Hello everyone!
Last Wednesday’s meeting was “one of the most impact-full” meetings we have ever had. Eloheim started the meeting by drawing a picture which illuminated their new idea: The Discernment of the Why.

As we realize we create our reality and we take responsibility for our creations, how do we discern WHY we created what we have created and how do we shift that creation to something we prefer?

I have to agree with the emails I have been receiving, Eloheim’s explanation and examples have sunk so deeply into me. It is quite remarkable. I find myself looking at my life in a brand new way.

Your external world is the movie screen of your internal journey. Why is that film in your camera?

The conversation about this specific subject took way more time than a YouTube video allows, but the Visionaries’ section was equally powerful (and shorter) so I have clipped their comments this week.

The Girls and The Warrior also left me shaking my head with wonder. It really was a remarkable meeting. You can watch the entire meeting or download the audio recording using the links below.

The YouTube video is of much higher quality because I finally got the fancy new camera set up properly and we are using it both for our broadcasts and our recordings!

Eloheim: Drew a picture [included in file] to illustrate their point: Your outer world is a reflection of your inner self. You “put the film in the camera” and see what is shown “on the screen” of your life. It can’t get to the movie screen unless you put it in the camera. Eloheim took questions and examined them deeply to illustrate this new tool.

Visionaries: Expanded on the idea of static by saying: Just as we’ve talked to you about triggers are the handholds on the climbing wall of ascension, static is your playground. They advise us to see static as the valuable tool that it is. Growing through your static gives you the opportunity to get to serenity and bliss.

The Girls: Explained that the vibratory rate of self-love is extraordinarily high and it can help you very, very much in moving into a more conscious experience.

Warrior: Continue their story, this time going in search of a marauding beast. They invite you us to experience the moment more fully, no matter what we may fear. They advise: When you experience something, don’t have a preconceived notion of it. Don’t decide ahead of time what is actually happening. Allow yourself to be aware in the moment of what is happening.

Fred: Came in and did a bit of silent housekeeping on our crown chakra portals, with some help from the Guardians.

Matriarch: Decided to enjoy their own experience of the meeting, feeling the energetics of each Council member as they interact with us.


Audio downloads from the five meetings held in October, 2010


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