COLLECTION THREE of the Homo Spiritus Sessions includes transcripts of EIGHT Eloheim and The Council channeling sessions held between October 27, 2010 and December 15, 2010.

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The focus of COLLECTION THREE is:
The focus of the spiritual journey is, “I want healing above all else.” The path of healing includes learning how to be comfortable in “I don’t know.” It’s very rare to abide in “I don’t know” comfortably, yet that is the place where all revelation occurs. Until you decide you don’t know it all, there’s nothing more you can learn.

Look for the places where you want to hide from your truth. Uncertainty will bring you into the moment and uncertainty with the moment will take you into Homo spiritus on the path of ascension.

You show people how to love you by the way you love yourself, and by the way you love yourself you will be known. Respect yourself enough to set boundaries and love yourself enough to be kind to yourself as you’re doing it.

COLLECTION THREE includes 32 tools: Big toe, left elbow; Candle wax; Choose and choose again; Clarity vs. certainty; Color with all the crayons; Don’t be mean to yourself; Equal signs; Feelings are not emotions; Film in the camera; How ridiculous does it have to get?; I don’t know anything; I’m tempted to; Lay it down and walk away; Look out the window; Money mantra; Neutral observation; Preferences/Judgments; Re-queue; Script holding; Short, factual statements; Shovel or ladder; Strongest chakra; This emotion is a choice; This is happening for me; Velcro; Vulnerability vs. weakness; What am I afraid of?; What is in your lap?; What is true now?; Who answers the door?; You can’t have change without change; and You to you (compare).

Additionally, COLLECTION THREE includes 131 definitions of terms and concepts.

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