COLLECTION TWO of the Homo Spiritus Sessions includes transcripts of EIGHT Eloheim and The Council channeling sessions held between September 1, 2010 and October 20, 2010.

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The focus of COLLECTION TWO is: You can’t say no to the truth of you because it makes other people uncomfortable. Contemplation of your inner self emanates your truth. Take the time and make the effort to find things to love about yourself, no matter how mundane they may seem. Your soul cannot access the places where you don’t love yourself. Only compare you to you. Find even the smallest measurable amount that feels like progress. It doesn’t have to be stupendous to be something wonderful. In the same way that you can choose to change your physical body through exercise or lifting weights, you can choose to change your life by attending to your triggers. Form a new relationship to triggers in order to become a better friend to yourself. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner self. You “put the film in the camera” and see what is shown “on the screen” of your life. It can’t get to the movie screen unless you put it in the camera.

COLLECTION TWO includes 28 tools: Big toe, left elbow; Clarity vs. certainty; Color with all the crayons; Equal signs; Feelings are not emotions; Film in the camera; How ridiculous does it have to get?; I don’t know anything; Lay it down and walk away; Look for the wink; Look out the window; Money mantra; Neutral observation; Preferences/Judgments; Script holding; Short, factual statements; Shovel or ladder; Superhero powers; This emotion is a choice; This is happening for me; Velcro; Vulnerability vs. weakness; What am I afraid of?; What is in your lap?; What is true now?; Who answers the door?; You can’t have change without change; and You to you (compare).

Additionally, COLLECTION TWO includes 131 definitions of terms and concepts including the new terms: Fred’s portal and Monk in the marketplace.

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