Once again, we had an AMAZING Q&A with Eloheim. It is truly stunning to receive questions from all over the place and have them all seem to flow into a theme which Eloheim expands upon during the session. This was a long meeting at 110 minutes filled with powerful explanations. A “don’t miss” download!

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My vibration has obviously changed since I moved into my new place, so now living here feels disrespectful at times. I still love my room, and I think this apartment is wonderful, however – one of my roommates is a walking vortex of toxicity, and marijuana is constantly smoked in the apartment. When I moved here, I was still doing drugs. My desire for drugs and alcohol went away in January. I can’t ask anyone to change their habits or their personality, so it’s obviously time for me to start looking for another place. I just want to live alone. The idea of having roommates never made any sense in the first place. I hate living with other people. I want to look for a studio apartment, and this is bringing up a whole lot of baggage up, especially around money. I don’t think I have pulled in more than $200 in the entire month so far, and I am starting to feel suicidal again. I just really don’t understand why my life won’t work already. Why does there have to be a catch to everything?

Are my bloated stomach issues related to shame and not accepting my shadow aspects, or something else?

I get triggered around really confident women and I’m not sure how to work with this trigger. Your insight please!

I have been having problems with my right hip for years now. It seems like I can’t resolve this issue in any way. I feel stuck which probably goes hand in hand with my business situation and abundance. Just this week I uncovered a trigger that “nothing works out for me”. This seems to be a trigger that impacts so many areas of my life.

In the past year I’ve dealt with a lot of different body issues that has triggered intense anxiety and fear. When one gets resolved, another pops up. I see the trigger so clearly: body hurting triggers fear and anxiety. The thought pattern is mostly around: I’m always going to be in pain and suffer. And/or if I do something to help my body I’m actually going to hurt myself. This past month I’ve had burning sciatica down my left leg and a little in my right leg. I’ve been trying to figure out how to heal myself and why this keeps coming up. I’m considering doing an injection called Prolozone. It’s a natural alternative to cortisone that triggers the joints/tendons/muscles to heal themselves. I’m exhausted and drained. Can you please comment on these body issues and how best to deal with the sciatica?

I want to thank the Council for showing me the Hamster Maze in my life, My relationship that I have always allowed back into my life, Now that same man has decided to walk out of my life for a silly reason once again. I want to emanate a different script so I do not attract a partner who leaves. It seems whenever I am having job opportunities flow to me and it looks like I could have job stability then the man marches right out the door. Can I have success in my career corner as well as a happy love relationship. I am tired of the hamster wheel. This relationship is in its 12th year, time to close this chapter perhaps.

Am I dealing with all my past-life death scenarios all at once or something?

When the upcoming transformation to 4d occurs……will there be a war or a pole shift before the event.

I have 2 recurring dreams, and this is one of them. I discover a pet, one of mine from the past or one I’ve never seen before. Once I found a whole room full in far too small cages. For some reason, It has been forgotten about for weeks/months and is starved of food water and companionship, though still alive against all odds. Usually I/we thought it had passed away (after all, we had buried it) and yet there it is, just waiting. The horror, guilt and grief is overwhelming and all encompassing. I don’t remember ever forgetting to look after my animal companions. What’s this really about?

Based on what you were talking about last week I am assuming the goal is to feel self-confident in being the conscious creators of our lives and not victims of it so my question is…How do I, and I am being serious, take my current 35 years of failure to manifest my inner world changes into my outer world to build my self-confidence in being a conscious creator of my life and not a victim of it?

Hello and thank you in advance for helping me to sort this out. Ever since my daughter moved to California at the end of last year, all my friends are telling me that I will move there too. I do not mind, I just do not see how. Is it coming soon and what would be a cause for me?

I have breast cancer. I have been working with triggers and possible emotional causes. Is there anything I am overlooking or maybe avoiding, don’t want to see?

Like others last month, my teeth are disintegrating from the inside and I will lose several, per my dentist. Is there anything I can do to save them? I am seeing a cranio-sacral person at the moment.

Whenever I see a puncture wound whether on myself or on someone else…it’s not so much the blood that bothers me but it’s any wound of some kind that makes me feel like I am going to pass out….I have a hard time even cleaning my own cuts…. is this past life maybe?


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