An AMAZING session. The theme of the meeting was exploring the new energetic level we have reached and how to work step-by-step to continue our growth. Eloheim also explained how core aspects of their teachings have evolved and where we are now.

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I have been doing more stuff for work and at home, mostly reorganizing at this point. My back hurts a lot less and I have pretty much given up asking for something. Basically, my life is pretty good, though not a lot of fun since most of my time is spent working in one way or another. I also have no idea what I am supposed to be doing or learning from my current life experience so anything you have to share would be appreciated.

A lot of the time, I wonder if I’m on the right path in my life. My question to Eloheim, is What is my purpose in this lifetime?

I would so appreciate insight about the eczema on my legs. Since a stressful conversation with my graduate adviser back in 1999, I’ve had eczema to varying degrees on my shins and ankles. It started on my left lower leg and at some times it is on my right lower legs, as it is now. Sometimes it’s quite intense, and other times it calms down and is almost gone for awhile. I think – based on how it started – that there could be an underlying emotional issue, but haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. I’ve tried various topical and systemic treatments and dietary changes, as well as EFT and energy healing, which help for short spurts. Do you have any other ideas about this?

Experiences with the Fred energy have been very exciting, balancing and motivating.
I am feeling emotional, sensitive, sad and over-whelmed. At the same time I am feeling empowered, amazed and very grateful with the results that your work bring into my life. Can you look at my energy and see if there is anything you can share with me?

I’m tired of poverty and being undervalued, overwhelmed & exhausted. Every time I believe i can positively influence my situation it seems I’m whacked back two steps – it seems like a continual cruel joke. I’m always underwater. I can’t seem to get past these feelings of anger and entitlement to more than I’ve been able to achieve, considering good intentions and a whole lot of sweat… Now 2 recent oracle readings were ambiguous warnings, and I’m afraid. How can I break through of this heaviness, once and for all, to thrive fully? The answer to my core emotion “is this good enough for me” is NO.

I’ve been in a blanket of depression recently. I haven’t gone into “I suck” too much and I feel better today. I’ve also noticed some small but encouraging you-to-you comparisons, with less fear and more grace. But my life in still extremely boxed in and I’m really losing trust that this will ever change. This brings up a lot of deep sadness and discouragement. Is there anything you can say to address this stuck-ness?

When you live consciously how do you live your life co working with the “all that is” GOD as you do yourselves. This has to beyond Bliss.

I am having this gnawing pain in the upper left side of my neck near the base of my head. It travels down and ends before left shoulder. This pain is different. It feels more gnawing and heavy. I have a lot of great projects in the works and I have noticed that when I get ready to work on something that the gnawing pain seems to become heavier and then I typically would go and lay down because of the pain. SO…I had the idea to sit with the projects and start working on them internally…feeling the energy or excitement about the project and imagining how I would go about working on it. Then what I noticed is that the project seemed to feel more within reach rather than something that felt out of reach. Can you take a look at that spot in my neck and see what is energetically there…it feels very heavy and gnawing.

Five sessions held in April, 2013

This package includes audio of all five and video of four sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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