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November, 2012

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Foundational Gratitude – A New Look at Thankfulness ~ 11-21-2012

I really enjoyed the “fireside chat” we had with Eloheim during this meeting. Eloheim described where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. The Visionaries had a new take on the question, “What are you grateful for?” It was a lovely session!
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Experiencing the Ascending Body ~ 11-14-2012

The main themes of the November 14, 2012 session were about physical awareness and changes happening as we en-soul the body. The other was using the tools of Awareness, Ownership, and then making step-by-step changes. Continue Reading…

I’m Choosing To! ~ 11-7-2012

This fun but serious meeting was about becoming more conscious within your day-to-day activities. Your Soul is trying to communicate with you and insight is everywhere, but the automatic way you go through your life does not allow the open space it needs to be heard. Continue Reading…

It’s not about PROOF or BELIEF ~ 10-31-2012

Our October 31, 2012 channeling session was long (115 minutes) and very interesting. After an introduction by the Guardians and the Visionaries, Eloheim asked each person present the same question: “What keeps you from knowing the you that we know?” Continue Reading…

October, 2012

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Q&A in person, Sebastopol, November 12

Join us for an Eloheim channeling LIVE in Sebastopol! Monday, November 12th.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts. 6780 Depot Street, Sebastopol. 7:00pm.

$20 suggested donation.
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What’s Your Favorite Part of Being Human? Insight into Oneness

(Before the meeting, attendees were in-joy watching the Giants win the first World Series game. This inspired the Council to change their plans and instead address the subject of Joy).

Guardians: There are delights of being human. You have the opportunity to fill the empty space with joy, rather than with fear, habit or distraction.

Visionaries: Sports are a great example of what duality looks like. When your team is doing well, there is a feeling of community and oneness. But what does “losing” bring up in you? You can choose to have a non-dualistic experience in a dualistic environment. “If I cannot be in neutral observation about this, then what CAN I be here?” Choose a new relationship to the non-preferred side. Choose to incorporate both outcomes without bringing up a trigger in either direction.

Eloheim: Eloheim asked everyone at the meeting: “What’s your favorite thing about being human?” Continue Reading…

Looking for connection? Why we spend so much time online

We had an amazing Q&A this month. The entire list of questions is also included below. Our next Q&A with Eloheim will be November 18th. Register to join us and ask your question here.
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Looking for Work or Housing? ~ 10-10-2012

Last week Eloheim introduced a new tool and this week’s session included a lengthy and POWERFUL discussion of it’s effects.

The tool is called the “10 ads” tool and it’s used primarily when you are looking for work or housing. The idea is to take 10 really, really random ads (not just the ones that you would normally read) and to discover what those ads show you.

Randy’s experience with the tool was incredible. Continue Reading…

Who Answers The Door? 10-08-2012 ~ Sebastopol Session

We returned to Sebastopol on October 3rd and had another powerful session! Eloheim answered questions and did powerful energy work as well!

Listen to Eloheim use the Who answers the door? tool to help with situations when, “They just don’t get me!” in the video. Continue Reading…

Guilt and Uncertainty – What to do? ~ 10-03-2012

We had an unusual meeting on October 3, 2012. Eloheim did a mini session with each person asking two questions:

  • Where is the place within you that you are not allowing for transformation?

  • What is the thing you wish we would say to you?
    The answers were so revealing and powerful. The session lasted nearly two hours and was 95% Eloheim. Continue Reading…



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