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November, 2008

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ELOHEIM: The Tipping Point and Your Contribution!

This clip is from the 11-12-08 meeting in Sonoma. Eloheim explains how we are at the tipping point moving into high vibrational living. They clarify how we can each make a contribution toward the increase in vibration of our entire race.

We are talking about the discipline to hold the course, to hold onto the truth of the matter, which is: lower vibrational temptations are constantly presented to you, non-stop, opportunities for fear are constantly presented to you, opportunities to feel like you are in lack are constantly presented to you, those things don’t abate, what does abate is your willingness to engage with them….you are learning not to fall for the trap of low vibration, the trap of habit.

Be disciplined in the energetic you are willing to run….that is the great service you can offer.

As you are at this fulcrum point, you are being invited to be disciplined about your contribution.

…when you spill the orange juice in the kitchen it DOES matter how you react to that, even if you are the only one in the house. It DOES matter. It does matter, because that could be the tipping point! You don’t know. We don’t know. But, the tipping point is there and your contribution not only blesses you on your spiritual journey but it infuses society with a high vibrational energetic which can help with the tipping point.

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August, 2008

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ELOHEIM VIDEO: Safety and a Tool for Healing

This powerful two part video is the introduction of a new teaching from Eloheim. The premise they are working from is that almost all triggers are based on us not feeling safe. Our biology interprets “not feeling safe” as physical danger. This is typically an unconscious process. (Examining your triggers to see how they relate to safety can be a very enlightening process – it was for me!)

Eloheim became aware that, although we are frequently triggered, we are rarely in actual physical danger. Our biology is using a great amount of our energy to regularly and unnecessarily put us into the fight-or-flight state.

Eloheim shares how we can get this energy back and how we can transform our experience of safety, triggers, and habitual response.

Part one is primarily the discussion and discovery of the premise. Part two focuses on the tool. It was one long discussion which I had to break in two due to video length restrictions.

Part 1


Part 2


Veronica channels Eloheim in Sonoma County, CA.

ELOHEIM VIDEO: Use language to break habitual response

This short clip is from the 8-13-08 meeting. In it, Eloheim explains how to use language to remove yourself from the habitual responses of the culture.

Veronica channels Eloheim 5 times a month in Sonoma County, CA. Phone sessions are also available. Email eloheimchannel@yahoo.com for more information.


July, 2008

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Eloheim Video: Energies of July 2008

Each month, Eloheim gives us a summary of the energies for the upcoming month. Here is the session that covers July.

Part 1


Part 2


May, 2007

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Eloheim: 05-09-07 I am judging myself for past actions, I can’t forgive

Continuing with the concepts from recent posts, a group member shares that he has a hard time forgiving himself for the things that he did in his past. Eloheim’s response to this surprised me. I found it very helpful.

You think it is the past, but if it is affecting you it is the moment. It is not the past, it is this moment right now. The beauty is that in this moment you can change it, you can do something about it.

Eloheim: 05-09-07 Feeling Worthy, Description of the Spiritual Path

This clip follows a discussion of the Creating Mind (see previous clips for information on the Creating Mind). The conversation flows into a discussion of self worth. This clip also includes a description of Eloheim’s pathway for Spiritual Growth.

If you don’t think you are worth it, work on that first!

Lack of worth is the deepest habitual pit there is.

Eloheim: 05-09-07 Feeling Worthy, Description of the Spiritual Path

Eloheim: 05-09-07 When an experience turns into a trigger, What do I do?

When an experience becomes a trigger of your Core Emotion or of a Habitual Response, what do you do? Very powerful clip!

When you are thinking ‘I have to stop this’ you are not giving yourself an option. When you can hold and say ‘oh yeah, this is happening’ you can say ‘I want this other thing’. It immediately decreases the amount of energy that is being put into the trigger. Whenever you say ‘I have to stop this’ where is your energy? On ‘this’, the thing you don’t want.

Any judgements that you apply to the trigger feeds it. Stop, pause, do what you can to be still enough to make a new choice rather than continuing to grind away in the habitual response.

Invest your energy into what would you rather be experiencing. The smallest energy you put into judging where you are at deepens the habitual pattern.

Eloheim: 05-09-07 When an experience turns into a trigger, What do I do?

April, 2007

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Eloheim: 04-25-07 Becoming more Conscious by using the Creating Mind

I decided to continue the audio directly from the clip that I posted yesterday. Typically I would have cut out the first two minutes of this clip. However, I included it this time to allow you to experience how Eloheim builds on each concept to get to the teaching they are conveying.

In this portion of the meeting, Eloheim expands upon the ‘Two Minds’ concept to show that habitual responses cover up items in ‘our closet’. They further explain how using the creating mind leads to clearing of the closet and results in increased consciousness.

This clip also contains an explanation of the concept of societal habitual response.

Eloheim: 04-25-07 Becoming more Conscious by using the Creating Mind

Eloheim: 04-25-07 The Computing Mind & The Creating Mind

This clip from last night’s meeting explains one of Eloheim’s newest concepts: The Computing Mind and The Creating Mind. Tomorrow, I will post the expansion of this concept which followed this clip.

The next rung or two on the ladder of Spritual Growth is to let your mind, your thinking, be CREATING thinking.

Eloheim: 04-28-07 The Computing Mind & The Creating Mind



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