Volume TWO of the Birth of The Council series includes transcripts of EIGHT Eloheim and The Council channeling sessions held between August 5, 2009 and September 23, 2009.

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The focus of VOLUME TWO is:
An overview of Eloheim’s teachings; a detailed discussion of the difference between judgment and preferences; and an exploration of the inquiry, will you say, “yes” or will you say, “habit.”

A reminder that when the consciousness-based operating system is in place, the body is built for bliss. When the fear-based operating system is in place, the body is built for paranoia.

Embrace the statement: “I am complete, yet I seek, and I am patient with me in the process.”

Instruction on using the senses in a new way as we ensoul our bodies, a discussion of the origins of the soul/body connection, how to heal from early wounds, and a deep exploration of shame and how we experience it.

Guidance on how to examine your fears and discover what your fears can teach you. In that discovery, you clear space for deeper interaction with the moment and learn how to bring the truth of you to the moment.

New Council members in VOLUME TWO:
A preview of the entire Council is included in the September 16, 2009 session although we didn’t know it at the time!

VOLUME TWO includes 21 tools:

Big toe, left elbow; Choose and choose again; Clarity vs. certainty; Color with all the crayons; Concurrent and cascading fears; Don’t be mean to yourself; I am willing; I don’t know anything; Mad scientist; Neutral observation; None of your business; Preferences/Judgments; Re-queue; Relanguaging; Script-holding; Superhero powers; This is happening for me; What am I afraid of?; What is in your lap?; What is true now?; You can’t have change without change.

Additionally, VOLUME TWO includes 134 definitions of terms and concepts. Including the new concept: Letting go of the rope.

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