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November, 2011

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Fred Begins a New Teaching ~ Jumping Time Streams 11-16-2011

Very informative and intense session about the practicality of being in the moment and much was addressed about developing Quantum awareness, multidimensional aspects of self, integrating the experiences of connecting to not only past lives but the infinite probabilities
to create from, and handling the confusion that might arise from such state of awareness .

The Guardians and the Visionaries spoke about how giving our conscious attention to the past and baggage diminishes their influence in the present moment and dissolves our conditioned focus on them thus freeing us to create from the current version of us. There was a detailed discussion of letting go of the past and whole new way of living and creating in the world.

Eloheim addressed human relationship aspects, letting go of all the preconceived notions about relationships, and bringing the authentic version of self into interaction with others which can give us fulfilling co-creation.

Eloheim then took on to explaining what Fred is working on. They used the example of ‘chair lifts’ to explain the quantum awareness we are tapping into including alternative expressions and a lot of probable pasts as well! Eloheim explained that since everything is accessible in the present moment, we can connect to a multitude of probabilities and timelines to choose from. This can be confusing to our conditioned mind which is mainly accustomed to a linear way of thinking. Eloheim advised us “not to over think the process,” but to experience it using the uncertainty tools. This will open us to whole new way of living and integrating all that is happening within.

The Girls spoke about taking care of our body and its needs while being grounded in the root chakra and the importance of balance during these times of change.

Fred explained that his current focus is to facilitate connection to many more great possibilities for us to choose from.

Matriarch lovingly reminded us of the importance of allowing “step by step” unfolding of the process and finding completeness in each step without having to rush to the end result. She explained that we can connect to many more steps NOW rather than just one linear possibility.


Audio from all six channeling sessions held in November, 2011


Price: $9.99

11-11-11 – NOT living the PAST anymore!

Our 11-11-11 meeting was a lot of fun. We started with a potluck dinner which was great. We have AWESOME potlucks!

The Council describes the energy of 11-11-11 as an opportunity for us to leave the past in the past. The video clip below is the Guardians explaining that we can use this transition to explore how the past has tried to enter this moment, to make the intention of shifting, and to commit to NOT LIVING IN THE PAST anymore!

The Visionaries expanded on this idea stating, “Only take into the next moment that which is really POSITIVE for you!”

Randy Sue emailed these meeting highlights:

We’ve arrived at yet another energetic “plateau” where the energies really support dropping all our old habits, once and for all. Stop habitual thoughts in their tracks and switch to another thought – right away – like running through the chakras or whatever tool you choose. Do this all the time and eventually we’ll create the new neural pathways that support the way we want to be in the world.

The Girls invited us to have much more fun in our lives too. Our homework is to do something new that’s fun this week.

Fred is working on something very cool – he’s studying about how fractals affect the 3D body so he can teach us how to be in multiple dimensions at one time….he was very robotic sounding last night. He’s super focused on this and really didn’t want to be interrupted by having to talk to us so he was quick and intriguing.


Audio from all six channeling sessions held in November, 2011


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October, 2011

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List of questions answered during October Q&A with Eloheim

Great Q&A last Sunday!


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in October, 2011


Price: $8.99

Questions answered 10-16-2011

Eloheim’s introductory comments focused on a review and expansion of the way to use the chakras in new ways.

The last few days I have had a powerful experience of how I create my reality from my unhealed core emotion at a much more unconscious level than I previously was aware of. I have felt enormous physical pain in my jaw and feel like I’m releasing so much psychic pain and rage, as well. Can you help me integrate what is happening?

For the last 5 years I have had back pain that started when my granddaughter was born. It has really limited my activities — back pain, not granddaughter. I have looked at different issues in my life to see how I may be creating the back pain, but I have found no answers for myself. Could you offer some insight to me?

In the last few months, my adult acne has flared up worse than ever. It seems to have gotten a lot worse all over my face and collar bone areas, basically where I let the sun shine on me. It makes me feel dirty and embarrassed. What role does my diet play in this condition versus my emotional state? I’m in complete uncertainty if this will ever heal as it’s been around for almost 20 years. I would love to wake up one day and never have to think about this again. I’m willing and ready to transform this!

With the shift in chakras, you provide insight as to what my stronger and weaker chakras are and how it relates to being out in the world with others, along with working on my clients doing massage?

After removing BUT out of my energetic field, I find myself energetically unbalanced with my 3D reality, the energetic feels like I am walking around in shoes that are a few sizes to small for me. I would like to bring in some balance so that my 3D reality can reflect my inner world. It is not a question of getting a prize, the prize is the brand new me, it is the balance between these two worlds that I am looking for. Do you have any suggestions? I do notice small changes and winks.

I had a very strong reaction to the “shift” meeting. Can we do that every month? Kind of kidding…I am having trouble balancing having some preference in my life and keeping everything in the unknown so could you address the balancing of that please.

Here is my big pattern: I move in somewhere, I fail to pay my rent on time, the renter or roommates get sick of me, and I have to split. I need a stable foundation so this is extra hard for me and it happens ALL THE TIME. What I realized this year is that I only had stability problems ever since I became a freelance artist. I never had problems paying rent
with a “normal” job. And speaking of work, it seems like it has really dried up for me.
I’m struggling despite using mantras/tools, and I’m really confused. I just want to know how to shift this money/job/home thing once and for all, because I can’t do it anymore!!!!

I have noticed that after spending time with a friend or friends when I leave I have this feeling of like something’s missing or I don’t feel “WHOLE” like maybe I revealed too much of who I am but it is accompanied by this feeling of a piece of me is missing. I have done some short factual statement work on this feeling and I know that it is related to feeling like if I shared too much of my authentic self then I will be judged and I am afraid of that….but I was wondering if the strong feeling I get from it is related to a past life maybe. Any specific info on how to transform this would be helpful.

Meditation and breathing exercises were tools used to focus in the now. I am less successful in calming and focusing just now using breathing and meditation and even with what is true now. I am simply restless. I have a lot of family stuff up just now, and I sense this may be boundary issues. Please help me clarify my energies and methods to move on.

My cat, CALI, ran away about 3 weeks ago, and we’ve not been able to find her since. This cat is very special to both Kerri and myself, as she was abandoned at an early age near Kerri’s old home. We fed and sheltered her for a few months until I made my move to NC permanent about 3 years ago, where I was then able to take her in. Though she had been an outdoor cat, we had been hesitant to let her out since moving in hopes that she would be happy indoors at our new place, where we had given her, and her only kitten, JOSIE, free roam of our enormous upstairs living area. Since I know that all things external are simply reflections of our inner selves, my initial thought is that CALI had served a purpose or perhaps filled a void for me that is no longer needed, although I can’t say for sure what that might have been. Am I incorrect in thinking this? I would appreciate any insight you may have.

I’ve had several alternate expressions ”pop in” to say hello this last few days, all well known to me already, reminding me of their strong suits. Yesterday I found myself longing to go visit them in the physical, we could have so much to talk about and learn from each other. How can I integrate them more OR are there any other ones I’m yet to meet (become aware of) hanging around waiting to catch my attention? Could you point them out to me, please?

September, 2011

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Drop the Word BUT From Your Vocabulary! 8-31-2011

The August 31, 2011 session included the entire Council sharing their insights and includes A VINTAGE WARRIOR message!


Audio from all six sessions held in August, 2011


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August, 2011

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August Q&A with Eloheim – Questions answered

On the third Sunday of each month we hold a Q&A with Eloheim to allow the folks tuning in online to ask their questions and hear the answers live.


Audio from all six sessions held in August, 2011


Price: $9.99

Questions answered on 8-21-2011

Ever since I can remember I have suffered from Vertigo. Up until around 7 years ago, I used to drive my car as fast as most people would on the motorways (up to 90 miles an hour comfortably), but all of a sudden, one day I got into a panic and experienced the same feeling of vertigo and ever since that time, I have experienced the feeling of vertigo every time I drive faster than 45 miles an hour. Also, I can’t drive faster than 30 miles an hour if it’s raining, windy, if I have to go downhill or when driving round a bend. This means it’s now impossible for me to drive on motorways (it’s illegal to go so slow) and therefore long distances. This wasn’t such an issue before as my ex-partner would drive me if I needed him to, but now he’s an ex … and I’m moving into a new area, starting a new business and it would be very useful for me to drive further afield. How can I heal this?

I know that my body is able to heal itself, and I am very interested in restoring my physical vitality. I am not asking for the body I had when I was 23, but I have a tremendous desire for a body that feels whole. I am very interested in any energetic insight you can provide on why I have created this for myself and any helpful healing processes that are specific to my needs.

My career path appears to be taking an interesting turn away from coaching into the world of being a personal chef/house manager….I am wondering if the coaching work will reappear or if I am heading off in a totally new direction and should I just be more comfortable with this new uncertainty 🙂

I have had a lot shift in the last few days so I would like to know what would be the best or most loving thing I can do for myself right now.

I’d like to know what’s going on with my right foot (and left hand). It’s going on for about 4 weeks now and it’s getting worse not better. I’ve tried talking to it and it stays mute. I’ve tried magnets, magnesium, potassium, anti-inflamatories, pain-killers – nada. So it’s got to be something energetic, right? It’s the same foot I injured badly in Egypt 10 years ago, (ripped tendons and ligaments) but thoough the healing took a long time, it’s been ok since, except I can’t grip things with my toes or wear anything but flat shoes. So I dug out the photos to see if I could find some static… fail. It’s also the one that used to trouble me sometimes when I was cycle-racing. I am curious! And I want to know what it’s trying to tell me. Please help.

I am still having trouble with pains in my thighs especially when I have been sleeping for a while. As I am waking, the pain is very uncomfortable for a couple of minutes until I feel I have acclimated with my body again. Sometimes the pain will wake me up too. I also have developed a pain near my tail bone which only seems to bother me when in the evening when I’m at home.

I took my car in to my mechanic who I feel is trustworthy & fair last summer to have my air conditioning fixed. Tomorrow I will be taking the car back for the 8th time because it just won’t stay fixed. Although he hasn’t charged me for all these extra trips back with the car, why am I still spinning my wheels around this issue?

I would love help understanding what further inner work I need to do to complete the clearing of the energy blockage that has kept me apart from the energetic stream of work that is in my highest expression right now. Is my job in my field right now? Can you tell me if I’ve already applied for it? I’ve done a lot of inner work around this and it still feels like there is something still to do. In terms of 3rd dimensional terms r/t housing and security, I have to be working full-time or have more than one part-time job – yesterday – but we are making the best of it all by downsizing and putting the remaining things in storage…and seeing that in the bigger picture my husband and I are actually moving toward an amazing place of freedom and expansion, but what about NOW and doing this all with as much ease and grace as possible. 🙂 We actually don’t know where or with whom we’re going to be living in 2 weeks, so any help with what direction to go in with that is most appreciated.

For a long time now I have been desiring to buy a house. I did not have much buying power recently with prices go up. Now they are somehow lower so I almost pushed myself to look for houses last week and the first that I looked was what I wanted and where I wanted. The price and some circumstances are such that bring fears to make an offer, plus I do not want to invest much of my time now because I committed to 11-11-11 event and it requires my energy and time to prepare. As I can see moving out of this quadrant with resolving this issue. One is to buy the house and the other is to let it go. I know that working with the group in preparation for 11/11/11 is most important for me so letting go sounds better for me, plus less expansive:). The problem was that I would let this idea go and then want the house again. Could you, please help me to see it the way it would help me to release this old energy of me desiring the house? I am very grateful for your wisdom.

I know that you work closely with the people in the meetings during the week but as far as the people that attend online do you and can you follow our progress as closely as well? And how do you follow our progress…do you just look at us as a group or do you look at each of us individually? My question is basically how well do you know us individually speaking? If so how would you describe me from your viewpoint the way that you see me energetically as an individual? For example if you had to describe me to another how would you?

As I am still allowing old habits / blockages to stop me from moving in my desired direction, I would like some more clarity on where I need to focus. I question if it is now mostly that I am not trusting in my soul’s perspective input – as I still view this as “fantasy” as compared to “reality”.

All through my life I have been really bashful and shy. In life I grew up in a family who immigrated from Laos and who came with nothing on their back. They rarely speak English to me growing up. I have been sort of afraid to speak my mind toward my peers and its tough expressing myself without shutting down. Its been hard on me since it given me somewhat low esteem at times and makes me doubt myself. I’m 23 and a person who is an aspiring entrepreneur. What insight do you have for me to overcome this?

I was confronted this morning by a man with a clipboard pretending to be helping folks register to vote. His real purpose was the follow up comments of a registration bonus. I had been agitated with the demeanor, and I flashed with anger at his tone of the follow up. I walked directly away from him to have him reach out an arm and tell me not to walk into traffic which was clearly NOT a danger. Again I responded with anger and stated “Good bye.” I rarely feel outright anger at all anymore, so this event stands out as worthy of attention. Was I fighting his attempts to control? Why did I respond with such anger for something that is clearly not a big deal on a lighted public parking lot where I could give him a lot of space?

Integrating Uncertainty 8-10-2011

Eloheim continues with part three of their series on uncertainty which began on July 27 and includes the meeting of August 3rd.

During this meeting, Eloheim uses the white board to describe how to incorporate the new revelations about uncertainty with many of their tools including: Circle of Possibilities, Vulnerability/Weakness, Short Factual Statements, and more.


Audio from all six sessions held in August, 2011


Price: $9.99

Continuing the Exploration of Uncertainty ~ 8-3-2011 – Part 2 in the Uncertainty Series

Hello everyone,
Our August 3, 2011 meeting continued the exploration of uncertainty that Eloheim started on July 27, 2011.

This is the most important information we have ever shared with you. ~ Eloheim

Personally, this information is blowing my mind. It has shifted so many things. I’m almost speechless about it. It’s that good.

Received by email:

V…you and the E’s were on fire last night…I loved it….really loved it….I had to check in late and missed a bit but I will listen today…There were some things that really spoke to me and I need to listen again.

Hi Veronica, I have already listened again and think I could benefit from another listen and take away more as everything given to others had some application to myself…..maybe the best session ever????

The July 27th meeting introduced an exercise Eloheim specifically designed to illuminate our relationship with uncertainty. On August 3rd, Eloheim did a mini session with each person following up on what came up on the 27th. The meeting of August 10th will integrate this new information with other Eloheim teachings. Last night, Eloheim gave me a preview of the integration and that’s when I got speechless.


Audio from all six sessions held in August, 2011


Price: $9.99

July, 2011

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The Night It All Changed! Fresh Perspective on the Physical ~ 7-20-2011

Our channeling sessions continue to ramp up and get more powerful each week. The session of July 20, 2011 included Fred saying, “This is the most important question we have ever asked you,” and the Matriarch saying, “You were here the night it all changed.” Wow!

The Guardians: Led us in an exercise to practice bringing our soul’s perspective into our bodies. “Allow the awareness of your surroundings to be drawn into your physical body.”

The Visionaries: (YouTube video below) Summarized their teachings. Laid the foundation for the rest of the meeting. “A fresh perspective on the physical.”

Eloheim: The Council’s focus at this time is to help you integrate your soul’s perspective. Answered many questions from the group about the ways they are connecting to their soul’s perspective. Follow up on the conversation from the previous meeting about aging parents.

The Girls: Clarified an idea that Eloheim had a hard time putting into words using car and gambling metaphors! (That doesn’t happen every day) “We feel you on the edge of a big jump.” Explained how The Council sees our energy and how they use what they see to help us.

Fred: “You are dancing on the edge of uncertainty and surprise. Look for places in your life where you are uncertain so that you can dance in them. Can you dance and delight in uncertainty and surprise? We have never asked you a more important question.”

The Warrior: “Go back to, ‘What is my current truth?’ in the long journey of surprise. Seek the truth of the truth of you, it’s a good companion.”

Matriarch: “You were here on a night when everything changed. You can’t turn back the tide of this energetic shift.”

Download the audio recording and/or watch the video replay of this meeting:
86 minutes ~ $2.99


Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


Price: $8.99

JULY Q&A with Eloheim – List of Questions Answered

We had a great Q&A with Eloheim this month. The theme that developed was: Relationships. Continue Reading…

How to Experience Oneness Even When You Don’t Understand Others ~ 7-13-2011

Powerful session! So many amazing ideas are covered in this recording:

The Guardians: Allow yourself to know you’re part of the all, part of the one. Let yourself fully embody the part that you have decided to experience. The ascension path connects you to your body more deeply. The physical is the pathway to Homo spiritus.

The Visionaries: (YouTube video below) Profound description of “oneness.” A review of service mentality: Are you reaching over the “big issue” in your life to tell someone else how they should be living?

Eloheim: Reveled in how powerful the Visionaries’ message was. Reviewed and clarified the idea that “it can’t be happening in your external world unless it’s true in your internal world” using the example of the Rupert Murdoch news organization hacking into cell phone records. How to apply the “Go to the bathroom” tool when you find yourself in a conversation full of judgements. Reviewed the “10 things” tool with an example from the group about how well it is working. Eloheim closed their section with an AMAZING talk about aging parents, our “heart’s desire” for a good mommy, how we can be a good mommy for ourselves, and how we can release mommy and daddy from the role that they were never able to fill.

The Girls: “Since you are always looking for growth, it is really easy to find places where you wish you were parented differently. Nurture yourself. What can you do in this moment to help you with the desire for a feeling of being nurtured?”

Fred: “We feel an embraced, supportive, loved, I see you, energy in the room.”

The Warrior: Talked about his love for his wife Marianna and described her strength. Spoke about leadership, “True leaders know the truth of themselves.”

Matriarch: “Energetically you all feel like you are within ’embracing distance.'” Summarized the meeting and expressed gratitude to the group.


Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


Price: $8.99

On 7-12-2011 I was interviewed on the Every Day Connections program. This was a fun interview and one of the only interviews I’ve done where I didn’t channel! We talked a lot about how I have applied Eloheim’s teachings in my life. We discussed other spiritual concepts as well.



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