The July 18, 2012 channeling session focused on expanding the Notebook tool. All seven Council members offered their insights. The YouTube clip is The Visionaries encouraging us to quarantine obsessive thinking.

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Visionaries: The notebook tool can empower you to see what’s there. It give you an opportunity to see the moment in a new way, and to make other choices. Every thought must be examined. And, when obsessive thinking clears up, what fills that quiet spot? We’d like it to be filled with insight from your soul, or awareness through your body. Quiet means that you’re not in static, nosiness and storytelling, and it gives you the opportunity to emanate a high vibration. It is a great gift and you give it by breathing. But you can only give it if you have it, and have given it to yourself.

Eloheim: Continued discussion of the notebook tool and how it has affected people. Besides making you more conscious about your thoughts, writing it down also uses a different part of your brain. It gets you out of that habitual thing where you have one little mobius strip that you live in. The tool very, very quickly and profoundly reveals the underlying energetic that are going on within you, and the other truths going on in your life.

Eloheim noted our tendency, when we don’t get what we want, to go into resilience (“It doesn’t matter; I’ll figure it out; I’ll soldier on…”) rather than the authenticity of our real feelings. You don’t have to navigate your life from a place of resilience. Instead, go into ‘what is true now’. If something sucks, it sucks! Acknowledge what you experience and then see what that acknowledgment brings up. “What is it showing me?” This isn’t about wallowing in discomfort, but about learning what it reveals in you. “This just might crack me open.” You can also put your experience on the musing shelf for awhile, if that feels right.

Fred: Talked about the joys of tunneling – he as a bus-sized creature on another planet – and us as we tunnel into our minds to create new neural pathways. “I get to decide which way my thoughts go.” When you go about creating these new neural pathways, create some fun ones, some good ones, and some that bring you back to neutral observation. Create that neural pathway that gives you the opportunity to connect to insight from your soul.

The Girls:
Liked the idea of how we’ve leaned on resilience instead of authenticity. There is indeed an authentic part of your experiences that you want to cover up and deny. But to acknowledge, and be willing to learn from it – to tell yourself that truth – is the loving thing to do. It wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t your creation, so explore the truth. Use short, factual statements to divide up what you normally would just throw into resilience, denial or upset.

The Warrior: Took the group on a walk together, starting off in the forest, being hyperaware of the body and the surroundings. Took us to a creek, then to a small waterfall and eddy, where we sit down and look into the water. We see a fish and then roll on our backs to see the tips of the trees bending and swaying. Live in the moment. Be in fascination and give it time to unfold, until it’s stops being the fascinating thing. “Am I going to pay attention to my creation, or am I going to habituate it away?” Even though it requires attention, you will build this new neural pathway, and you will find yourself in a more natural state.

Matriarch: We are the still center. You can call on our energy for that support – for you to be in your still center right there in the middle of you – to be in that awareness of you, that truth, that authenticity. It’s such a gift to give yourself, to be aware of that place.


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