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May, 2015

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Breaking Habits

During the 3rd Weekend with Eloheim, Eloheim challenged the group to come up with 100 ways to break habits. Breaking habits supports us using different parts of our brains and facilitates access to Level 7.

Here’s the list we have so far. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments!

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WEEKEND WITH ELOHEIM ~ #3 ~ April 2015
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1. Sleep with head at the foot of the bed.
2. Do things with the opposite hand from your dominant one.
3. Take a different route..
4. Choose a different chair at the table for meals.
5. Stand on one leg when brushing your teeth.
6. Drive a new route to work.
7. Cook new eggs immediately if I overcook the first ones.
8. Watch a film you wouldn’t usually consider watching.
9. Switch to starting off with my right foot & saying “New opportunity”(in head) beforehand.
10. Getting out of bed very consciously by putting both feet on the floor at the exact same time
11. Check my email sites in a different order each time I go on the computer.
12. Get out on the opposite side of the bed.
13. Begin making the bed from the opposite side than usual.
14. Post a comment on FB rather than just read them.
15. Brush my teeth with my other hand and be kind to myself as I do it.
16. Dress and undress in a different sequence.
17. Add ingredients to my smoothie in a different order every day.
18. Do morning yoga before looking at any devices.
19. No reading or computer or TV while eating or taking a coffee/tea break.
20. Morning coffee on the patio with the mountains rather than in the office with the computer.
21. Open the door with the opposite hand.
22. On the toilet, wipe with the opposite hand.
23. Put hair product in opposite hand.
24. Blow-dry hair with opposite hand.
25. Putting underpants and pants on, start with opposite leg.
26. Face body a different direction in shower.
27. While standing stationary, stand in a different way, e.g. weight on opposite leg or both.
28. Answer the telephone in a new way, different greeting.
29. Walk sideways to the bathroom.
30. Pay for things in different ways.
31. Watch TV shows that you usually skip.
32. Experiment with being quiet and speaking up for myself.
33. Use computer mouse with the other hand.
34. Not jump to judgement but wait a little longer and see what is really there for me.
35. Use the opposite foot to begin the step upstairs.
36. Take a shower at night instead of the morning. (at different time?)
37. Wear different styles of clothing than I am used to, like wear colors I wouldn’t normally wear, or wear black and white if I wear lots of color.
38. Choose to drive in the slow lane all the way to work instead of trying to go as fast as possible.
39. Pin my bangs back to expose my forehead.
40. Ask my daughter to be loud rather than ask her to be quiet.
41. Wear makeup on one eye only.
42. Drive without shoes.
43. Wear shirts inside out while gardening.
44. Sleep with no clothes or clothed whichever is opposite.
45. Choose to be the quiet one if you’re normally loud or choose to be the loud one if you’re normally quiet.
46. Nonverbal communication for a 24 hour period.
47. Install toilet paper roll backwards.
48. Use a pen and paper instead of writing on the computer or the opposite if you are used to the reverse.
49. Walk around your house with your eyes closed.
50. Brush your teeth without toothpaste.
51. Don’t fill car gas tank until the warning light comes on, if you don’t normally do that.
52. Hold the steering wheel differently when driving.
53. Turn the light switch off or on with some other body part.
54. Use chopsticks to eat.
55. Use your face to itch an itch if possible or use the wall. (Use something other than hand to scratch an itch.)
56. Speak with an accent.
57. Hang hats on the wall instead of pictures.
58. Start an exercise regimen if you don’t already have one.
59. Watch a TV show in a language you don’t know. Assume you understand it.
60. Use a different fruit in your smoothie.
61. When applying makeup, ask yourself why and stay with it until you get the root answer.
62. Change habitual thoughts to the positive rather than negative.
63. Don’t speak to a stranger all day. Or speak only to strangers.
64. Change the order of how you put on your shoes & socks.
65. Start car holding keys in a different way.
66. Put on pants opposite leg first. (dupe?)
67. Wear watch on opposite wrist.
68. Crochet with opposite hand.
69. Towel dry off in a different order.
70. If you live with someone, role play each other for five minutes a day.
71. Look at yourself in the mirror to look at your self, not whether you are dressed nicely or your makeup is in place.
72. Answer you phone with something other than your customary “hello”. Get creative with “goodbye”.
73. Go braless if you wear one, put one on if you don’t!
74. Write with your non-dominant hand.
75. Type one-handed, changing hands from time to time.
76. No texting or using the phone for anything but actual speaking.
77. Men- change from boxers to briefs, or vice versa.
78. Eating with opposite hand. (dupe?)
79. Meditate outdoors instead of indoors.
80. Feed the cats in a different order.
81. Take a different freeway exit.
82. Cut your fingernails short or let them grow longer than usual.
83. Exercise first thing in the morning. (dupe?)
84. Have a smoothie for breakfast (eat something different for breakfast)
85. Be barefoot all day, inside and especially outside.
86. Park your car somewhere different than usual.
87. Sleep in a different orientation in bed, e.g., head at foot of bed. (dupe?)
88. Change the order in which you wash your body in the shower.
89. When I boot up my computer, I will check different sites first before I check my email.
90. I’ll let the chickens out in the morning before I’ve eaten my breakfast.
91. Listen to more music during the day.
92. Get out of bed the first time I wake up in the morning.
93. Dance differently, e.g., tango instead of waltz.
94. Sit at different places at the table when you have a meal.
95. Change the location of my crocheting chair to the other side of the living room.
96. Sit in a different chair/location at meetings.
97. Don’t read while you eat.
98. Sleep on the other side of your bed.
99. Get up on a different side of the bed.
100. Change location of pet’s bed.
101. Sleep in the middle of the bed.
102. Change curtain color.
103. Drive on different streets, to and from home.
104. Change sleep times.
105. Change places with your pet in bed.
106. Watch videos/listen to recordings without doing anything else.
107. Crochet/knit with opposite hand (dupe?)
108. Make jewelry instead of walking or yoga.
109. Move tools to new location.
110. Listen to music with different speakers.
111. Use different colors in art projects/jewelry.
112. Change location of wastebasket.
113. Open refrigerator/cupboards/drawers/doors with opposite hand.
114. Roll out of bed in a backward somersault.
115. Cross arms/legs/hands in opposite way of your habit.
116. Change the habits of your environments, e.g., change position of your seat/mirrors in your car.
117. Rearrange kitchen cabinets.
118. Make a to-do list and don’t do them.
119. While traveling, sit a different seat than usual, window/aisle.
120. Speak gibberish.
121. Hang up all pictures you painted yourself.
122. Ironing in a different room and at a different angle.
123. Making funny faces and gestures on my way into another room or the loo.
124. Eat Sardines for breakfast.
125. Skipping all day, swinging my hands instead of walking.
126. Smile to yourself every single time you go past a mirror.

February, 2012

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Habit and Free Will, How do they relate? 2-8-2012

The 2-8-2012 session focused on Eloheim using the white board to describe the relationship between habit and free will. They illuminated how this fits into their teachings on the Levels of fractal living.

I wrote this short essay about how this work is moving in my life:

The temptation to victim hood is SO strong. Familiar suffering is painful, yet so easy to choose. The idea that “this trigger is mine” feels difficult because I have to remind myself of it so often, I have to consider it almost constantly; it’s a lot of work.

What other choice is there? Return to feelings of victim hood, failure, despair, and the like? That’s the only option I see. It’s NOT an option….yet it is a place that I have to pull myself back from.

This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine

What do I do with it? Step by step. Do something new with it. Any new even small thing. Choose a different reaction. Take responsibility for the reactions you are having. Choose and choose again and again.

I know I’m breaking not only 43 years of habitual response, but lifetimes of victim hood patterns.

It’s the height of overachieving lightworkerness to think that I should be able to change these responses (to my greatest triggers) overnight and with no effort or consistency.

I’ve been able to access Level 6 on a number of occasions. It’s an interesting place. Wednesday night, the strap on the laptop case came undone and it plummeted to the pavement. I had ZERO trigger. It would either work or not. I was completely in neutral observation about it.

I don’t stay there and here is a hard part. When I go to Level 1 or 2 after even a glimpse of Level 6 or even some time in Level 5……boy am I triggered.

I’ve struggled with feelings of failure in my life. This “not holding the desired level” brings up failure feelings big time.

So, I get triggered, slip out of level whatever, then double down on the trigger by going to “failure.”

This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine

Oh and that other trigger is mine and the trigger that that trigger brings up is mine and then the resulting trigger that those triggers brought up are mine too.

Level 7 is “it’s all me.” The Council has said many times that “we can’t ascend parts of ourselves we don’t love.” Each transformed trigger opens the doorway to Level 7 a little bit more.

Knowing how different Level 6 feels, I can’t being to imagine what Level 7 is like. I’m going to lay the foundation for that experience, one trigger at a time. Step by Step.

Guardians began the meeting by stressing on the importance of our free will’s role in the transformation we desire. They reminded that we came to earth to attempt to ensoul the human form; to be teammates with the soul to co-create our earth experiences.

The Visionaries spoke about the curtains that we need to lift so that we may move beyond limited views and begin to live as the expanded self. They asked us to watch for the unconscious patterns where the curtains are still closed. This is the time to LIVE the TRUTH of ONENESS in the physical form with infinite possibilities to create from.

Eloheim used the white board to explain the difference between FREE WILL and HABITUAL REACTIONS .
Habits are like a continuous flowing river and we, as the personalities, are paddling a canoe on the river. Our freewill is the paddle with which we consciously choose which direction we want to go. In Level 6 (What trigger?), as we live from neutral observation, it’s more like we are on the shore and watch the river flow by. They discussed mastering the river of habit by addressing examples and questions from the group.

The Girls spoke about the importance of self-love in this journey, as it is the main force behind consciousness which helps us to break the habitual responses.

Fred shared his experience of neutral observation of the Universe as it moves for us, exploring how we can experience ourselves in varieties of settings.

The Warrior reminded that it’s our responsibility as personalities to take care of our bodies. We are the owner of the Body and we get to decide how best to assist it in the process.

The Matriarch highlighted that our expertise with the physical body infused with soul’s perspectives and insights on life experiences is the way of balanced Homo spiritus living.


Audio downloads of the six meetings held in February, 2012


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January, 2010

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ELOHEIM: Evolving the Survival Instinct 1-27-10

Wednesday’s meeting had two distinct sections. The first part was Eloheim, The Visionaries and The Girls all giving their perspectives on evolving the survival instinct. The second part was all about collapsing lifetimes and included TWO powerful examples from the group.

Quotes from the meeting:

Is the default position going to be the fear based operating system…or is the default position going to be the consciousness based operating system? The Visionaries

You are evolving the survival instinct and it is going kicking and screaming! The Visionaries

Loving yourself gently and well. Eloheim

Be as tender with yourself as possible. Eloheim

Visionaries: We’re holding you to the vision that you agreed to participate in when you decided to incarnate into this time. Is your default position going to be the fear based operating system or the consciousness based operating system?

The Girls: Habit leaves holes in your auric field. Habit doesn’t move and consciousness emanates.

Eloheim: Checking in with your body. “What’s my left big toe doing?” Powerful examples of integrating alternate expressions (past lives.) You have to always keep in mind that other people are simply reflections of your internal experience.


Audio recordings of the five meetings held in January, 2010


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October, 2009

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ELOHEIM: Instantaneous Manifestation ~ 10-21-09

Hello everyone,
Wow, last night was great. The meeting had two distinct sections. The first was Eloheim following up on the Visionaries’ teaching of last week, “What is True Now?” Click here to review that message.

Many people (in person and by email) reported that it was quite challenging to be in the moment in this new way. It sure has been for me!

The second part of the meeting was VERY interesting. Earlier that day, Eloheim had asked me to make sure I had a $50 bill in my purse. They proceeded to pass that bill around the circle asking everyone to just, “Take a moment” with it.

Then they asked everyone to instantaneously manifest a $50 bill in their hand.

The conversation that followed is condensed in the video. The very end of the video includes a detailed one-on-one example of using the tools that Eloheim describes.


It really takes, “What is True Now?” to the next level and gives some really interesting insight on manifestation, creation, and being in the moment.

AUDIO 10-21-09 ~ 80 minutes


Eloheim: Why it seems so hard for us to be into the moment. Our habits have tended toward victim hood. Allowing the mind to take a back seat and experience the moment without it being thought-dominated. Making space and then finding what is there to connect in that space. Do we need to be adrenaline junkies to feel we can find meaning in our lives? We are in the messy middle-ground now, on our way into Homo spiritus. Questions and answers about experiencing “What is true now?” over the previous week.


Audio recordings of the five meetings held in October 2009


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ELOHEIM: Living Your Potential ~ Oct. Energies ~ 10-7-09

Hello everyone!
Wednesday’s meeting was great. Eloheim shared that the energies of October are all about Potential. They went on to describe how we can live our potential (see part of the 85 minute meeting in the 10 minute video below).

Quotes from the video:

How do you know if you are living your potential? You know you are living your potential when the truth of you is all you experience. When you enter a moment, that moment is not colored by coping mechanisms, it is not distracted by the past and the future, and you are not removed from the moment by triggers.

You live the truth of you when you don’t allow outside influences to dictate your internal world.

AUDIO 10-07-09 ~ 85 minutes

Eloheim: The energies of October, 2009 are Potential. How do you know when you’re living your potential? You know you’re living your potential when the truth of you is all you experience. Also, questions and answers about various topics including being our true selves, physical changes, memory changes, receiving insight, a young person dying.


Audio recordings of the five meetings held in October 2009


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ELOHEIM: Ensouling the 3rd and 4th CHAKRAS ~ Using the Tools ~ 09-30-09

Hello everyone,
Wow, September was sure full of great Eloheim sessions and last night was no exception.

They started with a description of how we are now ensouling the 3rd and 4th chakras. They explained that these two chakras are actually merging.

Over the last seven years, Eloheim has given us many tools to assist us on the journey. Last night’s meeting was focused on how the various tools can be combined to facilitate transformation and help us to live in bliss.

I loved this meeting. I loved how it felt coming through and I loved the information that was shared. It is a key component in the Eloheim teachings.

I have been working on an Eloheim “Tool Book” for some time now and this meeting really lit my fire to get back into it.

Use your tools to refine the energetic you are offering!

Regularly ask yourself, what is your past and future status? Meaning, are you in the past or the future right now or are you in the moment in a clear way?

Primary tools:

  • Neutral Observation – Boundaries – Possibilities
  • Leave the past and the future out of the moment
  • Clarity – Certainty
  • Preferences – Judgments
  • Bring your complete self to the moment
  • Victim – Creator
  • Habit – Response
  • monthly_package_2009_09

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    August, 2009

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    ELOHEIM: The Truth of You VISIONARIES 8-19-09

    Hello everyone,

    Wow! The Visionaries made their second appearance Wednesday night and it was INTENSE! They spoke for 20 minutes solid. I have included their entire message in two videos below.

    After the introduction, the Visionaries walked around the room and did energy work on each person present. Like I said, INTENSE!

    After the energy work, the Visionaries left and Eloheim came in. It was a fairly seamless transition. Their energies are so very different though.

    The Visionaries come through with my eyes closed, they are quite forceful and loud, they move my body in very different ways, and they even walk in a more intense fashion.

    Here is a weird example that might give you a sense of it. As the Visionaries were moving around the circle, they came to an empty chair which they just pushed of the way. It was on wheels so it rolled smoothly away. Eloheim would have walked between the chairs. The Visionaries just clear a path!


    Take the step into the truth of the entirety of you in the moment. That’s the invitation.


    Audio recordings of the four meetings held in August 2009


    Price: $5.99

    ELOHEIM: Judgment, Preferences, Summary of their Teachings 8-12-09

    Hello everyone,
    We had a great meeting this week.

    This is an unusual video as I actually put the clips in reverse chronological order.

    Lately, the concept of judgment has come up in a lot of private sessions. Eloheim has a very powerful tool to help us know when we are in judgment and when we are in preference. The first part of the video came at the very end of the meeting, but since it has been the “hot” topic lately, I moved it to the front of the clip.

    A judgment requires something to be wrong in order for you to be right.

    Preference says, “In this moment, this is my choice.”

    You think it is hard enough already, don’t make it harder by creating energetics that you then have to heal because you need to justify your position in order to state a preference because of habit, fear, or, or or.

    So this is incredibly liberating.

    State preferences and don’t require [the experience of] anger, habit, divisiveness in order to feel safe having a position that you own.

    It also makes it a lot easier if you change your mind!

    The second part of the video is Eloheim responding to a person who was attending our meeting for the first time. Eloheim summarizes the emphasis of their teachings for the last two years in just about 5 minutes. I WAS impressed. It is really interesting to get in all in one place.

    Also included is a discussion about how much of your Soul you are embodying. They haven’t talked about this in quite awhile so it was really nice to get an update.


    Audio recordings of the four meetings held in August 2009


    Price: $5.99

    July, 2009

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    ELOHEIM: Men, Money, and the Spiritual Journey

    The Eloheim session of July 22, 2009 covered many topics including:

  • What if I am not experiencing, Someday is Today or You’re Already Ready?
  • Where are you stagnant and why are you letting stagnation exist in your life?
  • Let go of low vibrational humor.
  • If I am high vibrational, should my house be clean all the time?
  • A new perspective on wealth and abundance.
  • More on managing the biological response, motivation, excitement, resistance to change, and spiritual free will.
  • Where am I expecting my old life to tell me how my new life is going to be?
  • You keep waiting for the body to tell you it is time to change.
  • The journey of consciousness is, ‘What is this telling me?’
  • Replacing habit with healthy patterns that serve me as they become more automatic. Can you imagine being habitually conscious?
  • More on living from clarity rather than stagnating while looking for certainty.
  • The only things keeping you from what you want are triggers that have not been addressed.
  • The perception of wealth.
  • This meeting was unusual in that a married couple attended. Their conversation with Eloheim centered on their financial situation. The husband explained that he liked his job, but it was not sufficiently providing for his family financially.

    Eloheim mentioned that it is quite rare for men with families to come to the group so this was one of the first times they addressed this issue:

    You are not only a man if a certain amount of money is coming in through your labors. You are also a man through your ability to emanate high vibrational, conscious choices to your family. That is how you get over being emasculated. Because you stop only baseing yourself as a man on the numbers, the dollars, the bank account. That is a huge transformation.

    I am a man based on the authentic me being expressed to my kids and my wife.


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    ELOHEIM: Someday is TODAY! 7-15-09


    Audio recordings of the five meetings held in July 2009


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