Our monthly (3rd Sunday) Q&A with Eloheim was March 17th. We had a great time!!! Join us next time here.

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I really enjoyed how Eloheim was able to tie multiple questions together and build on the answers as the meeting went along.

It really shows how Eloheim brings the teachings of the entire session into one question.

Questions answered during the March 17, 2013 session

My son (5) has been suffering from this trilogy skin-lungs-digestive system problems since birth. Is there anything I can do for him other than being stable within myself?


I have been doing the 10-ads exercise on and off. I don’t come across much that fascinates me and I feel guilty about it. There’s a job that might be possible but it’s everything I do not like. So far I didn’t magnetize anything to me that I would like. Do I have to come up with what’s exactly compatible with my being? Is it that there’s nothing suitable for who I am now? Energetically where am I with this?


I feel an incredible sense of well being today and as you scan my energies, perhaps you can tell me how I may continue to maintain and enhance these feelings of all-is-wellness.


I am stuck in level 2 today.

A few days back, I was listening to a private session I had with you some months back where you repeatedly said to me “You’re doing it to yourself” You were trying to drum into me that all my static was self-generated and you asked me to ask myself why I kept talking myself out of following my insight to take action on things that are my natural emanation … like I am always 2 steps forward and then 2 steps back. You said my biggest fear is the fear of being big. It’s true, right now I am feeling intense fear of persecution, of being ridiculed and looking like some weirdo, which works with my unhealed core emotion of caring too much about what others think and then trying to tailor myself to what I think they want of me. My healed core emotion is, Knowing and acting on my truth brings fulfillment.

Yesterday I was looking through some Ebay adverts and I saw one for a parrot cage. I started to feel very upset at the ignorance of people who would cage such a beautiful bird that is meant to be able to fly freely …. a few minutes later, it was as if someone had punched me hard in my solar plexus and I was finding difficulty in breathing and I needed to bend forwards. This went on for a few hours where I felt pain in my solar plexus area and a lot of energy from my solar plexus moving up to my throat area as if I was going to throw up, but I didn’t. It was if I was feeling all the pain for every caged creature who had had their freedom taken away from them and it drained me enormously. This morning I was still experiencing solar plexus weakness, nausea, breathing difficulties and intense sadness, with me shedding lots of tears and having soreness from my right kidney, right hip and down my right leg.

Insight told me that I was projecting my own loss of freedom because I was caging myself. The static is self-created in that I am thinking about what others will make of me if I offer a spiritually based dog business and assuming that I am going to be ridiculed. I also had insight that the soreness on the right side of my body was about my fear and inability of stepping out into the world.

Yeah, Eloheim is right I thought, I am doing it to myself!!! I know there’s no lock to myself made cage, I can choose to walk straight out if I wanted to and instead, I am the one using habit, baggage and static to keep my wings clipped and not allowing myself to take flight. So I realize from Insight that my experience with the parrot cage is me projecting outwards and getting that back as a reflection.

I have had the most wonderful answers from you, I know I need to do step by step, I know I have to make peace with uncertainty, I know I have to stop focusing on outcomes, I know I have to focus on one thing at a time …. I know what to do …. and yet, I can’t seem to find the willpower to take up any of those suggestions to move forward and have my life changed. It’s like I have my feet stuck in the cement, I can’t get myself to move even on one little step.

I would like to be tempted into thinking I suck, but instead, I am in the “I suck” because this has gone on for way too long and I am loosing hope in myself.

PLEASE say something to me that will help me get off my butt and get out there.


So it’s been a pretty eventful month and things are moving along more freely now. Everything in my body hurts but since it seems releasing related I am not that concerned, just tired. Doing a lot of finger-tipping, which helps. I find myself walking around with this bizarre feeling, like I am waiting for my “reality” to “break” and I don’t really even know what that means but the waiting for it to happen is getting kind of annoying. I guess the closest to a question I can come to is WOW/WTF? So anything you want to say on that or anything else would be appreciated.


My Dad recently passed away and it’s left me very confused about how I play a role in creating my reality. When he was in the hospital for ten days before he died, I was very clear about my intentions that he get better and return home, but after a week and half with reports of very little improvement in his health, I became exhausted and remember that the thought, “I surrender” passed through my mind for a fleeting second before I got back on track intending for him to get better. He died within 24 hours of that.

I know I was focused on outcome, but I was also very clear about what I wanted for my Dad. Can you help me understand how I can create my reality, or is surrendering really the answer? I’m scared if it is.

All your teachings and tools in the last few weeks have answered all my questions recently. I need to listen to all the recordings on time and sit in I am willing, and voila the answer is there.

Thanks so much for the amazing ‘the choice-less choice’ tool. It came at the right time.

I would like to have a little insight on some skin issues I have had recently.

My face started to have some spots on the 23rd Dec ( 2 days after the 21st Dec.), this expanded to my back, recently also on the left side of my neck. The spots are few yet big. They seem to be spreading.

I am sleeping well at nights, however, the last two nights when I went away for the week-end with my husband I slept really bad and kept itching my skin all night. The days were amazing.


I have been continuing to learn more about myself…I am finding more and more depth to who I am…and the thoughts and ideas and the stories that I use to define myself are changing so much. Because of this I am coming to know that there is that depth and vastness in everyone around me. This makes me realize that my versions of people could not be entirely accurate because they too have such depth and vastness. This makes me feel more separate like I am going in the opposite of oneness. I now want to be as clear and honest as possible to the people around me because I feel like that is my best way of communicating since I have no way of knowing how they will interpret my words in their story. I want to speak more honestly from my heart. It feels scary especially with my family. I feel like they would laugh at me if I spoke what I really feel from my heart…I have a lot of sadness that I want to let out. Also I sprained my lower back. You were poking in that spot when I sat with you in Sonoma can you tell me what you felt there?

Six sessions held in March, 2013

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