Eloheim gave us all tips for handling Fred’s energy and then Fred did it again! WOW! If you missed the first time that Fred showed us the energy of levels 10 and up, learn more here.

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Guardians: As you breathe, access your self-awareness, your presence, in your body. Gather yourself from that place. Be in alignment. If you wish to have more of what Fred gave you last week, you need to gather yourself and be open to the energetics. Don’t jump forward. Be present in your truth to experience what this experience brings forth from you. In the current moment, hold yourself in that experience. The deeper you integrate the energetics, the more it becomes an asset for you.

Visionaries: Last week, Fred gave you that taste of the higher levels in order to give you hope, but you called it in. Compare you to you, but in the correct way by not by chasing the past. “Progress is occurring. It’s different. What is true NOW?” Keep coming back to, how is it NOW? You can’t hang out with Fred (or your soul’s perspective) if you’re always going back into the past. Doing compare-you-to-you correctly will keep you in the present, where alignment can occur. Pull yourself into what is currently happening. If what-is-true-now is too painful to deal with, take a smaller slice to focus on. If you have many issues, pick one. Keep holding into whatever is currently going on. You’re never the same person, and each new moment is a unique window.

Eloheim: (Talked with a few people about their experience last week. It is difficult to have an experience like this for any length of time without having fears come up. If they do, label them. “This is the survival instinct.” Then ask if the survival instinct is overstepping its bounds. You can imagine fears like clouds hovering around you. Push them out, away from your center, and clear an open space inside you for insight to come in.

When you have a new experience, just be in the experience. Instead of mentally wondering what is happening, just BE in the new stuff. Be on this step, not projected on to the 50th step somewhere in the future. Don’t do duality or opposites. Opposites are an old coping mechanism,and not healing. Fascination leads to healing. Honor your process because you are all unique. Honor whatever it brings up in you. Compare you to you, not to everyone else.

Fred: Living in level 7, “It’s all me,” leads you naturally into Levels 8 and 9. “I am a unique view on this world. My existence in this world is to study and explore a series of unique opportunities to present my truth to a surrounding environment. Everything here is a reflection of me feeling the truth of me. I move to level 8 and I watch my truth move. I have no ability to understand the movement. It is not the goal to understand. I refuse to limit my experience to mere understanding to tell me who I can become. It is not allowed!” Fully integrating the truth of you leads to the choice-less choice. You cannot choose away the experience of being the truth of you embodied. Clarity becomes inescapable. Everything else drops away.(Fred gave us another experience of what’s on the other side). Be in fascination step by step. Start with “It’s all me” and watch it move,and you will FIND the experience of choice-less choice.

Matriarch: When you push the envelope, when you ask a lot of yourself,your body will feel it. The body will give you signals. Just ask, “Let’s see what is here. What’s now?”

Five sessions held in April, 2013

This package includes audio of all five and video of four sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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