A powerful session!! The video clip below is one of my favorites. When will all of this spiritual growth get easier?

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Guardians: We are feeling something different: a sort of gathering up and an unfurling. All of you, in the morning, before the day begins, can make a request of the Council, to check in, to establish a point of view to start from, to set your emanation and a clear trajectory for the day. Point to your preferences. Point to integrate your soul’s perspective. Allow yourself to have insight during the day about each next step.

Visionaries: Expanded on the idea: “Leave it more conscious than you found it,” with the emphasis on our conversations, e-mails and social media posts. Before writing or speaking, attend to the situation with consciousness. Imagine yourselves as campfire neighbors. “Does what I write or say raise the vibration of the conversation?” Focus on your truth and vulnerability, and not on anyone else. Use “I” statements and know that any change you want to see in the world happens first inside you. Have a connection with others around vulnerability and truth. The connection is important, not the story of whatever article you are referencing. Give out the highest vibration version of you, and emanate what you wish others to match. Emanation doesn’t require you to be perfect or “finished” – it does require you to be in your truth, even if that truth is “I don’t know” or “I’m uncertain.”

Eloheim: Continued the discussion of the Visionaries, saying this is getting more and more important because we are ready to be leaders. You cannot point fingers at anyone without pointing at yourself. Just be in your own truth and vulnerability.

Level 9: The choice-less choice. This is when things come along in your life that you can’t choose out of, nor would want to. Facing the choice-less choice can be challenging because it pushes you to change and grow. Level 9 is about continually living this way, living in a clarity of action, until the clarity shifts. There is no idea of tomorrow, just awareness – continually acted on – in the moment. Until you live in Level 9, you can have glimpses of it, but eventually it will become a continuous experience.

Weariness and the bleed-though band: All your incarnations have been designed around the idea of wanting to integrate your soul’s perspective into the human body. This is difficult, challenging, and tiring. Because when you push up through this enough, you hit a bleed-through band that lies between you and your soul. This band holds the issues and fears of your alternative expressions and, as you go through it, it will add more baggage, not less, and the human body may become louder than ever. There is a temptation to think that it’s just more old stuff, and that all your work hasn’t gotten you closer. This is not true. You are not back at the bottom; you are up in the band. That is why the same issues keep coming up; you are clearing level after level for all those alternative expressions.

There is a tendency to be impatient when you have to keep dealing with the same issues over and over again. But understand what is happening. You’ve worked too hard to give up now. Re-commit to the trajectory. Stay the course. Climb that steep outcrop the Warrior talked about by not falling for the fears and issues that come up. Don’t ignore them, but determine your relationship to them. You are in charge of the survival instinct; you tell it where it fits in, not the other way around. When you control your survival instinct, the issues don’t stick to you, and your adrenaline response is relatively quiet. You can also ask the Guardians for help in releasing the things you no longer need.

Sometimes the thoughts and issues will just be repetitive – and not escalating in difficulty. Just choose and choose again. Don’t let them tell you who you are; don’t let them be fodder for hamster wheel. Attend to them, and determine your relationship to them. “Is this (anxiety, fear) true right now?” Is there anything to glean form the fear? If so, get what you can from it. Otherwise, set it aside. “No, you’re on the shelf.”

Fascination breaks the pattern. Nothing stops the fears, static and habits as quickly as fascination.

Six sessions held in March, 2013

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