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January, 2012

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Are You Hiding From Your Fears? 1-11-2012

The intense energies of this time are stirring up deep rooted triggers. The energies are poking at the sore wounds within, those parts which are stubborn and often bring out feelings of, “How can I ever integrate this?” The triggers are here because we love ourselves SO profoundly that, even in discomfort, we are willing to choose self-discovery.

The session was mainly about the effective use of level five, “This trigger is MINE!” as we face our last bits of unconsciousness.

The Guardians reminded us of the value of the opportunity we have when we gather with like-minded community to transform our lives. They brought our attention to the present moment. They spoke about the release of those last unconscious aspects, the places where we are hiding the last holdouts, the places where the baggage is invisible to us, and is deeply rooted in our cellular structures. They asked us to be brutally honest with ourselves about where we are still hiding from facing our truth. (see video clip)

They reminded us the need to BELIEVE that WE HAVE THE ABILITY to transform the triggers on a cellular level; a transformation which is totally supported by the energies of 2012.

The Visionaries appreciated the depth that we each have with in us. They reminded us that we have the full power to transform those last unconscious bits. Additionally, they pointed out that we are evolving our physical forms and that’s why we are constantly required to face our triggers and transform them.

Eloheim revealed out that when we claim, “This trigger is mine” we are also saying, “This moment is mine” because we are in the moment by choice, from self-inquiry, and self-love. This is the fractal way of experiencing life and being deeply in the moment. The discomfort we feel when we claim the trigger is the potential for discovery

Fred reminded us that we are the galactic beings, we are the expression of God’s curiosity, we are infinite and immortal, and we have been built to have the most wondrous experiences. Fred stressed the importance of emanating our TRUTH as it is, freely and without filters. As we emanate our truth this way, we dissolve our “limited beliefs” and allow ourselves to expand infinitely. Mastering level 5 is essential in order for us to fully move on to level 6 and the countless deeper levels.


Audio downloads of the five meetings held in January, 2012


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This Trigger is MINE!!! 1-4-2012

In the January 4, 2012 session, The Council spoke about experiencing triggers from the 5th level of awareness. The group provided great examples which allowed Eloheim to discuss the topic in-depth.

The Guardians began the session by reminding us that the “exploration of oneness” is the theme of 2012; we will emanate our truth into the experience of the interwovenness of all.

The Visionaries highlighted that one of the major aspects of 2012 is releasing our baggage as ascension cannot be accompanied by baggage. One of the main things that is required of us is willingness to change our relationship to triggers. We need to catch the patterns which do not serve us.

Eloheim invited the group to share their experiences and addressed a few crucial points about “This trigger is mine.” When triggers happen and discomfort is felt, the temptation is to look for comfort in the feeling such as, “It will be ok.”

This act can help us break out of obsessive worrying however, it tends to put us in victim hood.
Eloheim advised us to let the discomfort and the entire story around it come alive in us to discover what it has to reveal. This will help us avoid further unconscious creations based on this trigger and allow us to catch the patterns when they are small and not yet manifested in our external worlds.

The Girls stressed the importance self-love and being kind to ourselves as we work on our triggers. Level 5 doesn’t have to be a place of mental clarity, it is a place of discovery, curiosity, and uncertainty. SEE VIDEO CLIP

Fred spoke about his further exploration of fractal levels. He has been laying down the energetic pathways and probability matrixes, which we can navigate quantumly .

The Warrior asked us to focus on staying in level 5 as long we can and reminded us that when we leave it to leave it as a conscious act.

The Matriarch was amazing as she beautifully reminded us that we are loving ourselves so deeply that we are in a willing dance with those last unconscious aspects within so that we can move fully into bliss as our transformed state. She asked us to be in the place of appreciation and gratitude as we encounter our triggers, for they are gifting us a deeper knowing of ourselves. It is important to not to avoid triggers or move away from them, but to face them with the intention of discovery.

By constantly facing our triggers from level 5, we get to experience Level 6, in which we won’t feel the effect of the trigger as it appears in our experience, but will appreciate it as part of what IS from a place of clarity and soul’s perspective.


Audio downloads of the five meetings held in January, 2012


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Levels of Creation ~ How to Create Your NEW Life 12-28-2011

Lately, each meeting has been about the intense exploration of the deeper levels of creation and the mastery of the survival instinct. The Council is explaining how we can move in the world in a new way using freewill as we interact with our creations.

The Guardians and Visionaries reminded us that there is a WISDOM greater than our mind within each of us which we need to listen to, for the mind tries to limit us. The body will help us in KNOWING that wisdom as we tap into insights from the soul.

Eloheim further discussed in detail (using white board demonstration ) The Levels of Creation. (video below)

Level 1 is – Duality.

Level 2 is – Victim hood, hamster-wheel mind, rat in the maze; feeling like you are a victim of limited choices. Unconscious level two reactions create entanglements – connection to a dynamic/person in an unhealthy way.

Level 3 is – I Create my Reality (and it – usually – sucks.) We often don’t understand why we created it. Level three does offer more to explore.

Level 4 is – I Take Responsibility for my Reactions to my Creations. Knowing that, “I created this and I take responsibility for how I react to it.”

Level 5 is – This Trigger is Mine. “My soul and I collaborated on this experience, and I want all the learning from it.” Taking complete responsibility for the opportunity go deeper into the knowing of yourself. Fascination, which arises from self-love, helps us to abide in the discomfort of uncertainty where we are able to uncover the gift of the trigger. Level 5 is also a resting place where we can become aware of our unconscious entanglements.

Level 6 is – What Trigger? Stimulus occurs, and we don’t perceive it as trigger because we are able to embody “what is, IS.”

Levels 7 through 10 – Include exploration of oneness, mastery of the survival instinct, quantum shifting, control of time, and instantaneous manifestation, with level 10 being the ability to leave the body and come back at will.

In every experience, every moment, we are choosing a level of awareness.

Eloheim explained that next resting place is Level 5, which is abiding in uncertainty as we claim our triggers in self-love and fascination for self exploration. Fixation on outcome puts us in duality and limitation. Uncertainty moves us through the levels of infinite probabilities. All probabilities exist equally, though we tend to observe (interact with) probabilities that don’t trigger the survival instinct and that match our current vibratory level.

The Girls reminded us that we have to abide in self-love in order to experience Level 5 awareness.

Fred encouraged us by expressing their love and confidence in us that though it is NOT easy, we CAN and WILL do it.

The Warrior asked us to bring those triggers which make us the most uncomfortable and fearful really close. He reminded us that the trigger is giving us everything that we need to grow in just the way we wanted to grow, that we are following just the plan that we and our souls wanted to have, and that we should bring the trigger close to us and love the it deeply as it is a part of our wholeness.

The Matriarch encouraged us to take each step with fascination, intention, and attention and to allow our freewill combined with our soul’s perspective to move us towards the direction of our desires.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


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December, 2011

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Control TIME! Welcome to 2012!!! ~ 12-21-2011

I have loaded the entire meeting to YouTube as a thank you for your wonderful support. Eight parts. 90 minutes total. This meeting is the beginning of something new. I’m not sure what exactly, yet I feel it unfurling all around me!!! Welcome to 2012!!!!

The Council acknowledged that we are “already” in the 2012 timeline and NOW is the time to take complete responsibility for our creations, our reactions to our creations, and a final letting go of victim hood. If there is any area in our lives where we feel victimized, NOW is the time to let it go, because victim hood will not allow us to go where the energies of 2012 can take us. NOW is time to create as HOMO SPIRITUS with alternative levels of awareness, timelines, and human embodiment of the soul’s perspective.

Anything not in alignment with “creator consciousness” needs to be transformed to live in the 2012 timeline with ease, grace, and bliss.

Use the mantra “I refuse to dwell in victim hood on this subject” whenever we encounter issues which trigger victim hood. Ask yourself, “Is this thought worthy of me?”

The Visionaries stressed the importance of NOW being the time for “receptivity” of the greatness of us experienced, embodied, ensouled, and lived!” Nothing less is acceptable as a Homo spiritus. We are entitled to this evolutionary leap. We have moved past the point where fear gets to be in charge. A Homo spiritus individual KNOWS it all happens “for” him or her, thus Fear is NOT an appropriate reaction. Another mantra they suggest is, “I will NOT die while I LIVE simply to let the survival instinct relax for a moment.”

Eloheim gave a whiteboard demonstration on letting go of the addiction to outcome and how to master time. They explained how we can control aging, and choose many more options to create from beyond duality and moving linearly towards the OUTCOME. We can experience LIFE fractally. The pull of time is weaker when we go deeper in the levels. We can mess with the flow of time by exploring the deeper levels on this journey by fascination in uncertainty. Fixation on outcome and racing time devastates our vibrational Levels.

The Girls reminded us that loving ourselves through this process is the journey of Ascension. They reminded us to remember in all these explorations, NOT to lose sight of the beauty the surrounds us and the beauty of our physical form.

Fred shared with the group that he is holding deeper levels for us to explore as we tap into infinite possibilities. When we go deep in to the levels we have Fred’s energetic trail to support us so that we won’t feel alone. Now we have billions of levels to explore as we learn to stop time.

The Warrior was pretty direct about the throat chakra expression. It’s either being our truth or NOT. There is no middle ground.

The Matriarch contributed unconditional LOVE to the energetics and embraced us in deep love for the gift of our authenticity.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


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December Q&A with Eloheim ~ Partnership and much more!

Questions answered 12-18-2011

Using your example of levels and our fields of probability, it occurs to me that if I want something say at level 4 but I see the rest of the world as level one then the predominant probability level in my field is level one with some level twos and a couple of level threes to which I have access to and level 4 might not be there at all but if I change the predominant level in which I see the world to say level 3 then I would have less level twos and even fewer level ones and more level 4s and maybe even some level 5s in there as well and so my level 4 desire would be that much more available to choose. Is that accurate and do you have any comments about that?

What does sex and sexual energy expression look like in the fractal living higher levels, what does the expression of the self in these areas mean to our journey deeper within consciousness. What does an orgasm look like energetically?

I would like to know what my strongest and weakest chakras are and how the recent change has affected them.

I definitely feel I have been working on the bottom of the barrel stuff and have provided myself wow and fascination with looking at romantic relationships- including how I emanate to others, why I tend to pull back my energy and eliminating the equal sign that a man should provide financially (even though I am 40 and provide for myself). At some point I really would like to meet a man that I can have a ‘spooky’ relationship with, as well as, spiritual conversations. Is there more insight you can provide me regarding my habits and baggage around romantic relationships? ANSWERED IN VIDEO BELOW

I was visiting my brother in Canada over the Thanksgiving long weekend. One night, at 3am someone banged 3 times very loudly on the garage door, and when my brother jumped up to check, no one was there. He figured it was just kids playing around although nothing like that has ever happened before. So now I am curious – was that me, perhaps in an alternate time-stream, trying to get my attention?

I’ve been feeling very disorientated and disorganized this month, please take a look at my energy and let me know what you see.

I have a question about compassion. I have always had strong compassion in general for all people and all things… for what “most people” would normally deem victims but ALSO for the perpetrators as well. I feel compassion for the criminals and even the extreme cases…for an example when they tried Saddam Hussein for his crimes.. I felt a lot of compassion for him. So I feel it on both ends and it’s such a strong feeling for me that I know if I could balance the energy of it then I think it could become a powerful experience in a positive healing way. I have always considered it a gift I just want to know how to mold it for its full positive effect. Also, why is it so strong in me?

I continue to try to drop the feeling of lack – lack of money especially, even though I have enough. I set my intention and express my desire to feel safe but it pops up constantly. And because my lack keeps popping up I even feel lack of control. Can I trust that if I continue to set my intention to feel safe in these areas it will eventually change?

I have a very bad situation with my teeth. I am losing bone in my mouth and because of that I am losing my teeth. I already lost a few teeth. However, I am getting dreams where I am getting new set of teeth. I would like to what you ‘see’ as far as this situation is concerned and what I can do objectively.

I appear to be experiencing writers block. Nothing new, has happened before, usually goes away but this feels somehow different. Why is that? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

My income was wiped out overnight a couple of months ago why did I create that and what can I do about it?

There was also a question about self-esteem.

Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


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Quantum Mechanics and the Spiritual Journey ~ 12-14-2011

In this fascinating and profound session Eloheim explained how their nine years of teachings relate to Quantum mechanics. A Nova program which highlights scientific discoveries on quantum mechanics is available here http://video.pbs.org/video/2167398185/

The session began with the Guardians and the Visionaries discussing the importance of attentiveness and how it ties into Eloheim’s discussion. The current focus of The Council is to help us integrate the energetics Fred is facilitating, the alternative levels we can access, the new ways that we can experience ourselves , and living from the truth of oneness in the 3D reality.

Eloheim went on to describe how the fact “we are all one” is provable in quantum mechanics though can only be directly experienced through the spiritual journey as the brain is a limited tool for the direct experience of quantum state of being.

You are consciously experiencing quantum mechanics through emanation, script holding, freewill, and creating your reality.

Here are some interesting highlights from Eloheim on the topic:

Because “certainty” does not exist at the particle level the quantum world gives us the opportunity to explore the unknowable.

Particles know they are one. When two particles decide to entangle and act out their oneness, if one particle changes the other will change as well no matter how apart they are physically.

That means if a person realizes she/he is all one with everything, then her/his decisions affect ALL. Knowing this fact about the nature of the particles can help us to be open for the experience of Oneness as a State of Being.

This is “spooky action at a distance” at work. As we realize oneness, we can create beyond the idea of script holding.

Freewill is the act of observation. Just by observing (realizing) the resultant state of what we desire, it can exist in our reality.

Further they encouraged us to explore level one experiences in fascination so that we can observe it from higher levels and have direct impact on our creations as we change the way we observe them.

This Session is very insightful for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of creating reality.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


Price: $8.99

The Warrior’s Book is Available in Paperback and eBook

The Journey of Consciousness, A Warrior's Tale

I’m thrilled to announce that the Warrior’s book is now available in both paperback and ebook.

“This entire story is to help you
know who you are.”

This “fairy tale for grown-ups” follows the Warrior’s journey as he encounters castles and kings, battles and beasties, while learning to live from an open heart. The Warrior explains how to live the truth of you, how to have a healthy relationship to authority figures, and how to be vulnerable and strong at the same time.

“Anything that is presenting itself to you is presenting itself to you for growth.”
Filled with humor, sage advice, penetrating insight, and above all, profound support for your process, the Warrior’s tale clarifies your spiritual path.

“Now, it’s really fun to see the King when you stink. Why? Because what you want the king to know is that you are not just a little pawn in his game to be manipulated to his benefit. When you go to see the king, whomever the king is in your world, take who you are with you, and if that means you drop mud on his perfect floor, well, there you are.”


The Warrior is one of the seven Council members channeled by Veronica Torres. The Council’s teachings focus on spiritual growth and the movement from the fear-based to the consciousness-based operating system. They specialize in offering specific tools which will facilitate your spiritual growth.

In addition to the Warrior’s story, The Journey of Consciousness includes the following tools: Clarity vs. certainty; Feet under shoulders; How ridiculous does it have to get?; I don’t know anything; Lay it down and walk away; Mad scientist; Neutral observation; “No” is a complete sentence; Point fingers; Preferences/judgments; Script holding/Script-holders; Strongest chakra; Vulnerability vs. weakness; What’s in your lap?; What is true now?; Where am I lying to myself? “Wow!”, not “why?”, and You to you (comparing). It also includes 126 definitions of terms and concepts used in The Council’s teachings.

74,000 words, 258 pages, ebook $4.95, Paperback $13.95


“When you’re facing your triggers, if you start to waiver in your courage, just imagine that we stand behind you.  We will stand beside you in consciousness and courage any time you wish.” – The Warrior





This book is awesome! I can’t stop reading and rereading. 


Oh my god, Veronica!  This is so freaking WISE and hilarious and strangely tender. Up to Chapter 11 and laughing my ass off.  THANK YOU 


Enjoyable. Riveting. Inspirational. I felt as if the warrior was speaking to me. I still feel the strength of his presence. 


The Warrior book is great. I finally turned off the kindle at 1:30am!


This book clearly presents all of the Warrior methods and tools in a concise and easily understood format. It is also a great review for those who have been perfecting the tools though previous webinars and mp3 releases. This ebook helps me keep the tools at the ready for conscientiously practicing now, moment by moment.     


Ebook – $4.95 

Paperback – $13.95  

There is MORE here! 12-07-2011

This meeting pulled together and explained so many things for me. My entire summer makes so much more sense now.

The theme of the meeting: There is more here! Live from fascination and exploration instead of fear and limitation to create from infinite potentials.

The Guardians began the meeting by inviting us to be centered and focused in the moment to facilitate the opening available in the gathering.

The Visionaries spoke about the different layers where truth can be met as we experience our multilayered reality. We need to be aware of the truth of the moment in order to consciously experience what Fred is facilitating.

Eloheim used the white board to explain the Matriarch’s Step by Step process and Fred’s fractal living idea. (video below)

The new Step by Step process was contrasted to the old way of moving in a linear fashion toward the desired goal. The Step by Step process allows us to use a lot of different “stepping stones” as we move forward in our circle of possibilities. Each stepping stone offers us the opportunity to re-evaluate our truth of the moment (including our desires and goals) while using the Compare you to you tool. In this way we let go of our addiction to certainty. At each stepping stone our whole world, including our baggage and static, can change which opens doorways for new ways of relating. As we integrate more of our self-knowing, we get to choose our stepping stones simply because they delight us rather than from some fear based impulse towards certainty. We get to explore with fascination rather than creating in fear.

Eloheim gave insights on different levels of experiencing our reality. They explained that if something is happening, it is happening on all levels at the same time; we choose which level we wish to experience.

Eloheim highlighted that we have built in conflicts with level one experiences and since we cannot get rid of level one experiences we need to shift how we relate to them.

Fred shared his insights on shifting from one level of experience to another. Instead of defaulting to triggering reactions to the sudden shifts we can use free will to navigate between levels making the entire integration process a lot comfortable which allows us SEE more than what meets the eye.

The session offered great practical tools to help us live in the moment fully as we consciously manifest and continue to know ourselves deeply.

Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


Price: $8.99

Multiple Time Streams ~ 11-30-2011

This session was very helpful in supporting the changes we are going through. It shed more light on working with the possibilities, changes, and expansion that “Fred’s Project” is offering to us.

Guardians – explained the powerful energetics of the last session using a “grating cheese” metaphor. The information Fred is bringing to us is pushing us through a transformational matrix not unlike how cheese is pushed through a grater. The result is lots of branched off ideas to work with. The other side has opportunities for new ways of “seeing” and the POWER to perceive the potentials lies in the MOMENT.

Visionaries –  reminded us to “recognize the expansion you have done as you utilize the ‘compare you to you‘ tool.” Compare you to you brings us into the WOW of expansion. Recognizing that we are living in expansion will help as we experience the unfurling process. “Wow” is the path, not how, why or when.  Arriving at “wow” in the moment connects us to the expanded SELF.

They went on to explain that we are doing 3d based energetic jump. Every week The Council will be laying down more of this energetic layer. Since we are in a transformed environment, how we feel in the moment is important not the specific outcome. Specific outcomes are there as script holders at this point. It is the act of moving towards the desired outcome which is far more interesting than the actual embracing of the desired creation. The most important tool right now is recognizing the deep level of the transformation and being aware of the process we have done.

Eloheim -spoke about the importance of three steps in this journey

1) Finding within the “physical sensation” which goes with the idea that infinite possibilities are possible.
2) The idea of being in the WOW of “comparing you to you.”
3) Taking responsibility for our reactions to our creations.

They explained that we are like the  different drops in one hose. how we land can be unique. but launching point will be pretty much the same. We may not have anyone relating to our exact experience, but we are accompanying each other in this journey. They waned us to feel a sense of support around the feeling, “Yes it is unusual, yes it is weird, but this unfurling is happening step by step.”

Fred – was pretty intense as he explained that he has anchored the infinite possibilities for us to tap into in the moment.
He invited us to focus on the truth that we are NOT confined to ONE expression, one possibility and the importance of being in the fascination of one level of fractal birthing the next. One step birthing the next in this unfurling of the energetics, in moving towards our desired manifestations. Inviting ourselves to be in this truth, in this moment  of the infinite possibilities will help in connecting to the potentials he has anchored.

Some powerful words from The Girls in this regard. “Desired outcome is not the place you want to judge yourself on. You want to abide in the WOW of compare you to you.”

The Warrior reminded us of being to be conscious of the survival instinct and catch it whenever it pops up, being aware of the different ways the survival instinct is trying to influence us in these new circumstances will help us create more consciously.

Matriarch – expressed how, at times, the step by step unfurling can feel frustrating. They expressed that they are totally with us in exploring this new vista of potentials.


Audio from all six channeling sessions held in November, 2011


Price: $9.99

November, 2011

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Fred’s Project Continues ~ Infinity Squared ~ 11-23-2011

This meeting kicked my ASS. I haven’t had this much trouble handling the energetics since the first night the Warrior came in. I was left feeling like my vertebrae were four inches apart and that all the cells in my body had vast spaces between them. The main subject was Fred’s new project of showing us the infinite perspectives that each moment holds.

Here are some of the ‘POWER’ full insights expressed.

‘Commit to the Potential of this Moment ‘ – The Guardians

“Knowings don’t have to have intellectual back up. It is not provable or repeatable. When you can relax into the Knowing without requiring intellectual back up, you start to bring online your Fractal sense of Processing” – Fred

“Fear not that you lose that sense of truth. This process deepens the knowing of yourself. It does not take away your knowing of yourself. Sometimes what is true now can be ‘I don’t know.’ Not having a concrete certain answer does not invalidate the inquiry” – Warrior.

The Guardians began the meeting by asking us to commit ourselves to the potentials of the present moment. To be in the moment as we gather together in the energetic interaction with each other. Being fully present with our emanation can help us be more open and receptive to what is being shared and what can be brought forward to be shared.

Visionaries held the whip as they reminded us rather intensely (with lots of winks of course) the need to compare “us to us” as we process some of the deep stuff in our clearing list. They highlighted the importance of self-love, using all the tools and commitment to LOVE ourselves and clear the baggage as we are offered the beginning of our next stage in our evolution, as we are beginning to create in total newness while integrating the infinite perspectives.

Eloheim explained at length the newness of Fred’s work, the big role that Fred is playing right now in bringing Quantumness to our experience, and how it can feel strange at times to our linear minds and the body. Eloheim also gave heads up on what might come next or what might already be happening to some of us, helping us to integrate the experience with ease.

Fred was rather clear about mind’s limitation in understanding the infinite perspectives and how tuning into our “knowing” will benefit us in processing on a fractal level the information offered to us. He explained “knowing” further as something that can be felt and it cannot be repeated or proved.

The Warrior was brief and profound as he explained the choice to be on the higher ground of awareness and described the confusion the survival instinct can cause in questioning the process as we abide in “I don’t know” while exploring the moments of uncertainty.

Girls reiterated the importance of the moments of self-love and creator awareness as the key to moving forward. They advised us to take weights off our shoulders by loving ourselves enough to refine what we are doing.

The Matriarch expressed her deep appreciation for the co-creation of this opportunity of expansion; they ended the meeting by holding the energy of gratitude for what is.

This is clearly one of the powerful sessions with Eloheim and the Council.


Audio from all six channeling sessions held in November, 2011


Price: $9.99



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