This series includes questions Eloheim has answered during our public channeling sessions broken down by topic


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Life as a Light Worker

01 Ascension for beginners
02 Being helpful vs being of service
03 Healing service mentality
04 I have no energy
05 I feel lonely
06 New relationships and buffet friendships
07 Sex and spirituality
08 No change without change
09 From boredom to fascination
10 I’m too sensitive!
11 Strong and weak chakras
12 Soul group missions
13 Souls and superhero powers
14 What is birthing
15 Feeling valuable

Total 77 min – answers given in 2009-2011
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Price: $14.99

Coming Soon – Eloheim Answers:

Alternative Expressions
Be Inspired
The Body
Feelings and Clarity
Human Dynamics
Increase in Consciousness
Moving Forward