Great Q&A last Sunday!

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Audio from all five channeling sessions held in October, 2011


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Questions answered 10-16-2011

Eloheim’s introductory comments focused on a review and expansion of the way to use the chakras in new ways.

The last few days I have had a powerful experience of how I create my reality from my unhealed core emotion at a much more unconscious level than I previously was aware of. I have felt enormous physical pain in my jaw and feel like I’m releasing so much psychic pain and rage, as well. Can you help me integrate what is happening?

For the last 5 years I have had back pain that started when my granddaughter was born. It has really limited my activities — back pain, not granddaughter. I have looked at different issues in my life to see how I may be creating the back pain, but I have found no answers for myself. Could you offer some insight to me?

In the last few months, my adult acne has flared up worse than ever. It seems to have gotten a lot worse all over my face and collar bone areas, basically where I let the sun shine on me. It makes me feel dirty and embarrassed. What role does my diet play in this condition versus my emotional state? I’m in complete uncertainty if this will ever heal as it’s been around for almost 20 years. I would love to wake up one day and never have to think about this again. I’m willing and ready to transform this!

With the shift in chakras, you provide insight as to what my stronger and weaker chakras are and how it relates to being out in the world with others, along with working on my clients doing massage?

After removing BUT out of my energetic field, I find myself energetically unbalanced with my 3D reality, the energetic feels like I am walking around in shoes that are a few sizes to small for me. I would like to bring in some balance so that my 3D reality can reflect my inner world. It is not a question of getting a prize, the prize is the brand new me, it is the balance between these two worlds that I am looking for. Do you have any suggestions? I do notice small changes and winks.

I had a very strong reaction to the “shift” meeting. Can we do that every month? Kind of kidding…I am having trouble balancing having some preference in my life and keeping everything in the unknown so could you address the balancing of that please.

Here is my big pattern: I move in somewhere, I fail to pay my rent on time, the renter or roommates get sick of me, and I have to split. I need a stable foundation so this is extra hard for me and it happens ALL THE TIME. What I realized this year is that I only had stability problems ever since I became a freelance artist. I never had problems paying rent
with a “normal” job. And speaking of work, it seems like it has really dried up for me.
I’m struggling despite using mantras/tools, and I’m really confused. I just want to know how to shift this money/job/home thing once and for all, because I can’t do it anymore!!!!

I have noticed that after spending time with a friend or friends when I leave I have this feeling of like something’s missing or I don’t feel “WHOLE” like maybe I revealed too much of who I am but it is accompanied by this feeling of a piece of me is missing. I have done some short factual statement work on this feeling and I know that it is related to feeling like if I shared too much of my authentic self then I will be judged and I am afraid of that….but I was wondering if the strong feeling I get from it is related to a past life maybe. Any specific info on how to transform this would be helpful.

Meditation and breathing exercises were tools used to focus in the now. I am less successful in calming and focusing just now using breathing and meditation and even with what is true now. I am simply restless. I have a lot of family stuff up just now, and I sense this may be boundary issues. Please help me clarify my energies and methods to move on.

My cat, CALI, ran away about 3 weeks ago, and we’ve not been able to find her since. This cat is very special to both Kerri and myself, as she was abandoned at an early age near Kerri’s old home. We fed and sheltered her for a few months until I made my move to NC permanent about 3 years ago, where I was then able to take her in. Though she had been an outdoor cat, we had been hesitant to let her out since moving in hopes that she would be happy indoors at our new place, where we had given her, and her only kitten, JOSIE, free roam of our enormous upstairs living area. Since I know that all things external are simply reflections of our inner selves, my initial thought is that CALI had served a purpose or perhaps filled a void for me that is no longer needed, although I can’t say for sure what that might have been. Am I incorrect in thinking this? I would appreciate any insight you may have.

I’ve had several alternate expressions ”pop in” to say hello this last few days, all well known to me already, reminding me of their strong suits. Yesterday I found myself longing to go visit them in the physical, we could have so much to talk about and learn from each other. How can I integrate them more OR are there any other ones I’m yet to meet (become aware of) hanging around waiting to catch my attention? Could you point them out to me, please?