Very informative and intense session about the practicality of being in the moment and much was addressed about developing Quantum awareness, multidimensional aspects of self, integrating the experiences of connecting to not only past lives but the infinite probabilities
to create from, and handling the confusion that might arise from such state of awareness .

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The Guardians and the Visionaries spoke about how giving our conscious attention to the past and baggage diminishes their influence in the present moment and dissolves our conditioned focus on them thus freeing us to create from the current version of us. There was a detailed discussion of letting go of the past and whole new way of living and creating in the world.

Eloheim addressed human relationship aspects, letting go of all the preconceived notions about relationships, and bringing the authentic version of self into interaction with others which can give us fulfilling co-creation.

Eloheim then took on to explaining what Fred is working on. They used the example of ‘chair lifts’ to explain the quantum awareness we are tapping into including alternative expressions and a lot of probable pasts as well! Eloheim explained that since everything is accessible in the present moment, we can connect to a multitude of probabilities and timelines to choose from. This can be confusing to our conditioned mind which is mainly accustomed to a linear way of thinking. Eloheim advised us “not to over think the process,” but to experience it using the uncertainty tools. This will open us to whole new way of living and integrating all that is happening within.

The Girls spoke about taking care of our body and its needs while being grounded in the root chakra and the importance of balance during these times of change.

Fred explained that his current focus is to facilitate connection to many more great possibilities for us to choose from.

Matriarch lovingly reminded us of the importance of allowing “step by step” unfolding of the process and finding completeness in each step without having to rush to the end result. She explained that we can connect to many more steps NOW rather than just one linear possibility.


Audio from all six channeling sessions held in November, 2011


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