, since I have so many conditions, I suspect that the probability is low. I do not spend much time thinking about it, but it does pop up once in a while. Perhaps there are other choices that I can’t see. Eloheim, can you suggest another way of looking at this?

Saira and Birgit both asked:

I would be very grateful for anything you have to share about my energy, especially if there is something I am not seeing.

Denise asked:
I’m fatigued from the way I have been weighing and reweighing my plans to make spiritual changes, that may include a physical move, to be closer to community, friends and family. I’d love to see how you’d make this move. And Hey Eloheim, what about infinite possibilities?

Mark asked:
This week on Facebook prayers were asked for someone who attended the last retreat. It got me thinking.
I see prayers reinforcing or wanting to change whatever level of consciousness I am on. When I pray, is my personality talking with my soul – another person’s soul if I am praying for someone else – or ….

Nancy asked:
I don’t have a question, I’m looking at what’s in my lap and understand this is my choice and my journey. Please look at my energy now and see if I’m am staying the course.

Mellie asked:
With a history of being paid far less than my skill, experience and reviews warrant, I found out that yet ANOTHER junior person was making 20k more than I, while I was literally scraping coins out of my car for groceries. I’ve recently accepted a new job in my dream location for even less money than my last job, so I seem to be going in reverse. Why am I being chronically unseen, unvalued and unappreciated when I know how kick-ass I really am and when my preferences are strong? And how can I be so drawn to yet another step backwards? How do I get out of this cycle of attracting people and/or being attracted/fascinated by opportunities that either actually can’t or simply refuse to pay me what I need, want, and deserve.

Dorothy asked:
I had a totally different question written up earlier today, and then three hours ago I got a message from my Panama partners. We have been waiting unsuccessfully for an email answer for over two weeks from the owner of the B&B in Panama. Last month he offered us an opportunity on his own to do a rent to own of the B&B, said he wanted us to have it. Now he seems to be not replying to our questions. Today my friends are saying about his non-responses, Oh maybe this isn’t the right time or the right place. One said she has had the feeling all along that it would be February before we could move.
I’m saying, what?? You want to put this off again?? Needless to say, I am so not happy with this talk. I’m stunned. I thought we were all on board for a January departure date. I planned to give notice at work this week. I am ready to go. This leaves me feeling like I’m sitting on a huge pile of uncertainty and kind of let down. I am not abiding in the discomfort of this uncertainty very well at all!! In fact, I am angry to be honest. I feel so drawn there, so why has this been such a struggle to get there? I need some clarity, please.


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