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November, 2014

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Visionaries talk about Ambition – Transcript

We had a tremendous session on October 22nd.

This is the transcript of the Visionaries section. We started off with a bang and built from there!

Watch the entire session on demand!
October 22, 2014

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Eloheim and The Council meeting 10-22-2014



That’s not a word we talk about very often, is it? Ambition. Ambition! Ambition. When you don’t have to fight through your previous problems all the time, when you’re not constantly waking up in the stance of, “I’ve got issues of various natures,” you can have ambition. You can have dreams, you can have new focuses, and you can have ideas about what more you want in your life.

Now, ambition is one of those words that kind of leaves a bad taste in peoples’ mouths because typically it’s defined as: you step on somebody else to get to where you want to go. That’s not the kind of ambition we’re talking about. The kind of ambition we are talking about is: you want to be bigger. You want to do the thing you came here to do. You want to answer that call within yourself to make a difference. To be all that you can be. That’s ambition.

The thing about ambition is – when it’s not twisted to look like just a weird way of running the survival instinct – it offers you surface area for expression. Continue Reading…

February, 2014

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We are all just Fixing our Fears ~ 2014-01-22

The three meetings in January 2014 were some of the most powerful we have ever held. The January 22nd session blew me away. The YouTube is part of The Visionaries section. It set the tone for each of The Council members to share their insights on seeing and experiencing 2014 in a brand new way. I loved how The Council passed the baton to each other and built on what was shared before.

I know I feel completely different and so many new opportunities are opening up for me. I find myself stunned by what I’m experiencing. I actually sat and wept with the magnitude of the shift. I didn’t cry from fear or sadness. I cried from awe.

I highly recommend that you watch this entire session.

January 22 ~ Full Council – Audio/Video ON DEMAND

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Continue Reading…

November, 2013

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Energies of 2014 ~ 11-27-2013

Eloheim had been talking with me about the topic for this session for about a week before we held it. I was so keen to hear what they had to say and I could clearly see where I was “seeing danger in all stimulus.” Eloheim’s part is rather long for a YouTube and since The Visionaries decided to do the “energies of 2014” I decided to make their section the YouTube. However, you can hear Eloheim and the rest of the Council ON DEMAND by following the instructions below.


We come here to help you live the life you desire, to learn to default to new patterns of behavior, to learn to move through the things that present themselves to you, to help you be who you wish to be. This unique lifetime is an opening. There is something here for you that has never been here before. Rise to the occasion and allow things to unfold again and again. Seize the opportunity with both hands. Don’t let old patterns dictate who you are.

Visionaries: 2014 is the year of incline, as in turning on the incline setting on a treadmill. The incline is not about difficulty but about the opportunity of making steady progress toward your goal. You will be different and your progress and its rewards will be more obvious. You will feel transformation occurring; you will FEEL change moving into uncertainty. As you evolve into a more uncertain state, watch out for victim hood, clear static, and look for tangible evidence of growth. Use the tools to help you stay comfortable in the uncertainty. Stay in the moment. “I’m supporting myself in transformation.”
Continue Reading…

August, 2012

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I Wait ~ A Place of Power ~ 2012-08-15

Our August 15th session included The Guardians, The Visionaries, Eloheim, Fred, and The Matriarch.

The Guardians started it off by describing the energy of “opportunity” they felt in the room.

The Visionaries message was my FAVORITE Visionaries message thus far. I have included it in the YouTube video below. Continue Reading…

You Are Not Dead!!!! 2012-08-08

Our Eloheim and The Council channeling session of August 8th was VERY powerful. The Guardians, The Visionaries, Eloheim, and The Warrior all contributed to the conversation about what happens when you abide in your triggers and discover what they are covering up. Continue Reading…

July, 2012

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Quarantine Obsessive Thinking! ~ 7-18-2012

The July 18, 2012 channeling session focused on expanding the Notebook tool. All seven Council members offered their insights. Continue Reading…

August, 2011

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You Show Up Saying: I Want My Life To Be Different

We are here to help you do what it is you wish to do. It is not our agenda being played out. It is your desire being extracted from our abilities. You are pulling from us everything that you ask for. This is why we ask you to ask us questions because you’re drawing out of us that which you need, that which you want. You’re showing up saying, “I want my life to be different. I want it different and I want it different soon and I’m willing. I’m willing to align my free will with this and I’m willing to be in the energy of transformation and sometimes it’s really hard and challenging but I want what’s on the other side. I want it and I want it now.” Visionaries 6-15-2011

July, 2011

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How to Find the Clarity Beneath Your Uncertainty 7-27-2011 ~ Part 1

Our recent Eloheim and The Council channeling session of July 27, 2011 was quite unusual. We spent nearly the entire meeting discovering, “The clarity beneath your uncertainty.” Be sure to have something to write on/with when you listen so you can participate in the quick, but powerful exercise Eloheim designed for this meeting. This meeting is part 1 in the uncertainty series. See 8-3-2011 for the next part.

I received this email after the meeting:
“Thanks for the very interesting session this evening, it has already provided a new slant on things.”

This comment was posted on my Face Book page:
“I have never seen an exercise that cuts to the quick like that!”


Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


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The Night It All Changed! Fresh Perspective on the Physical ~ 7-20-2011

Our channeling sessions continue to ramp up and get more powerful each week. The session of July 20, 2011 included Fred saying, “This is the most important question we have ever asked you,” and the Matriarch saying, “You were here the night it all changed.” Wow!

The Guardians: Led us in an exercise to practice bringing our soul’s perspective into our bodies. “Allow the awareness of your surroundings to be drawn into your physical body.”

The Visionaries: (YouTube video below) Summarized their teachings. Laid the foundation for the rest of the meeting. “A fresh perspective on the physical.”

Eloheim: The Council’s focus at this time is to help you integrate your soul’s perspective. Answered many questions from the group about the ways they are connecting to their soul’s perspective. Follow up on the conversation from the previous meeting about aging parents.

The Girls: Clarified an idea that Eloheim had a hard time putting into words using car and gambling metaphors! (That doesn’t happen every day) “We feel you on the edge of a big jump.” Explained how The Council sees our energy and how they use what they see to help us.

Fred: “You are dancing on the edge of uncertainty and surprise. Look for places in your life where you are uncertain so that you can dance in them. Can you dance and delight in uncertainty and surprise? We have never asked you a more important question.”

The Warrior: “Go back to, ‘What is my current truth?’ in the long journey of surprise. Seek the truth of the truth of you, it’s a good companion.”

Matriarch: “You were here on a night when everything changed. You can’t turn back the tide of this energetic shift.”

Download the audio recording and/or watch the video replay of this meeting:
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Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


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How to Experience Oneness Even When You Don’t Understand Others ~ 7-13-2011

Powerful session! So many amazing ideas are covered in this recording:

The Guardians: Allow yourself to know you’re part of the all, part of the one. Let yourself fully embody the part that you have decided to experience. The ascension path connects you to your body more deeply. The physical is the pathway to Homo spiritus.

The Visionaries: (YouTube video below) Profound description of “oneness.” A review of service mentality: Are you reaching over the “big issue” in your life to tell someone else how they should be living?

Eloheim: Reveled in how powerful the Visionaries’ message was. Reviewed and clarified the idea that “it can’t be happening in your external world unless it’s true in your internal world” using the example of the Rupert Murdoch news organization hacking into cell phone records. How to apply the “Go to the bathroom” tool when you find yourself in a conversation full of judgements. Reviewed the “10 things” tool with an example from the group about how well it is working. Eloheim closed their section with an AMAZING talk about aging parents, our “heart’s desire” for a good mommy, how we can be a good mommy for ourselves, and how we can release mommy and daddy from the role that they were never able to fill.

The Girls: “Since you are always looking for growth, it is really easy to find places where you wish you were parented differently. Nurture yourself. What can you do in this moment to help you with the desire for a feeling of being nurtured?”

Fred: “We feel an embraced, supportive, loved, I see you, energy in the room.”

The Warrior: Talked about his love for his wife Marianna and described her strength. Spoke about leadership, “True leaders know the truth of themselves.”

Matriarch: “Energetically you all feel like you are within ’embracing distance.'” Summarized the meeting and expressed gratitude to the group.


Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


Price: $8.99

On 7-12-2011 I was interviewed on the Every Day Connections program. This was a fun interview and one of the only interviews I’ve done where I didn’t channel! We talked a lot about how I have applied Eloheim’s teachings in my life. We discussed other spiritual concepts as well.


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