Today I begin a new series of posts with guest author Randy Sue Collins. This new series will focus on YOUR stories about how Eloheim’s teachings have affected your life. Do you have a story to contribute? Please email it to

From Randy Sue,

One Wednesday night, I asked Eloheim about the confusion I was seeing in my 19 year old daughter. She was feeling lost and didn’t know how to get back on her track.

Eloheim read my energy and said part of her confusion was due to feeling stuck as a little girl place in our relationship and I was not helping by wanting to keep her there.

During this tearful conversation Eloheim suggested since our culture does not have this kind of ritual, that we create some kind of ceremony celebrating her passing into adulthood.

So I did, and what was created became a day of love, open hearts, rousing conversation and amazing transformation.

We had 19 people in our circle who witnessed the ceremony that included Devon cutting the ribbon which was tied between our wrists symbolizing Mommy/Little Girl moving to Mother/ Adult Daughter. Also the lighting of 2 candles symbolizing her passing childhood and entering adulthood, ending with everyone in the circle handing Devon a rose while telling about what has changed for themselves at 19 and wishing her well in her adult life.

That was a very powerful part of the ceremony. Everyone had something wonderful and heartfelt to say in our sacred circle. The energy was safe, warm and trusting which enabled even those who normally would not open up to bare their souls and shed some tears.

It was a beautiful thing to see and we followed up with a feast for all. I would recommend anyone having some sort of passing-into-adulthood ceremony for their child when the child is ready to receive it. It’s not about what age they are, but when they are ready to cut the ribbon.

Randy Sue Collins

If you would like to hear the meeting where Eloheim and Randy Sue had this conversation, please follow this link and choose the 5-11-2011 session.