We had a great Q&A with Eloheim this month. The theme that developed was: Relationships. As a reminder, we hold a Q&A on the third Sunday of every month at 1:00pm Pacific.

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Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


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Questions answered during the July 2011 Q&A webcast

I went out last night to meet a client who had stopped in town to play a gig. He was accompanied by his partner, her aunt and her aunt’s roommate. Overall I had a good time. I just want to know one thing: Why do I still keep spoiling my interactions with people by projecting or creating some kind of oppositional feeling? I felt that my client’s partner was somehow angry with me at one point in the evening, or that I was somehow “ruining” the evening just by being there. Everyone noticed that my client and his partner were both unhappy towards the end of the night, and of course I went right to thinking that I was somehow wearing out my welcome. For all I know it was some lover’s spat, but even if it was actually about me, why would I create that? It is all too obvious what I am doing because I am now getting back into the world and finally starting to be around more people again. I want to have gallery shows in the future and I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like if I keep projecting this stuff. I did this a couple of weeks ago as well when another client of mine came into town on business. It is still hard to stay around people for too long after what I had created a few years ago.

I want to let go of being so nervous with people/socially phobic. I guess I chose this way of being as something that would steer me down a spiritual path but now I feel I really don’t need to be so scared of people’s energies/thoughts/feelings/eye contact. I get so nervous sometimes for what seem like the most crazy reasons so I have always spent a lot of time alone, not many friends boyfriends etc. Not feeling sorry for myself at all, I do love my own company and honor my sensitivity, but also really feel like an extrovert trapped in an introverts shaky, nervous, blushy body. Have often felt really humiliated and it is so difficult to control or ignore. This has generally been my most constant problem since childhood. Why am I so over the top nervous and how can I be comfortable with people? Can you tell me about any alternative expression that may be contributing to this?

I am suffering from scalp itch for more than a week now. Could you tell me if I am telling myself anything, spiritually, with this, and what exactly is causing it?

I feel like I’ve hit a wall with my exploration and understanding of the static that keeps me from receiving money – even money that’s already owed me. Please look at my energy field and tell me what you see blocking my progress for further transformation of this all-encompassing subject.

A lot has moved for me lately, more than I can cover quickly, my question is, What is the answer to the question that you most wish that I would ask?

I’m going through a lot of change right now. I have sold my house and will be moving to an area where I barely know anyone. I’m also planning on starting a new soul based business when I get there. I recently made the decision to split from a very long term relationship because I felt we weren’t compatible anymore and he was also feeling enormous resistance to moving out of the area where he has lived all his life. Shortly afterwards, having let go of expectations from him, I suddenly realized that I had been the one generating all the static between us. The audio download from this Wednesday’s session was very powerful and I’m now wondering if ending the relationship was the wrong decision and if better options might be available.

Why do I frequently feel unable to spend time by myself? I often feel the urge to go out and be among people, and I am a social creature, but at times I feel like I am forcing my energy.

About a month ago, my 19-year old daughter that was living with her father came to live with me and her sister. He was very violent towards her and she didn’t feel it was safe around him anymore. I still am afraid of him even though we have been divorced for 12 years. I had to get up the courage to ask him for child support. He absolutely refuses to give me any money and I don’t have finances to retain a lawyer and I don’t like going to court. I get so furious and stuck in my anger but then feel like I have no recourse and feel like a victim again. I’d love some direction on how to deal with this.

My primary soul quality, as i understand it, is “unusual creativity.” How can I practice getting to know and express my creativity more?

What’s the underlying issue here? About twice a year the mother of my husband’s children decides she does not want them anymore. I do not want to “inherit” them. Is my fear of her sending them on the bus and disappearing again re-creating this situation? Am I learning I have a right to say “No” by putting me on the spot in a situation where the answer can only be “No.” I have chosen not to be a mother. For me sacrificing my life looking after someone else’s kids is my personal idea of hell.

I used the tool “being comfortable with uncertainty” while I was working on getting a new job and also with my financial situation and getting my divorce. And all of those situations have turned out GREAT and the unfolding of it all has really strengthened my relationship with uncertainty. Now I am working on moving out….I have been looking for 4 months (Period).I haven’t found a place yet (PERIOD). I feel comfortable with the uncertainty that I don’t have a place to move to yet (PERIOD). And I want to be out by the end of this month (PERIOD.) Is there something else here energetically that I may be missing? I also have been experiencing a repeated feeling of exhaustion and no energy almost to the point of passing out. Eating or drinking or sleeping doesn’t help. It comes and goes randomly. Are the two related?

How do you best balance the root chakra? Is there a tool? (security/safety)

If my soul is pure love, I seem to be having a lot of trouble getting in touch with it. It feels like there are many “higher selves” in between me and my soul. Did my soul accept this incarnation or was it a “wanna be” from in between? I don’t appreciate being placed where wrong decisions end up so painful.

What was there for me to learn about from Buddy’s experience at the groomer’s and the vets? I think there’s more there than just being about money and/or appreciating my husband.