When an experience becomes a trigger of your Core Emotion or of a Habitual Response, what do you do? Very powerful clip!

When you are thinking ‘I have to stop this’ you are not giving yourself an option. When you can hold and say ‘oh yeah, this is happening’ you can say ‘I want this other thing’. It immediately decreases the amount of energy that is being put into the trigger. Whenever you say ‘I have to stop this’ where is your energy? On ‘this’, the thing you don’t want.

Any judgements that you apply to the trigger feeds it. Stop, pause, do what you can to be still enough to make a new choice rather than continuing to grind away in the habitual response.

Invest your energy into what would you rather be experiencing. The smallest energy you put into judging where you are at deepens the habitual pattern.

Eloheim: 05-09-07 When an experience turns into a trigger, What do I do?