This meeting continued The Council’s powerful study of how “being in your own energy” makes profound changes in your life. The video clip is the Guardians starting the meeting. It got more and more incredible from this point. If you are a Fred fan you will like this session, he had a LOT to say in this meeting.

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This session continued the exploration of being in our own energy while we share our space with others.

The Guardians pointed out the balance point within the body, the place of centeredness within
in which we can abide peacefully with uncertainty, triggers, and discomfort. They explained that we have come to the point of “What is.” They encouraged us to further explore self-discovery by dropping resistance to the NOW and being willing to allow ourselves to stay in our energy even when the society, habits, and the survival instinct tempt us to go into other people’s energy.

The Visionaries expressed that the first step of willingness to be in our own energy is the most important. The fear is not that we are afraid that it won’t work out the way we want it to, it’s the fear of “it will be more than I can handle.” They stressed the importance of our commitment to the path that we really desire and reminded us to stay committed even when our world gets bigger. As we become more conscious and the more we stay in our energy, the deeper we can stay in causeless joy.

Eloheim discussed examples from group members of staying in their own energy. Eloheim pointed out that we often run from discomfort yet abide in suffering. It’s important to use the Compare you to you tool whenever our “big thing” pops up, so that we can be aware that we are experiencing our issue from a different level.

The Girls pointed out that when we are in the discomfort it’s important not be mean to ourselves. As we go deeper into layers of unconscious patterns we need to add in a deeper focus of “don’t be mean to yourself” within our evaluation. Our truth doesn’t have to be a negative thing, we can evaluate it constructively.

Fred shed more light on Level seven, as we are heading towards non-dualistic Earth life. He expressed that we are completely rewriting the design of the Earth experiment. If we can dictate the physical surroundings from a non-dualistic perspective, knowing our wholeness and oneness , nothing is outside the realm of possibilities. Staying in our own energy is the absolute way to get there. The Council is helping us to get to that point by offering tools to support each step of the journey.

The Warrior reminded that us that if we wonder why we are here, the answer is: to KNOW the experience of this world from non-duality perspective. “Why am I?” will never serve us, “I AM” is the key of non-duality exploration.


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