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The Guardians started off the meeting of November 3, 2010 with a bang. They challenged us to bring the truth of us forward in our fields. Eloheim took over and used the example of a crazy, busy day I had recently to explain how we can do this.

If you are a very psychic, intuitive, or empathic person, you will likely find this video clip especially supportive.

Eloheim refers to the Film in the Camera tool several times during this clip. If you are not familiar with this new tool, please click here.

They also mention the vulnerability vs. weakness tool. That tool was first introduced on 5-26-10 (click here for that meeting). Here is a Eloheim describing it:

Say you’re in a relationship and you feel like you’re falling in love and you want to tell the person you’ve fallen in love with them. That’s a big moment, right? Weakness would be God, I’m in love with this person but what if they don’t love me back? How’s it going to affect me? Oh God, oh God, oh God. That place. Vulnerability is the truth is the truth and I’m in love with this person. Weakness would be I really respect this person, I enjoy their company, I like spending time with them, and I want to tell them that but how are they going to receive that or then maybe once they know I like them so much they’ll use that to manipulate my feelings or manipulate my actions or try to get stuff out of me. Vulnerability is I really like your company and I can still set boundaries even if I admit that. I like your company and if you start acting like an idiot I’m going to not like your company and I’m going to move on from there. See the difference? It’s really important.

Weakness comes energetically from a low vibrational place when you ask yourself to hide the truth of you. Vulnerability is a strength that’s revealed when you’re willing to tell the truth of yourself. And vulnerability doesn’t require action on other people’s parts. Weakness is afraid of what other people are going to do or needing them to do something in order for you to feel safe. Vulnerability says this is the truth and I also get to keep setting boundaries. It’s like neutral observation. It only works if you have boundaries involved. So I can be vulnerable with you and keep setting boundaries. A lot of times you think, like, you profess your love or if you let someone know that you care about them or, or, or, or, that that then means you’re a doormat for them. Like they can hurt you now randomly. But it’s this is my truth, and if you start acting like an idiot that’s going to change. It’s not that I’m going to keep loving you and you get to keep making me feel like an idiot. It’s I love you and that means that there is a certain level of respect and a certain level of interaction that I want to continue having with you. And too often, as soon as you profess your love for someone it means ‘and I’ll take whatever shit you’ll dish out.’ I love you and I’m basically putting you on notice that I’m taking this very seriously and things I take very seriously also get all my attention when it comes to boundaries.

The meeting continued with contributions from each of the Council members. You can watch the entire meeting or download the audio recording by following the links below.

11-03-10 ~ 79 minutes


Guardians: Opened the meeting by asking us to open up our heart chakras. They asked us to move our truth to the front of ourselves, and in doing so, offered to help us clear any debris that we kick up along the way.

Visionaries: Talked with us about this being a point where we’re walking a fine line, and that in believing and trusting that we do in fact create our realities, we can no longer fall back to old devices of victimhood and ignoring our own truths.

Eloheim: A deep discussion of how “I don’t know” can be a position of great openness and opportunity. If we can allow ourselves to be comfortable in “I don’t know,” we can be open to more of the truth of ourselves. “You don’t have to be afraid; instead, you can be open to explore.”

The Girls: Made the statement: Until you love yourself, you have nothing to offer the world. Then expanded on the idea, and went into the “I don’t know.” They advised: It’s very rare to abide in the “I don’t know” comfortably, and yet that is the place where all the revelation occurs. Until you decide you don’t know it all, there’s nothing more you can learn.

Warrior: Continued their story, this week, leaving the village where they found Riley, the three-headed dog. They’ve added a lot to their group since the beginning of their story, and compare this to us and how we’ve added so much to our experience, but aren’t sure yet how all the elements fit in. “How exactly does it fit in to walk around with the truth of me? How exactly does it fit in to walk around in clarity?” This led to an exploration of integration, balance, and awareness.

Fred: As you walk the truth of you, you cannot hold energetics that are in opposition to that. You shed them. Fred advises us to do this, and also to ask the Guardians to do a bit of housekeeping as we shed.

Matriarch: Closed the meeting by reminding us that they experience us in our already-ascended state. They told us that all they see between each of us and the ascended state is a preconceived notion of limitation.


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