The most important need of the current times is staying in our own energy and the Council continues to guide us further into living from that place.

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The Guardians acknowledged the presence of our heart chakra emanation. They asked us to give ourselves the permission and opportunity to use everything as a learning experience. These ideas create within us the space for discovery and exploration of self. As we look into the world and see triggers, know that they are our teachers and an opportunity to learn about our self. This facilitates us accessing Level 6. (Level 6 is: What trigger?)

The Visionaries spoke about the consistency we are now experiencing in our emanation as we take our truth to the world. Its not about “Am I in my power?” It is now: “I AM in my Truth” which is a very powerful place. They further encouraged us to notice our energetic emanation as we interact with people in the world and ask, “What are they showing me about me?”

Eloheim explained more about the heart chakra, reminding us that the 4th chakra is, “YOU experiencing the world.” They pointed out that we often associate emotions of heart break, sadness and loss with the heart chakra but they are really memories and energetics. They are the memories which resist what IS. The heart chakra is more about knowing of self and delighting in our truth and experiences. When we accept what is, we might experience some physical pain yet we allow ourselves to move towards transformation and healing. There is NEW learning. If when we are in memory we are in the loop of the resistance and suffering. The choice for consciousness is challenging, but familiar suffering is never ending.

An effective affirmation and realization is, “Some kind of a disastrous blockage thing to my
plans is no longer the interesting place. It’s more fascinating for things to work out and have to experience that new place of worked out.”

Eloheim also addressed body issues. They discussed reprogramming body responses and changing the relationship to body’s habitual responses, especially pain and fear. This is a very important key to staying in our own energy.

The Girls enhanced the point of respecting, loving, and using the wisdom of our bodies by making the most of the body’s experience and remembering to be in appreciation of being incarnated in to physical form.

Fred pointed out about the spontaneous nature of souls and the Earth experience is chosen by souls who are of an extremely curious nature.

The Warrior explained that coming to Earth is considered “rocking the establishment” in the soul world. By coming to earth we are up for spontaneity and surprises as we go fulfilling our desired experiences.

The Matriarch reminded us about the beauty of the step-by-step process. Taking smaller steps and breaking it into pieces and exploring that in a way that it does not ask so much of us. Being present to that small step is how we influence the passage of time.

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