We had a great Q&A with Eloheim on July 15, 2012. The focus was “living your truth” and the various questions allowed Eloheim to offer many perspectives on the process. Early in the meeting they talked about putting the “stuff” you might be done with in a big plastic bag and leaving it in the middle of the living room as a way to help you see if you are REALLY done with it or not. The video clip offers expanded insight on this idea and includes additional ways to use it.

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Here is a list of questions answered during this session.
I’m interested in doing the new notebook tool that you gave Randy. Please help me work out what my most obsessive thoughts are so that I can use this tool properly. I have 3 areas where I am aware I have plenty of low vibrational obsessive thoughts:

1. Firstly is in the area of “shoulds & shouldn’ts” – where I am projecting stuff onto others and not wanting to look at what’s in my lap.

2. This is the arena of “I have to do or know or be or have or discover more” .. and is linked with a fear of me not keeping up or being left behind.

3. This one is linked to my Core emotion – I am always wondering what others will think about me and about what I say or about how I look or about how I behave. And I spend a lot of time checking every fault on my body and holding back stuff from others because I worry about what they will think and not getting approval.

Please let me know which area would be best for me to use the notebook tool on so as to provide me with the highest vibrational results.

I want to understand if there is more to learn and to contribute in the workplace I’m currently in, which is gradually feeling less appealing and more dense to me. I feel like it’s time to go, in one sense. Yet I am not getting a clear sign or new opportunity right in front of me. Is there something I’m missing? I think I need to be bonked over the energetic head to get it! Is it really time for me to go? Am I blocking a new opportunity? It occurs to me that I have a little fear of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Ideally I’d like to develop my own business, and have some ideas for that, and b/c of financial constraints, I would need to do that while I’m working for someone else initially. And I’ve had a hard time finding the time, energy and mental space to develop a business so far in this job, because it has demanded a lot of me. I so appreciate any nudging in the direction of my highest expression on this one!

I would like for you to have a general look at my energy in order to assist me with where I am at right now.

I would like to ask your assistance in helping me to bridge my inner guidance with acting on it. I get premonitions and intuitive answers on questions or different live situations but by rationalizing I talk myself out to act upon information received. Would you, please help me to trust myself enough.

Despite all the examples about what the work does to one’s body, I continue to have symptoms of body ache, low energy and pain in the left shoulder & neck. I am fascinated by the fact that on some days I can have such low energy that I am almost unable to get out of bed and then suddenly when I get myself into the Yoga room – irrelevant of if I teach or do Yoga – my energy level is so very high for these 90 minutes. I have a feeling that it is getting worse as I dive deeper into the work and that I am overlooking something,

Could you shed some light on any areas that I need to focus on more or if I need to see something that I am not seeing.

First, thank you for giving the head’s up about short-term discomfort during this time. I found it fascinating that my first choice a couple weeks ago was to have my parents sell their house and experience a moment of being homeless, a new job offer and moving out of the house in a 9 day period. I worked the tools every moment. One of my A-ha’s was feeling like I was in a hurricane and all these pieces that I no longer need came off of me. I also felt a little like going through a meat grinder and emerged a new person. Here is my question: Is there a part of me that I left behind that I need and what can I do as I move to a new location to live my highest self?

I have been experiencing a lot of AHA’S and right now I am getting triggered by the amount of them. I feel like there is a lot of shit I have been unconscious about that has been coming to the surface. Like when The Girl’s said it’s like cleaning the closet…you pull a lot of stuff out and it seems like you are making a bigger mess. It brings up an anxiety in me about how unconscious I am…I feel it may be linked to a fear of craziness…past life maybe? I also have been realizing how people I interact with daily are having radically different experiences than I am having in regards to the same experience…so much so that I see myself thinking could I have it wrong? Is there an absolute truth to any experience or can I just go off in the direction that I want without looking back at other people’s experience to try to find the true perspective?

I have done a lot of work around my thoughts about money, and for many years I have been living with the belief that I can live how I want to, and the financial resources will always be there to support me. It has helped me uncover what I am afraid of behind the fear of being destitute, and I have been able to accomplish amazing things. I began to realize recently that the excess in my life is wearing on me. I have too much stuff, and waste a lot. I feel as if my bank account has gotten especially low in the past few weeks in an attempt to get me to deal with my surplus, perhaps because I am seeking clarity. The issue I’m having now is the tendency to go back to fear based thinking and lack around money. Even when I think I’m busting through the fears and becoming conscious, my husband will script hold for me and show me I am still not past this fear based thinking. I would very much like to live in moderation: Knowing that there is abundance and that it is available always for me, but that I can live simply as well. Is there anything you could share with me about my energy, or something that I’m not getting, that would help me to live in this middle ground?

Why do I still feel this big pressure to do it right or that I will not be true to my truth there is a loud heavy feeling in me that very much feels like when you are taking a test for school and you aren’t sure if you have studied enough. I guess I feel a bit lost because I used to use others opinions or feelings to make my decisions because that was the loudest thing. Now I’ve come to making my decisions based on my own truth and maybe there’s a part of me that isn’t used to listening to myself and trusting that I know better than everyone else about what’s ‘good’ for me. I see that I have given myself the opportunity to see how it feels to stick to my guns by not running away from my custody battle and having such a long time allowed to me before moving away as well as having the decision based on an authority figure – the court. I have handled that ok. My navigation system was stolen out of my vehicle the other day and it made me laugh as that is what I feel like inside. So my question is what would be a good assignment for me to replace the temptation to reach for things in my life to tell me I’m right or wrong and instead have more of the energetic of trusting my responsibility of my own empowerment.


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