Visionaries: As you move into the end-of-the-calendar season, be on guard about the habits of the holidays. Be aware when you’re choosing habit. Ask: “what really enriches me? What truly fuels me?” The new year also brings in a wave of transformational energy. The sense of another year being gone can push on you in new ways. Let the wave buoy you up into Awareness, not knock you down into habit and patterns. You want all the fuel you can get right now, to ride the wave that pulls you upwards.

Eloheim: We observe you trying to be certain about your uncertainty – by making a list of all that you are uncertain about, etc. The tendency to look for certainty about your uncertainty is a coping mechanism. But what genuinely helps is to just own the moment. “I am not trying to avoid now, and I’m monitoring the choices that I’m making about the fact of it.” Nothing is happening in error. It’s all experience that is enriching you. So let whatever is happening now BE what you want, instead of approaching it in distrust, instead of being in outcome. Uncertainty is your natural state. “I’m confused. YES.”

When you find yourself tempted to get into habits, try a new “instead.” What do you do instead? What fascinates you? Notice your patterns and don’t choose old patterns to go with the new energy. Commit and recommit every moment; catch yourself looking for certainty. Rest in “I don’t know, and that doesn’t scare me. I am uncertain about everything, and that’s just fine”. Uncertainty means “I don’t know yet.” It doesn’t mean danger. Being uncertain all the time is actually a beautiful thing. Uncertainty is where true creativity and connection are possible.

You can’t get manifestation by being in certainty. It is uncertainty that allows all possibilities and opportunities. Emanate out – stay in your clarity and keep open. “I have these needs, wants, desires, etc.” Then wait. Abide in the uncertainty – and not in an imagined outcome. You decrease the time lag in manifesting by decreasing static.

Homo sapiens (unstated fears) and Homo spiritus (consciousness) are two entirely different things. A Homo spiritus stance feels different, so you have to abide in the discomfort of that. Keep choosing this uncertain moment, instead of the fake certainty of habits and fears.

This is big. The sooner you evolve your relationship with uncertainty, the faster things will transform. Embracing the now, embracing the uncertainty, opens up the blinders that you have on your head. It opens doors and decreases static. It leads to being in the state of: “It’s all me. It’s always been me.”


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