We had an amazing Q&A this month. The entire list of questions is also included below. Our next Q&A with Eloheim will be November 18th. Register to join us and ask your question here.

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Seven sessions held in October, 2012

This package includes audio of all seven and video of six (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


Price: $19.99

List of questions answered during this session:

Could you give me some light on the meaning of a reoccurring dream I have? In this dream I find myself always lost and looking for a way out. The places and circumstances are different but I am always lost. Sometimes there are people around me but to me I am always alone.

I notice that I have a difficult time starting things, and then once I do, it’s difficult for me to end them. I know this pattern plays out in larger areas of my life such as my diet, but most recently I’ve been noticing it in my day to day process. What I mean is, I have practiced, and gotten very good at hearing my souls suggestions about what tasks to tackle in a given moment, hour, or day to create greater ease in the human realm. However, my pattern is to put off the suggested task until my anxiety builds just enough that I will finally get to doing what’s necessary to calm my mind and body. I will do anything else, which includes productive and unproductive tasks, just so I won’t have to begin what I know would be best for me. And then, once I start the task, I have a difficult time letting it go. Being conscious of this pattern hasn’t changed the way I operate, which then leads to self-criticism because I know I have the choice to pay attention to what would make life easier, and yet I don’t. Can you shed some light on why I resist focusing, and the space I believe would be created if I were able to do so?

I am choosing to leave my full-time job of 8 years as a Software Engineer at Microsoft to take an open-ended break from employment. Exciting! — What is the single most important piece of advice you would like me to keep in mind as I navigate this transition?

In the past seven weeks I have had a lot of upheaval around home. My sublet ended in September, and I moved out of state to live with my mother for over four weeks, which was incredibly trying at times. I had a hard time finding a place that sounded suitable for me, so it felt like the best choice at the time. I learned a lot there. Upon returning to New York I stayed in a hostel for 5 days because I was having such a hard time finding something that sounded suitable for me. It seemed very dry. I like the sublet I am currently in, and it is over at the end of November. This feels veeery old. What is the deal? Is this my big thing? How do I work with this? What does my soul want me to focus on at this time? I do not want to be a gypsy anymore. Thank you!

A lot has changed over the last couple of days. I discovered my first choice, or judgment, about my life and why I did it. There is still a bunch of stuff to work its way out but I am not feeling any actual resistance in there anymore. I guess I would like to get an idea of what comes next for me or if you have anything you would like to say to me, full accord of free will and all that.
I’m having a real struggle with managing my time. I’m aware that my need to check my email, facebook, youtube and listening to Eloheim audios etc. is sucking up enormous amounts of time and energy and then there’s no time left for the important stuff that I say I want to do. It doesn’t feel like the survival instinct but a horrible habit I am finding hard to break.

This is about Chronic Pain. I loved your examples about the man who was bent over, except in a coma, and also Veronica standing for over two hours during the retreat. I resonated strongly with the idea that I can make new neural pathways by creating a different relationship to my pain, which by the way is not noticeable except when I extend my upper-right arm too far.

During the last few weeks, I have done three things:
1) relative to the energy block of wanting relationship and simultaneously not-wanting relationship, I am easier now with the possibility of having a relationship;
2) I have eliminated all fear about the pain; and
3) I have confidence that I will regain total upper-right arm movement without pain.
After a few weeks of focusing on these three things, I am experiencing extended range.

However, the pain sometimes wakes me up at night. Can I do anything more, especially relative to the night-time pain?

I would like to answer the question that you asked the group during one of our meetings. “What would I want you to say to me” My answer would be that I am doing “it” right! The reason this has become a question in me is because I have been getting a lot of insight and during these moments of insight I have become aware of a shift in the normal way I view things. As it has come and gone I feel like it leaves my old perspective changed. I almost feel like now there is a build up of a small portion of it always in my awareness. I have played with it some and I when I think of starting to live my life more from that awareness I feel like it would be like throwing a rock in the pond of my life and it will make major splashes. Basically I am afraid. I am afraid because my big stuck places would be soooo affected if I operate with that awareness and what if this new perspective isn’t right ….then I can’t take back the changes I have made. It is so different from the old way of being…it’s a big shift. I literally don’t know myself from this place…I don’t know myself once I get rid of all the stories that I became aware I was telling myself…….how do I know if this is what you have been talking about or something I have imagined? It is a big jump!

Several times there were discussions of the fact that our body is often tired as dna is being rewritten. Since October 1, I have been feeling stronger, waking up ready for the day, and I sense part of it may be the promised dna changes. Yes, older projects are clearing, and yes, new projects have the space to begin. Yet much of this feels to me the body simply working better. Is this the promised dna changes coming on line or is something else happening?

My creativity and natural curiosity have very noticeably increased since I decided to completely stop reading or watching the news. — What exactly is happening energetically? Spare me no details.