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September, 2011

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September Q&A with Eloheim – List of Questions Answered

We had a wonderful Q&A with Eloheim. Eloheim took the opportunity to include a long discussion of the heart chakra and a preview of the work we will do on the root chakra.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in September 2011


Price: $8.99

Questions answered 9-18-2011

Please talk to me about the energy of my addictive patterns – especially with food, shopping and smoking. In particular I would like to give up smoking now because I feel it no longer is the truth of me and yet there seems to be many fears about letting it go.

For what purpose did I choose to endow my personality (current and alternative ones too) with the strong dislike of children? What was I hoping to learn from this? I have a crop of theories about this but I’d like to hear what you have to tell me about me.

I would love to shift completely into my heart and be able to very consistently live life from that space, navigating from my heart, from my higher self and intuitive knowing. I am feeling challenged with this, and yet it seems the key to everything for me. Do you have some guidance for me in how to help myself get there? I do various spiritual practices, meditation, energy hygiene with myself, etc. What am I missing on this?

I would like your advice on how to deal with my new boss. He has owned his construction company for the past 30 years and I’ve been working there for 5 months. I am the only female on a staff of 20 men. He pushes my buttons and boundaries by yelling at me for something he thinks I’ve done wrong, when I haven’t, then he usually ends it by cursing at me and then hangs up or walks away. I feel inadequate and like I’m 8 years old again. I usually close down, go speechless and don’t say anything at all. After a few minutes I get angry and then act very cold towards him when I have to interact with him. There is no going back and re-visiting any of this with him, he doesn’t want to hear it. Now I am constantly walking on eggshells around him because I am not sure what I am going to be blamed for or yelled at next.

Does this no more blueprint thingy have any impact on our ability to manifest? Best thing for me to focus on now?

What’s stopping me from organizing myself and decluttering my space? I seem to be shuffling paper all the time and somehow I know I am stopping myself from getting on with things that I say I want to do, such as doing my website.

Now that I am divorced and have moved and have been at my job for 6 months …I have a strong urge in me that I want more for myself and I deserve more. My job is good for me because of the pay and now I want a job that’s good for me because I have passion for it. I want more and am uncertain about what that MORE is. I want a new job and can’t find anything that I am passionate about to point me in the right direction. The only thing that I currently have passion for is consciousness studies. Can you look at my energy and see if I am showing you anything that would give me some direction or uncover a passion I may be overlooking.

I am having difficulty expressing a constructive comment to one of my Father’s caretakers. The caretaker is short and strong using his strength to lift my father in his chair with a non-verbal reprimand expressed toward my father’s recurring squirming and bad posture. The caretaker is not fluent in English, and he cares for another tall male who does not understand language anymore. I am hesitant to talk to his employer before approaching him. What is my static and internal conflict here?

If you don’t feel you were nurtured…. 9-21-2011

Today’s clip from the September 21, 2011 meeting is Eloheim being as intense as I can recall.

This is just a few moments from an incredible 80 minute session.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in September 2011


Price: $8.99

It’s ALL Possible, What Will You Choose? 9-14-2011

The Eloheim and The Council channeling session of September 14, 2011 continues a string of meetings that just get more and more powerful. This session marked the first time that any of us could remember that I had to take a break between Council members! Just watch this video of the Visionaries and you will see why.

Later on, Eloheim explained at length that the heart chakra is the uncertainty chakra. The wonderful repercussions of that are nearly impossible to describe.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in September 2011


Price: $8.99

There’s no more blueprint! 9-9-2011

The meeting of September 9, 2011 was special in many ways. It was the first time we held a “remote” webcast. We all gathered in a beautiful garden for a potluck dinner at Mike and Nanci’s house and then moved into their living room for our session.

The entire Council contributed to our gathering. Notably, The Visionaries announced that “There’s no more blueprint.” WOW!!! Eloheim added an very important component to the Uncertainty series. We also revisited some tools from the past that The Council wanted to make sure we were keeping in mind. Eloheim spoke at length about money and debt.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in September 2011


Price: $8.99

Drop the Word BUT From Your Vocabulary! 8-31-2011

The August 31, 2011 session included the entire Council sharing their insights and includes A VINTAGE WARRIOR message!


Audio from all six sessions held in August, 2011


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August, 2011

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August Q&A with Eloheim – Questions answered

On the third Sunday of each month we hold a Q&A with Eloheim to allow the folks tuning in online to ask their questions and hear the answers live.


Audio from all six sessions held in August, 2011


Price: $9.99

Questions answered on 8-21-2011

Ever since I can remember I have suffered from Vertigo. Up until around 7 years ago, I used to drive my car as fast as most people would on the motorways (up to 90 miles an hour comfortably), but all of a sudden, one day I got into a panic and experienced the same feeling of vertigo and ever since that time, I have experienced the feeling of vertigo every time I drive faster than 45 miles an hour. Also, I can’t drive faster than 30 miles an hour if it’s raining, windy, if I have to go downhill or when driving round a bend. This means it’s now impossible for me to drive on motorways (it’s illegal to go so slow) and therefore long distances. This wasn’t such an issue before as my ex-partner would drive me if I needed him to, but now he’s an ex … and I’m moving into a new area, starting a new business and it would be very useful for me to drive further afield. How can I heal this?

I know that my body is able to heal itself, and I am very interested in restoring my physical vitality. I am not asking for the body I had when I was 23, but I have a tremendous desire for a body that feels whole. I am very interested in any energetic insight you can provide on why I have created this for myself and any helpful healing processes that are specific to my needs.

My career path appears to be taking an interesting turn away from coaching into the world of being a personal chef/house manager….I am wondering if the coaching work will reappear or if I am heading off in a totally new direction and should I just be more comfortable with this new uncertainty 🙂

I have had a lot shift in the last few days so I would like to know what would be the best or most loving thing I can do for myself right now.

I’d like to know what’s going on with my right foot (and left hand). It’s going on for about 4 weeks now and it’s getting worse not better. I’ve tried talking to it and it stays mute. I’ve tried magnets, magnesium, potassium, anti-inflamatories, pain-killers – nada. So it’s got to be something energetic, right? It’s the same foot I injured badly in Egypt 10 years ago, (ripped tendons and ligaments) but thoough the healing took a long time, it’s been ok since, except I can’t grip things with my toes or wear anything but flat shoes. So I dug out the photos to see if I could find some static… fail. It’s also the one that used to trouble me sometimes when I was cycle-racing. I am curious! And I want to know what it’s trying to tell me. Please help.

I am still having trouble with pains in my thighs especially when I have been sleeping for a while. As I am waking, the pain is very uncomfortable for a couple of minutes until I feel I have acclimated with my body again. Sometimes the pain will wake me up too. I also have developed a pain near my tail bone which only seems to bother me when in the evening when I’m at home.

I took my car in to my mechanic who I feel is trustworthy & fair last summer to have my air conditioning fixed. Tomorrow I will be taking the car back for the 8th time because it just won’t stay fixed. Although he hasn’t charged me for all these extra trips back with the car, why am I still spinning my wheels around this issue?

I would love help understanding what further inner work I need to do to complete the clearing of the energy blockage that has kept me apart from the energetic stream of work that is in my highest expression right now. Is my job in my field right now? Can you tell me if I’ve already applied for it? I’ve done a lot of inner work around this and it still feels like there is something still to do. In terms of 3rd dimensional terms r/t housing and security, I have to be working full-time or have more than one part-time job – yesterday – but we are making the best of it all by downsizing and putting the remaining things in storage…and seeing that in the bigger picture my husband and I are actually moving toward an amazing place of freedom and expansion, but what about NOW and doing this all with as much ease and grace as possible. 🙂 We actually don’t know where or with whom we’re going to be living in 2 weeks, so any help with what direction to go in with that is most appreciated.

For a long time now I have been desiring to buy a house. I did not have much buying power recently with prices go up. Now they are somehow lower so I almost pushed myself to look for houses last week and the first that I looked was what I wanted and where I wanted. The price and some circumstances are such that bring fears to make an offer, plus I do not want to invest much of my time now because I committed to 11-11-11 event and it requires my energy and time to prepare. As I can see moving out of this quadrant with resolving this issue. One is to buy the house and the other is to let it go. I know that working with the group in preparation for 11/11/11 is most important for me so letting go sounds better for me, plus less expansive:). The problem was that I would let this idea go and then want the house again. Could you, please help me to see it the way it would help me to release this old energy of me desiring the house? I am very grateful for your wisdom.

I know that you work closely with the people in the meetings during the week but as far as the people that attend online do you and can you follow our progress as closely as well? And how do you follow our progress…do you just look at us as a group or do you look at each of us individually? My question is basically how well do you know us individually speaking? If so how would you describe me from your viewpoint the way that you see me energetically as an individual? For example if you had to describe me to another how would you?

As I am still allowing old habits / blockages to stop me from moving in my desired direction, I would like some more clarity on where I need to focus. I question if it is now mostly that I am not trusting in my soul’s perspective input – as I still view this as “fantasy” as compared to “reality”.

All through my life I have been really bashful and shy. In life I grew up in a family who immigrated from Laos and who came with nothing on their back. They rarely speak English to me growing up. I have been sort of afraid to speak my mind toward my peers and its tough expressing myself without shutting down. Its been hard on me since it given me somewhat low esteem at times and makes me doubt myself. I’m 23 and a person who is an aspiring entrepreneur. What insight do you have for me to overcome this?

I was confronted this morning by a man with a clipboard pretending to be helping folks register to vote. His real purpose was the follow up comments of a registration bonus. I had been agitated with the demeanor, and I flashed with anger at his tone of the follow up. I walked directly away from him to have him reach out an arm and tell me not to walk into traffic which was clearly NOT a danger. Again I responded with anger and stated “Good bye.” I rarely feel outright anger at all anymore, so this event stands out as worthy of attention. Was I fighting his attempts to control? Why did I respond with such anger for something that is clearly not a big deal on a lighted public parking lot where I could give him a lot of space?

Guest Author: Anna – I Passed My Board Exams!

Today’s Sharing Sundays post is a follow up by Anna. You can read her first post by following this link.

I passed my board exams with flying colors! Of the 130 students in my class, I was one of 16 who took the exam and passed. So many thanks to Eloheim for their guidance in: respecting my own rhythms, knowing my truth, being kind to myself, staying in the present moment before and during the test, and keeping my vibration high while waiting for the results. We did it! I so appreciate the loving wisdom and support.

Congratulations Anna!

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Would you like to contribute a story to our Sharing Sundays series? Send an email to eloheimchannel@yahoo.com.

Continuing the Exploration of Uncertainty ~ 8-3-2011 – Part 2 in the Uncertainty Series

Hello everyone,
Our August 3, 2011 meeting continued the exploration of uncertainty that Eloheim started on July 27, 2011.

This is the most important information we have ever shared with you. ~ Eloheim

Personally, this information is blowing my mind. It has shifted so many things. I’m almost speechless about it. It’s that good.

Received by email:

V…you and the E’s were on fire last night…I loved it….really loved it….I had to check in late and missed a bit but I will listen today…There were some things that really spoke to me and I need to listen again.

Hi Veronica, I have already listened again and think I could benefit from another listen and take away more as everything given to others had some application to myself…..maybe the best session ever????

The July 27th meeting introduced an exercise Eloheim specifically designed to illuminate our relationship with uncertainty. On August 3rd, Eloheim did a mini session with each person following up on what came up on the 27th. The meeting of August 10th will integrate this new information with other Eloheim teachings. Last night, Eloheim gave me a preview of the integration and that’s when I got speechless.


Audio from all six sessions held in August, 2011


Price: $9.99

TOOL TUESDAY: Shovel or Ladder

Today is Tool Tuesday! Shovel or ladder

Every Tuesday I share one of Eloheim and The Council’s tools for spiritual growth.

The choice for consciousness is challenging, but habitual response is a pit of pain.

You get a shovel or a ladder, it’s your choice to dig yourself in deeper or to climb up the ladder and out of the pit. The shovel is repeating habit, it’s you not being willing to say, “What the hell is going on here in me? Not with him, not with her, not with the boss, not with the kids, not with the bank, not with the credit card statement but within me. What is going on in me?”

“Am I going to dig myself in deeper out of fear, guilt, lack, victim hood, or am I going to put my hand on the ladder and say something has to change? And am I going to keep climbing the ladder even when my pit partners look at me and say, ‘What are you doing? Where are you going? Who do you think you are? You’re getting too big for your britches!’” and all those other lines that they might give you. The ladder isn’t just a hop. You’re so far down in these pits of habitual response that you need one of those tall ladders, but the beauty is your ladder is tall enough.

You figure it out by putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to make the choices that say, “Habit is not who I am.” Because when habit gets to tell you who you are, the scenery doesn’t change. Do you want a shovel or a ladder? We will not give you shovels. But we have loads of ladders of all different sizes, shapes, and lengths and we even know how to make them taller. So if you get dug down in there, don’t think you’re ever lost. You’re not ever lost in the pit of habit. You simply have to keep making the choice.

We’re standing there cheering you on. Just lift your foot. We know it’s challenging to break habits, but it will get easier. If you want your life to change, you need to choose and choose again to climb the ladder of consciousness.


Veronica writes:
When Eloheim first came up with this one, I was blown away. It is classic Eloheim, funny and practical. I picture them standing at the top of the hole saying, “We have ladders for you!” There is something so comforting about the image of them standing in the light looking at us down in the dark just waiting for us to reach up for the ladder they are lowering.


When dealing with a coworker who flips into hysteria/doom and gloom thinking when confronted with a problem, I find it helpful to use the Shovel (are you really sure you want to dig that great big huge hole for yourself?) / Ladder (don’t you think we might actually get a better overview of this problem from up here?) approach. I used to call this the “Take the noose off your neck and get down from that chair” maneuver. But I like shovel/ladder now because it actually offers an alternative way of thinking about the situation rather than just a plea for different behavior.

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The Choice for Consciousness, Tools for Conscious Living
The Homo Spiritus Sessions

July, 2011

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GUEST AUTHOR: Maya – I Am Transformed!

Maya is new to our community, but she has been soaking up the books and YouTube videos and just had her first private session. I will let Maya tell you all about it:

Dear Veronica, I have to tell you that these books and the audios are in perfect timing for me, I can see how I was lead here! This morning, I was reading the section in Homo Spiritus 2 about how the 2nd chakra is triggered by the 3rd one when we get out there into the world … WOW! I cried, it’s so meaningful to me and this is the work I have needed to do for at least a decade but never knew how to. THANK YOU!!

Here is an email I just sent to the person that initially told me about you:

WOW those Eloheim books … have you read them in detail? They are blowing my mind, cannot believe how much I have transformed since working with the tools in them. Of course, I am still a work in progress, but progress is at super accelerated rate right now 🙂

Today on my dog walk, this swan started conversing with me … it started with me feeling sorry for it because it was all alone … then I caught myself and made some short factual statements about the swan. This swan is alone. Period. I’m aware of my tendency to feel sorry for it and to victimize it and to make equal signs about it. Period. This swan is swimming around happily. period. It’s beautiful. period. I love the gracefulness of the swan. Period. I’m aware of me thinking alone equals loneliness. Period.

I kept walking with the dogs and 30 minutes later was back at the lake again … and as I observed the swan again, it started (energetically) to tell me how it was attracting its mate, that it carried a frequency and it was emanating the truth of itself which other swans could pick up from great distances. Another perfect matching frequency swan would then know of his presence and they would eventually meet up. It was all about timing. How cool is that? And then he told me how most humans don’t do that … they don’t stop to check the matching frequencies of each others true selves, instead, they match frequencies with egos and emotions and habits and insecurities.. same frequency. Not soul to soul or truth to truth. That’s how swans always stay together for life, they are super fussy in frequency matching.

Me too these days 🙂

Talk about insight and connection!

To be honest, not sure if the swan told me that or it was my soul … well, whoever it was, it was good information and it made sense. It had a nice Aha to it 🙂

Wow, this really made me think about how others are always projecting onto us and we to them. Why there is something in everyone we meet that is about us, has to be, otherwise we wouldn’t be connecting at some level. This gives me a new awareness of “What’s in MY lap?” It’s all about matching frequencies and what is out there is ultimately a matching frequency of what is in me. I can acknowledge and appreciate the “good” (WOW, that’s me yay!!) and also love and appreciate the “bad” (Wow, that’s me too!!) recognizing that, at some level, this is all about me, this is something I have created to allow me to learn from and grow in wholeness plus bringing to conscious awareness aspects in myself that I am ready to have a new relationship with and transform.

A couple of weeks later, Maya sent me this email after her first private session with Eloheim:

Thanks so much for the incredible session yesterday.

I used to wonder why I could never feel a sense of long term fulfillment no matter what I did ….. why I kept feeling I needed to do more, work harder, change things in myself … as if there was something intrinsically flawed about me or maybe something was wrong with my DNA or something equally horrid (talk about me being mean to me!) I now know there’s never been anything wrong with me (what a mean perception) but that I had chosen to give away my power by allowing others opinions of me to make me feel bad about myself. Trying to accommodate others opinions and trying to live up to/conform to what I perceived as others expectations was exhausting, frustrating and near impossible. It was like being a puppet on a string, either that or the black sheep rebel. Neither were joyful experiences.

I have since listened to the recording 3 times and WOW!!!!!!!!!!! My life has flashed past me and I can easily see how everything that has ever happened in my life has been placed there so my soul could have this experience. It was great that I already had awareness of my core emotion so that Eloheim could take me so much deeper into the energetics … AND even more great that Eloheim advised me on how to transform it 🙂 Just knowing makes me feel very empowered. I no longer feel the need for others approval, only mine.

What’s incredibly funny is when I asked if I could change my name for when I attended the Q&A … so that I didn’t have to deal with others opinions of me .. that was so core emotion! I am laughing about this now 🙂 I won’t be doing that anymore because knowing, emanating and walking my truth, irrelevant of others opinions or preferences, is what is going to bring me fulfillment and satisfaction. No more resisting others preferences, no more pushing against, no more needing to rebel, no more buts … just flowing with the truth of what’s right for me, living it and walking it moment to moment …. And that healed version of me is the Homo Spiritus version of me so I am up for it!

I now get to meet the world with 100% of the truth of me .. wow, that is ease, flow and grace in action; it’s vulnerability as opposed to weakness.

I am emerging out of the cocoon and truly looking forward to the unfolding of the butterfly that is the truth of me. Watch this space 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and Eloheim!!

Much love

P.S. Feel free to add all or part of this as a testimonial 🙂

It’s always very gratifying to see Eloheim’s teachings making such a profound impact in others’ lives. Thank you so much Maya for sharing your journey with us!

To read the other installments in our Sharing Sundays series, click here – coming of age ceremony, here – private session experience, here – my favorite Eloheim tool, here – realizations about victim hood, here – my favorite Eloheim tools and here – how Eloheim helped me in Medical School.

Would you like to contribute a story to our Sharing Sundays series? Send an email to eloheimchannel@yahoo.com.


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